Mother-In-Law: An Angel In Our Life….(OS)

I hope my this OS will remind you of Shivika’s memories. I hope you could have a good view on Pinky this time. I am very angry on someone, because they killed our Shivika by their rude behaviour. They killed many potential characters in this, including Pinky. Here, I am giving a chance to her.

Shivaay says, “I m regretting for the first time that you are my wife, but not for long….”. He gets divorce papers.

He continues, “I had these divorce papers, I never signed, I thought to rectify a mistake today, I did not know I will rectify this mistake. I am sure something is wrong with you. Anyway, you can stay in this house, till the hearing is over. Anyway, you are happy, that’s enough for me. “

She looks at him, for the first time, she saw the tears in his eyes. She had never seen tears in his eyes. Even when she was shot on her shoulder, she only saw his anger and care, but not tears. He orders the media to disperse off.

After they go out, he went to their room, which was now only his, and broke down into tears. He never expected this to happen. He has changed himself for her, but she broke him. She broke him in such a way, that he can never regain himself back.

For the first time, he felt he failed. He has always been able to keep up with his family’s expectations. He has always been with her, since the day he regretted his mistake. Even if he is angry with her, he has always been with her.

She should have at least talked to him privately. He felt like he failed completely. The Annika, who supported him in all the situations, is letting him down. Did he do anything which pained her deeply?

He closed his eyes in pain. He can’t bear it anymore. Let her live her life in her own way. He is ready to even give his own property for her love. But she wasn’t like this. He needed the old Annika back. He closed his eyes not being able to face the situation around him.

The next day, when he opened his eyes, he saw himself in his bed. He remembered himself sleeping on the floor, then how did he reach here? Where is she? She should be with him, right? How will she stay with you, when she hates you?

He goes to have a bath and tries to forget everything around him as the warm water flows on his head. He need to know why she did it. What is that negative thing in him, now, that she did this to him? Wish she comes to him back, being the old Annika, she used to be. He is ready to forget everything for her.

Meanwhile, she too wasn’t happy for sure. She thought he would throw her out of the house such that he won’t know the truth. Now, what can she do? She has to stay here, till the divorce takes place, that is, six months. What she never knew that he  didn’t file the case in the court after she signed!

She too couldn’t bear it when he was sleeping on the floor with dry tear strain in his face. She somehow dragged him to the bed and made him lie on it. She then wrapped the blanket around him and as she turned, she saw Om and Rudra looking at her. She went and hugged her brothers hard.

[A/N : I hope you know the bond Annika, Om and Rudra shared. They were not Bhabhi-Devars, they were and are Brother-Sister relations, like how ShivOmRu shared.]

She didn’t want to leave him. She want to tell him, that she didn’t want to hurt him. But if she didn’t hurt him in this way, then he will break himself when the truth gets revealed.

She went to the guest room with her luggage she packed already, and slept on the floor like him. She couldn’t bear it when he was sleeping on the floor. She was about to sleep, when Jhanvi woke her up and made her sleep on the bed with her.

Jhanvi knew that Annika and Shivaay are broken by their circumstances. She checked Shivaay to see him sleeping on the bed and by the way, he was sleeping, she understood it was Annika who did this. But she knew Annika would be in the same situation.

The next morning, when Annika got up to check if he is with her for a moment, but then remembered the situation. She burst into tears and lied back on the bed hugging the pillow as she didn’t want to wake up again.

Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice telling her that, “If you felt hurt on giving him pain this much, who is he to you? I know I am evil for you, but who is he to you, such that you are in this situation for him? If it was someone else, you won’t sacrifice your happiness. Think.”

She got up from the bed and was shocked to see Pinky, who was staying at the door.  She looked at her as she couldn’t believe what’s happening in front of her. Pinky came to her and continued, “You love my son, right? Do you think I will be like that serial Mother-in-laws, who would crush their Bahus by their hands? Aww…I am nots like that.”

Annika hugs her tightly and says, “Aunty, I love your son too much. I am getting affected by him. Thank you Aunty, for making me recognize my feelings towards him.”

Pinky pushes her back and says, “Who is your Aunty? Is there anyone else here, other than us. I am your moms, call me Mom, okay?”

Annika smiles with tears in her eyes and hugs her once more, by saying, “Mom, I won’t call you Aunty anymore.”

Pinky smiles and says, “So, go and tell him that you love him a lot. I will help you, go out now, to my bedroom. You will see a surprise there.”

Annika goes out, while Pinky moves to Shivaay’s room, as she has to execute her next plan. She moves into Shivaay’s room to see him, trying to tie his tie properly, but for the first time he couldn’t. By the time, Pinky came near him, he threw the tie due to his anger.

As he turns, he saw her and mumbled, “Sorry, mom.” She looked at him and says, “Does she affect you a lot? Even more than your Naam, Khoon and Khaandan?”

His expression changes from the stoic one into broken one. He too bursts into tears and says, “Mom, what happened to her? Why is she behaving to me like this? Why did she say like that to you? Why did she disregard yours and our family’s image in front of everyone? Am I that bad?”

Pinky felt bad for hurting him and says, “You are not bad, Shivaay. You are my Heera Beta. How can you be bad? Tell me, she is not having Naam, Khoon and Khandan, then why are you being affected by her?”

Shivaay says, “Mom, I don’t know why, she is affecting me a lot. I think I love her. I do love her. But it is off no use. She doesn’t love me. She changed, Mom. I can’t bear her doing all this to me.”

Pinky says, “So, you don’t care if she is having Naam, Khoon and Khaandan?”

Shivaay nods his indicating that he doesn’t care. Pinky continues, “Then go to the room which I have locked for long before, I have a surprise for you. I am sure you will not cry after this. Now wipe your precious tears and go to my room. Don’t react badly to her. It was all because of me.”

Shivaay looks at Pinky disbelievingly. Pinky continues, “I have told a lie to make you understand that Naam, Khoon and Khaandan is not important in life. It’s a character that defines. Even Ranveer and Priyanka knows that. Now go to the room.”

Shivaay runs to the room. In the Oberoi Mansion, there is a room which is special for all of them. It is the room, where all the couples confessed each others love, including Dadi and Dadaji. Pinky wished that it should be special for her son and her daughter-in-law too.

Shivaay went to the room to see Annika waiting for him. She was very pretty with the new necklace she is wearing. He somehow felt some familiarity with the necklace, as he had seen it somewhere, but leaving all this thoughts, he went near her. She moved forward.

“Shivaay”, she whispered. He kept a stoic expression and looks at her. She says, “I want to talk something.”

He looks at her as if he doesn’t care and says, “What do you want to say? About the divorce proceedings? If it is about that, then I will give it in the court today. You will be free from me.”

His words pained her a lot and says, “Shivaay, it’s not about this I want to talk on. I want you to forget everything. Can we be together? I love you so much, Shivaay. I am getting affected by you. I don’t know what to say, I am sorry for hurting you. I don’t know whether you will forgive me. I am ready to bear anything for loving you.” 

She burst into tears, while saying, “I am telling the truth. I really love you a lot. Won’t you forget your Naam, Khoon and Khandan for my love?”

He looks at her and smiles. He holds her hand and says, “I have left them, not for your love, but for our love. I love you, don’t ask me how much. I don’t know. I am a business man, this is something which I can’t express. I can’t tell you how many “Zero” is there in this. But I ensure you that I will love you forever like this. Don’t expect a romantic dialogue from me, because I speak from my heart and you know that.”

[A/N: I hope promotion of my favourite actor SRK’s  movie Zero can be done here. I am a big fan of his]

Meanwhile, two people are looking at this and smiled. One of them spoke, “Shivika romance started.” The other one smiled, “Nothing can separate our Bhaiyya and Bhabhi.”

A lady comes in between, “Now don’t disturb my Heera Beta’s moments.”  The first person looked at her and says, “Choti Ma, you here. See, our Shivika are together. None can separate them.” 

Pinky looks at him, “Rudy, you think I don’t know this. You comes with me. And Om, go find your love in Gauri, very fast, okay?”

That’s when it strikes them. Why is Pinky acting like this? Isn’t she the villain here?

Om and Rudra looks at Pinky not understanding what’s happening. Meanwhile, our Shivika didn’t notice what’s happening around them. They are ready to start their new life with loved filled inside them.

****THE END****


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