Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Goldie meets Soumya

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 4th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sushma asking for any option for the puja. Pandit says a kalash can be kept in Armaan’s place in his absence. Soumya asks him to keep the kalash. Armaan asks Prisha what did she do, when Goldie learns that she isn’t his wife, then he can create a big drama. Prisha cries and says I m sorry, I know I can never become your wife, I m not like Soumya, I don’t want to make my identity, I wanted to become Prisha Armaan Oberoi, I m sorry if I have hurt you, I thought this is the best birthday gift. He asks her not to cry.

Armaan comes home. He sees the puja going on. He says so sorry, I m late. Sushma asks him to come fast. He says sorry, I got late. Soumya smiles seeing him. Prisha comes and sits. Pandit asks Armaan and Soumya to do the puja rituals together. They do the puja. Soumya gets troubled by the fire in the havan kund. He asks are you okay. She nods. The puja completes. Pandit leaves. Goldie comes home and greets them. He compliments Sushma. She asks how did you come here suddenly. He says I came with love, I got to know about the puja. She says you came on right time. She asks Tara to give prasad to him.

He says I will dance and give a gift to my Bhabhi. He goes to Prisha. Armaan stops him and says she is here. He shows Soumya and says meet my wife Soumya. Goldie is shocked. He asks are you his wife. Armaan holds him. Goldie says I would have known it, I m Goldie Sehgal, LLB, no lie gets hidden from me. He gives her the gift. He says Armaan is my old friend.

He says sorry to come without invitation, to surprise you. Soumya says you did good, you are Armaan’s first friend I m meeting, tell me about him, was he so smart in college days also. Goldie says he is smart since childhood, now he has become oversmart. He asks about Prisha. Soumya says she is my sister Prisha, Armaan’s personal secretary. Goldie says glad to meet you. He asks Armaan to stand with Soumya, they are made for each other, fire and ice. Soumya says thanks, Armaan doesn’t listen to me. Goldie says he is never satisfied with what he has. Armaan asks him to talk to him also. Goldie says we just met, we will remember college days, but I have to leave now for some work. Sushma asks him to have food and go. He says no, I have committed to someone, lunch is due. He hugs Armaan and says such good relations are made by fate, don’t lose it. He leaves.

Armaan and Soumya have the lunch together. Her eyes get watery. He asks are you okay. She says yes. She asks him about his visit. He says yes, I had gone to the set to brief the director. Sushma asks them to feed each other. He messages Simmi. Simmi says I will call Soumya and ask about the scene. Sushma asks Soumya to keep cucumber on her eyes, it will relieve her. Soumya says no, I will put eye drops. Sushma smiles and says I got a big order, see. Soumya says wow, 25 blouses order. Tara says you have become businesswoman of the year. Sushma says no, it’s a big order, I will need much material, how will we get money for it, I have to tell Harsh everything. Soumya says yes, take a loan. Sushma asks who will give me loan. Soumya says I will give the loan, I will also take a blouse free as interest. Sushma says sure. Soumya gets Simmi’s call.

Simmi says we are shooting the scene, director isn’t understanding the doubt, can you explain him. Soumya says Armaan had come to explain him. Simmi says no, he didn’t come, can you explain. Soumya thinks why is Armaan lying to me, what is he hiding. She talks to the director. Simmi reads Armaan’s message. She worries. She thinks what to do, I will call Soumya back and tell her. She calls Soumya and says sorry, I remember that Armaan had gone to the set. Soumya says maybe.

Soumya says there is just one set there. Armaan and Prisha are at office. She gets coffee for him. Soumya comes there to confront him. Prisha says I have kept a Nirjala fast to make my wish come true. He asks what do you want. She says you, I don’t want you to take stress. He asks did you keep a fast for me, ain’t you sweet, thanks. He holds her to kiss. Soumya comes there. She can’t see them clearly. Tara comes there. Soumya asks are you here, my eyes are burning, I can’t see anything. He says one min, let me handle Prisha first. He scolds Prisha. Prisha cries and says sorry, I won’t make the mistake again. He asks Soumya not to take her side again. He goes. Tara thinks what’s the truth, which I saw before or now. Soumya says Prisha, you know his work is really imp. Prisha says I m trying, I m sorry. She goes.

Soumya asks why did you lie. Armaan shouts if you have doubt on me, then leave me and go away. Soumya says you have lied to me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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