Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 12th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan goes missing

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 12th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya crying in her room. Tara cleans the glass. Prisha stops Armaan. He says I want to be left alone. He goes. Soumya recalls her marriage with Armaan. Armaan thinks a lot. He writes a note. He leaves. Soumya’s parents come to meet her. Soumya says I got cheated, Armaan has an affair with someone. Malini says I can’t believe this, you will get over this storm. Soumya says even I wasn’t believing this, when I saw the proof, then what shall I do. Soumya says I got too late in knowing the truth. Sushma asks Kashish to go and get Armaan. She says I want the entire family to talk to him. She goes to make tea.

Soumya’s dad says Armaan did a lot for us, we can’t believe that he did this, your eyes aren’t lying, shall I give you an assurance or courage. Soumya says courage to take the right decision. He says just stand with the truth, I m with you. He hugs Soumya. Kashish asks Sushma to come fast. She shows Armaan’s note. She says Armaan isn’t in his room. Kashish asks does he want to harm himself, no, he can’t do this. Soumya worries. Sushma asks her to get Armaan back. Soumya calms down Sushma. She says I promise, I will find Armaan. Malini asks Soumya to sit, nothing will happen.

Prisha and Kashish call Armaan’s friends to find out Armaan. Soumya asks Simmi about him. Simmi says he didn’t come on the sets. She calls Goldie and asks about Armaan. Goldie says I will come home and talk, he isn’t here. He says Armaan had left the house when he lost a football match in school, I think we should find him. Prisha says I will come along. Soumya says no, Goldie and I will go. Goldie sees Prisha. He asks Prisha for a glass of water. She says sure and goes. He stops her. He says I know your and Armaan’s affair, tell me if you know anything, Armaan is my brother. Soumya asks him to come. He asks her to come in his car to avoid the media. They go and meet the police office. Soumya says Armaan is missing. ACP says we are trying to locate the phone location. Inspector says we traced the location, Armaan is in jungle area since a long time. She says we should go there. ACP says we can’t take you along. She insists and goes with them. They reach the jungle area. They see Armaan’s car. She cries. Inspector says don’t touch anything, let us check first. She shouts Armaan. Kashish consoles Sushma at home. Prisha gets a call and goes out. Soumya and Goldie see someone else. She asks who is this man. Goldie says he isn’t Armaan, its Armaan’s car, what is he doing in Armaan’s car. Inspector checks the guy and says he is just unconscious. He calls the ambulance. He shows Armaan’s wallet and phone. Goldie asks Soumya not to worry, Armaan will be fine. She asks where is he, why aren’t we finding him, will he be fine. He says yes.

Soumya says he lied to me about that girl, I have seen his pic, even then he didn’t admit his mistake, what did I want, just a true relation, don’t I deserve this, I wish who was that girl with Armaan, I just want to know, do you know. Goldie recalls Armaan’s words. He says I don’t know about that girl. He thinks Prisha is your sister, the family will have clashes and people will blame you. He drops her home. She thanks him. He says I m always there to help, let me know if you get any information about Armaan. He leaves. She goes to Sushma. Tara says she just slept. Sushma murmurs in sleep. Soumya says we will find out Armaan if we know about the stolen car. Tara asks her to relax. Soumya recalls the note. She says I have to go right away and find out Armaan. Tara says I will come along, there are many people to look after Sushma, I will come with you.

Harsh and Soumya shout to Armaan. Goldie comes. Armaan says I have cheated you, stop there Soumya, I love you. He stumbles at the cliff end.

Update Credit to: Amena

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