Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 11th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Soumya catches Armaan’s lie

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 11th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tara asking about Prisha. Armaan says I don’t know, she works with Soumya. He recalls talking to Prisha. She says its good no one identified me. He asks her to change the dress and burn it, wear something else. He asks her to delete their message and call records. He says I will handle the media, but what will I answer Soumya. He says I will arrange the press conference. Tara asks Soumya not to see phone much. Soumya says its imp for me to know, the girl who uploaded Armaan’s pic first, she can tell me the entire truth., I got her, Mallika. She messages Mallika.

Mallika calls her. Soumya says thanks for calling, its imp for me to know things. Mallika says we didn’t know it will be a big conspiracy. Soumya asks Armaan who was that girl with Armaan. Mallika says no, they were far, we got excited because Armaan is a celebrity. Soumya asks her to send the original pic, I assure you, you won’t get into any problem, its imp for me to know everything. Mallika agrees. She sends her the original pic. Armaan calls Goldie and says tell Soumya that I was with you. Goldie says I can’t lie to her, lie is like poison, go and tell the truth to Soumya, else she won’t forgive you. Armaan says just do as I say. Goldie says no way. Armaan says for babies’ sake, she will leave me in her ego and go away, what will be the babies’ future go, just one time, I promise I will change, thanks.

Prisha comes home. Soumya says I have imp work. Prisha asks what’s all this, don’t believe anything, media is such. Soumya says I have to go out, its imp. Prisha says its my duty to take care of you. Soumya says I have to do this alone. She leaves. Armaan comes. Prisha says Soumya went out. He thinks Soumya will keep digging if she doubts. She asks shall I make coffee. He says no, I have a meeting with PR. Sushma asks do you know about this. Prisha says no. She goes. Sushma asks what do you think, is this true. Tara says Soumya has gone to find the truth, don’t worry. Armaan meets Goldie and asks why did you lie to me, please, I request you to not lie to me again, Armaan did wrong. He says I was stuck, Armaan had come for watching the match then he left. She thinks I had come to reconfirm, now you made me sure. He says sorry.

Armaan talks to Simmi and says I want all the media in the conference. Soumya comes home. He says you have to stand by me to control this damage, else my name and reputation will be questioned. She says your idea is perfect, if a wife says husband is innocent, then people will agree. He says right. She says I won’t come with you in the press conference, I won’t support your lies, I got to know the truth. He says you have to trust me, else how will the world trust me. The glass showpieces fall down and break. Soumya asks Armaan to stop it, a woman can never tolerate cheat, I think the winds also don’t want to hear the noise of your lie.

Kashish shouts stop it, are you mad to blame him. Soumya says of course, I was mad, but not anymore, I will give the proof, this is the original pic with time, that girl who clicked the pic has sent this to me, you said you have gone to Goldie to watch the match, the match ended at 5pm, what were you doing at the farmhouse at 2pm, either this pic is false, or you aren’t telling me the truth. He says pic is false, I m not lying, ask Goldie. She says I asked him, you used him to cover up your lie, he told me that you were at his place for just 15 mins then you went to meet this girl, you are a lie, its all a lie, I was leaving this house, I stayed back on the condition that there won’t be any lie and cheat between us, you didn’t mean it, right, I m not from those wives who ignore their husbands’ lies, I m a middle class girl, my self-esteem is most imp, I won’t tolerate this, truth will always be imp for me, its better to end the misunderstanding soon. He says Soumya. She says that’s all. She goes to her room and cries. She recalls Armaan and sees the pic given by her mum.

Kashish tells about Armaan’s note. Sushma says I don’t want to lose my Armaan. Soumya and Goldie go to find Armaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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