Mood Swings (A Riansh OS)

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So this OS is just a random one and is not according to the story line. Here, all the family members are positive and here, Riddhima is 3 months pregnant and this OS is all about her mood swings during this period.

It was around 3 in the midnight when our Riddhima woke up from her sleep and suddenly she started craving for Pasta and so as her only right and duty, she started waking up Vansh.

Riddhima:Vanshh…Vanshhhh…wake up naaaa…

Vansh woke up and asked in his sleepy voice,

Vansh:What happened Sweetheart??…why are you waking me up at this time?

Riddhima:Vansh actually I want to eat pasta…I am craving very much for it..

Vansh:Whattt!!…Riddhima see the time…it’s 3 and you want to eat pasta now?

Riddhima:Yes Vansh…I want to eat it nowww..

Vansh:Sweetheart, see it is so late and no shops will be open…you do one thing, you sleep now and tomorrow I myself will go to the restaurant and bring pasta for you okay?

Riddhima:Who told you that I want to eat the restaurant’s pasta??…I want to eat the pasta prepared by you and that too nowww…that’s it!!

Vansh:Sweetheart…see you know right that I don’t even no how to boil water and you want me to make pasta?!

Riddhima:Yes Vansh please…and if you want then I will help you in preparing the pasta…will you ignore your baby’s wish too??

Asked Riddhima with puppy eyes and face but inside she was smirking as she was pretty much sure that now that she has taken their baby’s name, Vansh even if wanted then too could not deny her wish and as she thought, her plan got successful as Vansh said,

Vansh:Ok…but just this time ok?…as you and baby are craving for it…from the next time I will not let you eat these kinds of junk foods and that too at late night ok?

Riddhima:Ok Jaan…but please now toh make it..

Vansh was making the pasta while our Riddhima was giving instructions..

Riddhima:See it is written that take 1 and a half cup of water in a pan, add the pasta tastemaker, add the pasta, bring it to a boil and in 2 minutes, the pasta is ready!!…ok?…now do it come on..

After Riddhima gave these instructions, Vansh made the pasta with great difficulty but thankfully, Riddhima liked it…after her eating session, Vansh literally pleaded her to sleep and Riddhima too finally agreed as she too was tired…so she did not argue much and they both slept cuddling each other.

The next morning, when Riddhima woke up, she saw that Vansh was working so she went towards him and wished him a good morning to which he too reciprocated…Riddhima then went to her closet and brought some of her clothes and asked to Vansh,

Riddhima:Vansh…what should I wear?…this pink one, this white one or this yellow one?

Vansh:Yaa correct…wear that only..

Answered Vansh whose body was just present there but his mind was deep drowned into his business work and he continued to type in the laptop while answering to Riddhima’s questions and Riddhima somehow understood that her husbands attention was immersed in the laptop..

Riddhima:Whattt?!!…umm I should wear the blue one right?..

Vansh:Yes Riddhima…honestly speaking you look good in all the dresses but the blue one which you are showing to me now, will suit you way more better than any other dress..

Riddhima:What?!…Vansh are you even listening to me?!

Vansh:Yes Sweetheart…you have all my attention..

Riddhima:Achhaa…so Vansh tell me one thing…you have three wives in total right?

Vansh:Woah…yes Sweetheart…but how do you know it??

Riddhima:What the helll!!!…Vansh…Angre is ur first wife, your laptop is your second wife and I am your third one right?

Vansh:Absolutely correct Sweetheart!!

Riddhima:VANSSHHHH…are you even paying attention to me????

Vansh:Yes Jaaann…

Riddhima:Jaan my foot…I Hate You…

Saying this Riddhima just barged out of the room looking like a volcano who can burst at any point of time…and to add more lava, she colided with Angre in the mid way and he looking at his bhabhi like this, asked with concern,

Angre:Bhabhi, what happened…why are you looking soo angry?

Riddhima:Why don’t you ask all this matter from your first wife???…after all he is the main reason of my anger…

Angre:Huh?!!…first wife and that too he??…what has happened to bhabhi??…ooh..yeah I remembered mood swings…now why am I standing over here?…I have to meet Vansh bhai..

Saying this Angre went towards Vansh’s room and there, Vansh finally looked up from his work only to find that he was alone in the room…

Vansh:Arre…where did Riddhima go?..she was here only right??

Asked Vansh to himself and he was about to go and search Riddhima when Angre came in to talk to Vansh regarding business..

Angre:Boss this is a file which the Khurrana’s have given but there are a lit of error’s in this…so should we return them this file or should we just correct their mistakes?…as this would be the third time when we are giving them this file and they take a lot of time to give it back again and they will come up with some other mistakes this time…

Vansh:Angre do whatever you want to but first tell me that have you seen Riddhima somewhere??

Angre:Yes bhai..I saw her just now and she looked very angry…when I asked her the reason, she just blasted out on me and said that I should ask my first wife and she also told that all this is because of him…I din’t understand why she said this boss and my first wife is a guy??

When Angre said this, Vansh remebered all the things that Riddhima said to him while he was busy in his work and now, he was feeling really very awkward remembering the things that Riddhima said to him…he just marched out of the room and searched for Riddhima only to find her sitting in Sia’s room crying and was narrating all the incidents that happened to Ishani and Sia…and his devil sisters, instead of calming her down, were provoking her…

Ishani:Bhabhi, whatever Vansh bhai did to you, ignored you is not acceptable at all…and whatever you said to him na is right…sometime I feel that Angre is not my husband but Vansh bhai’s first wife..

Sia:Yes Ishani di…I too feel the same…whenever I see them, they are always together discussing about their business…huh!!

Vansh who was standing out listening to the converstation between his wife and two sisters was hell shocked as his sisters were trying to provoke his wife more against him so before anything more could have happened, he just barged in the room..

Vansh:Ishani and Sia…what are you two talking about?

Sia:N..nothing bhai…

Ishani:What nothing bhai?…we should tell the truth…bhai…why were you ignoring bhabhi that too in this phase where she needs all your attention..

Vansh:Ishani…I was not ignoring Riddhima…it’s just that I was busy in my work and I had to make a very important presentation so…

Riddhima:So what haa?!…you always do work…you don’t have any time for me…why din’t you marry your work instead of me?!..from now onwards don’t talk with me..

Saying so an angry Riddhima stormed out of the room..

Sia:Bhai…bhabhi is very angry and her mood swings are like the cherry on a cake…so now be very careful before going to her…

Ishani:Yes bhai…all the best

Saying, this both the sisters giggled while Vansh left the room with a grumpy face…

After a while, when Riddhima entered her room, she saw a teddy on the bed…it was like,


Riddhima was in aww seeing the teddy and she went towards it and hugged it tightly…when she was hugging the teddy, someone hugged her from behind and Riddhima very well knew the touch so she din’t protest and let Vansh hug her….

Vansh:I am really very sorry Sweetheart…please forgive me…I actually wanted to make the presentation so I did not pay attention towards you…but I promise from now, you have my whole attention…please forgive me..

As Vansh said this, Riddhima started sobbing making Vansh worried…he turned her towards him and gently wiped her tears and asked,

Vansh:What happened Sweetheart?!…why are you crying Jaan…I am sorry but I will not ignore you anymo…

Riddhima:Why are you saying sorry Vansh…I should be the one to say sorry…I am sorry Vansh..I don’t know what happens to me…I always trouble you…I am not a good wife Vansh…I am very bad…

Vansh:Shh…Riddhima…never say that again ok?….the mood swings which you are having is because of our baby…and for you and our baby, I am ready to handle your moodswings my entire life…

As Vansh said this, Riddhima hugged him tightly and said

Riddhima:I Love You Vansh…you are the best husband..

Vansh:I Love You Too Riddhima…and you are the best wife and also will be a great mother..

It is afternoon and everyone in the Raisinghania family are sitting in the hall and chittchatting when the door bell rings revealing Ragini…Ragini is a secretary of Vansh, she works in Vansh’s company but her intentions towards Vansh are not at all good…she always kind of flirts with him and acts very clingy…

Vansh:Yes Ragini…why are you here?

Asked Vansh with Riddhima sitting next to him and his arm wrapped around Riddhima…Ragini glares at Riddhima and says to Vansh..

Ragini:Umm nothing Vansh actually I wanted to give this file to you and today you din’t come to the office so..

Vansh:Wait a second Ragini…you are my secretary not my frnd that you are calling me by your name and what is the big deal that I din’t come to the office today?…you could give this to me tomorrow also right?..and I don’t think that this is too urgent..give this file to me and you may leave..

Dadi:Vansh…what is this behaviour?…I know she is ur secretary but you shld not insult her like this…Ragini beta…you do one it is the time of our lunch so why don’t you join us?…afterall you are coming here for the first time..

When Dadi said this, Ragini shamelessly accepted her offer and decided to wait till lunch…the arrangements were same…Vansh was sitting on the head chair, on one side of Vansh, Aryan was seated and Riddhima was about to sit on the other side when Ragini quickly came and pushed Riddhima a little and sat on Riddhima’s place leaving Riddhima with tears in her eyes…everyone saw this and Aryan was about to get up for Riddhima to sit when Vansh signalled him not to and without any prior warning, he pulled Riddhima on her lap and said,

Vansh:So Mrs. Vansh Rasinghania…let any one on the earth take your place but this place for you is fixed for your whole life…whenever you want, you can occupy it and no one can ever snatch it…ok?

When Vansh said this, Riddhima was happy as hell while Ragini was burning in fury…Vansh and Riddhima fed each other lovingly not caring about the surroundings and also were stealing kisses from each other…after the lunch, when Ragini left to leave when Vansh stopped her and said,

Vansh:Ms. Ragini you are fired…from tomorrow you don’t have to come to my office..

Ragini:But why sir…what have I done?

Vansh:Seriously?…after doing so many things you are asking what have I done?…beacause of you today I saw tears in my wife’s eyes and if it was any other man, I would have beated him blue and black but just because I respect woman that doesn’t mean that I can’t give punishment so you are fired and now no more arguments…you can leave…

Said Vansh while Riddhima hugged him tightly feeling very happy that Vansh took a stand her…

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