Mom, the best gift we have (Celebrating Mother’s day)

Hi Guys, its Mother’s day today. I don’t believe any special day is required to celebrate a mother, but just to remind her that she is special an so much more important in our life, that even the smallest thing in our life does not move without her…
I am dedicating tis to the lovely mommies of my PKJ..


Finally the wedding day was here,Raj stood near the altar looking at the bride, the bride looked splendid as she was walking towards her groom.

Raj had been making the wedding preparations for more than a month now, it felt like his life long dream was going to get fulfilled.
It had all started when their family friend came to their home one day, an said he wants to marry her, Raj did not know how to answer that, he paused and thought about it, indeed it was time for her to get married, there were going to be many complications associated with it.But he could handle anything and anyone for her. He asked her if she ok with this prospect, she seemed confused so he had taken the decision for her.

An today he was proud of the decision he had taken, when he saw the full shine on the bride face, her face full of glow an laughter, family and friends complimenting him.

With all the rituals done, the groom an bride walked to him an hugged him tight, his heart felt light, but there was a sweet pain there, as she was going to go away from him now, to stay at her husbands place, an have a family of her own

It was time for the newly weds to leave to their new home.Raj stood with the bags of the bride.She came to him and said ‘ I don’t know how you did this, but thank you’

She knew he had gone against many people, all close relatives for this wedding to happen.

‘Your happiness matters the most for me’ Raj answered

‘Don’t think , now that I am going to stay with Vivek, I am going to leave you to yourself.I am still going to be behind you for a lot of things’ said the bride

Raj just smiled an urged her to go with Vivek.

Vivek an Raj shaked hands and the bride an groom left for their home

As soon as Raj reached home his phone started buzzing.It was the bride calling, he picked up

“Did you reach home safely, an you had your dinner” asked the bride

“Maa, I have reached, an I am grown up man now an capable of looking after myself’ Answered Raj

‘ how much ever grown up you are Raj, you will always remain a child for me’ came the reply, an the call ended

It had been so many years that his dad had expired. He had been just 5 then.From then on his mother had dedicated her entire world to him. He had not seen her even once doing anything for herself.It was always about him, his school ,his food,his likes,his studies,his graduation an so on.. the list was never ending .Vivek had been his father’s close friend.
He liked Vivek a lot as an uncle, and he was glad he had given his mom to the right person.

Raj smiled to himself ‘yes he thought, he was always going to be her child’

Hope u liked it, please leave your comments
Authors Note : Our moms, she always puts our happiness infront of hers,she gets so lost in us that she forgets herself, we think its her duty an take it for granted.. This mother’s day let’s make our mom feel special, nothing big is needed to make our moms happy.. even a simple hug will do, or simply listening to what she is saying, or a simple task of hers ?

  1. wowwo its an awsome dedication happy mothers day fr all the lovely mothers of this world good ff archu di

  2. its the best gift to all mothers

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    Archi…Aww…Mothers day.
    Love all the mothers of India along with mother India…
    True how much the tree spread its much fruit it gave to others..the shadow,Flowers and other thing it is still attached to the soil for love and support..Mothers are like the earth…always unlimited love before any demand…
    Kowtow to our amazing friends who are mothers..Archi, Anu, Chavi and Liji…

  4. Shekhar


    Mind blowing wishes on the MOTHER’s DAY!

  5. Kanfi

    It wss just ammazing,,,,
    The whole concept was great,’..
    Mothers r always rhere for us n look after happiness,,,

    We always take her for granted,,,,n intentionally or unintentionallyg,,,,hurt her….we should always there for u..
    U urself r a mother’,’soo happy mothers day to you too…

    Love you

  6. Ranilya

    Very touching Archu.
    The best gift nature has given us is a Mother.
    “First love
    First friend
    First teacher
    It can only be a Morher”

  7. LAX

    Awww…!! It’s beautiful..!! It’s so heart warming n surprisingly it has mystery too. Well done dear…!! Happy Mother’s day..!!
    Btw..!! Your DP is killing..!! ??????

  8. Mahisha

    Its amazing
    The every word u said is true

  9. AnuluvsIB

    Awww! That’s awesome!!
    Can’t read something better on a moms day archu!!!!
    Happy Mother’s Day to u and to ur mom too!!

  10. Chavi

    Awesome n beautiful ?dedication yaar..thanku dear…
    Thanku all for d wishes dears..
    I miss my much..yaar

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