Molkki 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Does Arjun have a hidden motive?

Molkki 8th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun shows Daksh’s sherwani in the court. There is a wound mark on Daksh’s shoulder. A similar blotch is here on the kurta which proves that my client’s bullet had actually grazed Daksh on his arm. Judge looks at the kurta. Purvi realizes that this is the key which Arjun was telling her about in the morgue.

Flashback shows Arjun asking ward boy to give him the clothes that Daksh was wearing at the time of his death. Ward boy gives the kurta to Arjun. Arjun clicks photos of the bullet marks. I found the key to reopen Mukhi’s case. Someone else was there too who had fired at Daksh. Daksh died by his shot, not Mukhi’s. Flashback ends.

Arjun says this clearly shows that my client is innocent. As Daksh was shot and killed, there was someone else who was present there and tried to trap my client. Defence lawyer calls it baseless. Only one bullet was recovered from there. Arjun says why my client should bear the brunt of police’s carelessness. It’s my humble request to you to reopen the case. Real culprit should be caught. Please give me a chance to prove Mukhi’s innocence. Arjun looks at Purvi and Sakshi as he takes his seat. Judge accepts the plea to reopen the case. Catch the real culprit to prove Virender Pratap Singh’s innocence. Purvi, Sakshi and Virender smile in relief. Court gets adjourned. Purvi smiles through her tears as Purvi and Virender look at each other. She hugs him and cries. Chandni leaves with Nani. Everyone leaves except Virender, Purvi, Sakshi, Arjun and a few constables.

Virender tells Purvi her hard work is paying off. The case has been reopened. Purvi says the doors of jail will also open soon and you will come home. He nods. I have full faith in you. You have worked so hard. Purvi says Sakshi ji has also done a lot. Inspector asks Virender to come with him to Rewari Police Station. Virender thanks Arjun for what he did today. Arjun says there is no need to thank him. It was my duty. My confidence was boosted when I saw your aim. You will be out of jail soon. Virender thanks him and leaves with police. Arjun leaves as well.

Purvi follows Arjun and apologizes to him. I thought you will leave the case midway or lose it intentionally. He asks her why he would do that. She tells him what she had seen earlier. He tells her that half truth is dangerous. You saw me taking the bag. You would have seen the rest of it too if you had stayed a little longer. Arjun is not like other lawyers. I don’t want money. Flashback shows Prakashi telling Arjun he has made them happy by accepting money from her. Make sure Virender wont come out of jail. He must die! Arjun says it is in God’s hands. I can only hold money and I can gladly return it. He drops the bag. I don’t care who you are but you cannot buy me! She tells him he will regret it but he tells her to let it be. Flashback ends. Purvi apologizes to Arjun for misunderstanding him. Do let me know if you need help with the case. He accepts her apology and leaves.

Arjun thinks of Purvi’s offer of help as he paces in his room. He looks at the bullet. Flashback shows Arjun waiting for Purvi outside the crime scene. He receives a text from Purvi saying that she will take 15 more minutes. He decides to check the room. He walks inside and starts looking around. He clicks pictures of the crime scene. He notices a vase on the side table. He is clicking a photo when he notices it a little bent. He looks at the broken window and then moves to the plant behind the side table. He finds a bullet inside. This must be what Virender had shot. This is my trump card. I wont tell Purvi about it. Flashback ends. Arjun smirks. Everyone will start looking for this bullet once the case reopens and it will be with me. I will use it at the right time to fulfil my real motive. He keeps it safely in the drawer.

Prakashi and Anjali are eating when Sakshi and Purvi storms in. They are eating oily food. Prakashi continues with her drama but Sakshi takes the plate away. We were fools to think that you have changed. You will never change. You tried to buy our lawyer so Mukhi ji wont get out of jail! Purvi tells them that the case is reopening. Prakashi continues to lie but Purvi says I saw you outside the court. Prakashi calls it misunderstanding but Purvi calls it a mistake. I was wrong to trust you. Kanha ji is on our side though. Mukhi ji’s case is reopening. It is time for him to return and for you to leave! Sakshi asks them to leave the house. Prakashi continues with her drama but Sakshi is relentless. Stop making excuses and leave! She summons the servants. Anjali tells her not to do this but Sakshi asks them servants to throw both of them out of here with their luggage. Servants have no option but to listen. Anjali plays along with Prakashi. Prakashi tells Sakshi and Purvi they are doing wrong as she walks out with Anjali. Servants take their luggage downstairs. Prakashi and Anjali are headed downstairs. Prakashi decides not to leave the haveli at any cost. She decides to do something. She makes Anjali trip right then. Anjali rolls down the stairs and passes out. Purvi ans Sakshi rush to her side and Prakashi starts her drama.

Anjali cries as soon as she wakes up. Doc advises her bed rest of 1 month. He leaves. Purvi says you wont be allowed to stay here for another day after 1 month. Remember it well.

Precap: Purvi gives fees to Arjun. He says he doesn’t need the fees. She asks he will fight the case without the fees? He says he doesn’t want rush because what he is going to ask is very precious for him. Later, Virender sees Purvi with Arjun and him feeding her gol gappa. When Purvi meets Virender in jail, she asks why he’s so angry. He asks did she keep the lawyer to fight his case or have a good time with him? She says he didn’t trust her before and he will never trust her, so it’s better she leaves from there. Prakashi catches Arjun and Purvi close and clicks a photo. She then goes to the jail to show it to Virender.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. This Mukhi is so jealous
    I know he loves her but he needs to learn how to trust her.
    He cannot live with her and also can’t live without her.
    This is possessiveness with obsession bcos she is younger than him
    Purvi will never be happy with him
    Always doubting her

  2. very true…i wonder what this Arjun is up to now…could it be that he is working for Sakshi

  3. Oh come onnn… Why do they let Anjali and Prakashi stay in the house?! Again?? Ridiculus! Send them to some hotel! So annoying!

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