Molkki 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Karan’s devious plan to take revenge from Purvi

Molkki 8th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi thanks Karan for all that he has done today. He says truth was going to come out in the open eventually. Don’t think that I did this to be your friend. I have accepted that we can never be friends. You saved me from getting rusticated once. I just repaid that favor. She says I know what I said and it is true that we can never be friends. Now I am sure that you aren’t as bad as you seemed to me earlier. There might be some good in you. Karan thanks her. Purvi asks Virender what happened but he asks her to come.

Gaurav asks Karan if he has lost his mind. You hit me for that cheap girl! Either you have gone crazy or you are crazy for her! Karan admits that he has fallen for Purvi. I have started loving her immensely. One can do anything for that kind of love. I will go to any extent to take revenge from her. I will do it with love though. She insulted me in front of the entire college and now I will insult her in front of the entire town. I will do it as her friend. Gaurav asks him why he hit him so much. Why did you make my video while stealing that paper? You got me rusticated because of her! Karan smiles. A few pawns need to be sacrificed to win the queen. I told you to steal those papers from Principal’s room and then to keep them in Purvi’s bag. I told Shikha to record everything as well. Karan and Shikha high five. Karan says I trapped my closest friend to take revenge from my enemy. I won her trust today because of you. Very soon she will realize that she made the biggest mistake by messing with Karan! Gaurav calls him smart. Now Purvi’s countdown has begun! They all laugh.

Purvi is making kheer. Manas asks her what the occasion is. She shares that she will be able to give exam tomorrow. Manas says it was yesterday. Purvi says now it will be tomorrow. Juhi calls her strange. We get afraid in giving one exam and here you are celebrating your chance at giving exam again. Purvi smiles. Don’t be afraid of giving exams in life. Manas nods. She sends him to bring Virender. Juhi is tempted to eat kheer. Virender asks Manas why he is taking him to kitchen. Manas says haathi has made kheer for you. Virender asks Purvi why she made this. She says you helped police nab the culprit. He thinks of what she had said to Karan. Give it to the one who deserves it. I am not the one who saved you. Give it to him. Purvi says I will give it to you him too. You believed in me so you have first right on this. I will make you eat it. Virender is still thinking about Purvi’s words. He takes a bite reluctantly. Kids ask Virender how the kheer is. Virender says sweet like you two. Manas says not like us two but like the three of us. He hugs his sister and haathi.

Next morning, Bhuri comes home looking worried. Purvi asks her if everything is fine. Bhuri heads upstairs to look for Anjali. They both collied in the corridor. Bhuri tells something to Anjali. Purvi is watching them intently. What are they both up to? Anjali realizes that she must go there herself now. We will go in the afternoon when everyone will take rest after lunch. Bhuri nods.

Virender asks Purvi what she is looking at. Don’t you have to go to college? She nods. He asks her if he should get a mahurat for it. She says let’s go. He calls her Bawari. They reach college. She is panicked. I need to buy a new pen. He asks her if she cannot arrange everything beforehand. She requests him not scare her further by scolding her. The shop is right here. Please get me a new one. He heads to the shop. He stands aside to let 2 girls step out. The girls talk about his physique and appearance. This color suits him so well. One girl even ends up wondering if he can be with her for a night. Purvi feels jealous. Virender comes outside. She asks him why he took so much time. He says I went to buy pen for you and not to flirt. She says I saw you smiling at the girls earlier. What else is that called if not flirting? Virender says I smiled a little. Everyone smiles when they see their Mukhiya. Purvi says a Mukhiya’s smile is different than a normal smile. You are also like all other men. You enjoy getting attention from young girls. Those girls were eyeing you differently! Why did you have to dress up in black today? You know how charming you look. That’s true, right? He says it means you find me charming in this attire. You feel something seeing me like this? She fumbles. Those girls were saying that. One girl even ended up wishing that you! Leave that. Don’t they know that you are married to me? He asks her why is fuming over this? Don’t you think that I? She takes her pen and heads inside. Virender smiles.

Purvi, Sudha and other students submit their paper. Purvi gives kheer to Karan. It is a tradition in our village that you give sweets to guests and well-wishers. He thanks her for bringing it for him. Purvi and Sudha go inside. Karan gives kheer to his friends. Return the box to me. I will use it to fill poison in her life!

Purvi and Sudha are heading home. Purvi tells Sudha what happened in the morning. Sudha asks her how it matters to her what girls think about Mukhiya ji. You don’t love him, right? She notices Purvi blushing. Have you fallen for him? Purvi tells her to stop but Sudha continues teasing her. Driver stops the car suddenly. Purvi asks him what happened. He says there is traffic ahead. She looks outside and notices Anjali and Bhuri going somewhere and decides to follow them. She tells Sudha to go home. I will walk home. Sudha asks her where she is going but Purvi does not tell her. I will come on my own.

Anjali covers her face to avoid being seen by others. This puzzles Purvi. Why dint they take the car? Bhuri drops the envelope by mistake. Anjali picks the medicines and keeps them back in the bag. Purvi thinks Anjali knows what Bhuri is doing with the money and medicines. This path leads to the old house. Are they headed there only. Bhuri helps Anjali as Anjali walk. They go inside. Purvi clicks a photo before they head inside and starts following her. She has switched on her mobile’s flashlight. Anjali notices the reflection of light in the mirror and stops Bhuri. She can see Purvi’s face and gets tensed. They head in another direction. Purvi loses track of them. Where did they disappear?

Anjali and Bhuri tell Prakashi that they got saved by an inch. Prakashi asks her what happened. Anjali says leave that. She was going to escape again yesterday! Bhuri says we must shift her somewhere. Prakashi says that Molkki knows everything. She is aware of our secret now. This is dangerous for us. Do something to make her realize her place! She has seen you two and will definitely tell it to Virender. Prove her a liar before that happens. Ruin her every plan! Bhuri asks her what they should do. Anjali says God knows what will happen to us if Virender finds out about this. Prakashi says he will never know it. Molkki can never imagine who she is going to fight with! You two should decide what needs to be done now.

Purvi comes home. Mukhiya ji must be in our room. Kids ask Purvi to come to terrace with them. Anjali Chachi has arranged a party. Everyone is upstairs. Purvi agrees to join them asap. Why has Anjali Bhabhi kept the party? There is no reason to celebrate. I will tell Mukhiya ji the truth. Bhabhi told me not to go to that old building that day. Why did she go there? She finds Anjali enjoying upstairs and wonders how she came here so early. Virender and Purvi head towards each other. Anjali signals Prakashi. Virender asks Purvi what took her so long. She says I wanted to tell you something. Kids drag Virender for dance. Purvi is unable to tell him anything because of the loud music. I will tell him everything later. Virender goes aside to attend a call. He notices Karan speaking to the guard and becomes curious.

Precap: Purvi sees a video in which she sees a lady’s feet. She tells Anjali that she’s caught now. She tells whole family that Anjali has kept a lady captive in the old house. She takes everyone there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Amazing episode loved it

  2. I can’t wait these days for the episodes…. The suspense is strong..wat the secret of the old house…Does it mean Prakashi has been wicked right from time or it just started from her son’s death.

  3. Well, I remember seeing one of a comment and he/she was saying that someone is in the old building and it could be Sakshi?!! Oh man, what if its true though? I am having some feelings about this too!!

    Can’t wait for the future episodes!!

  4. I always suspected that saakshi could be in that old house. She could be mentally unstable so it could be the reason for the medications.

  5. Its sakshi
    Prakashi would have made captive wen sakshi got to know abt her evil side.

  6. Please post today’s episode 9march and 10 March

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