Molkki 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Virender’s case reopens!

Molkki 7th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Waiter takes Virender’s position and Arjun holds her like Daksh. Arjun tells the waiter to imagine that he is holding a gun. Aim at my hand. He complies. Arjun asks Purvi if that’s what Virender did. She shakes her head. It was on the other side. He positions himself as Daksh. He recalls Virender’s words. He lets go of Purvi and walks towards the waiter. His aim is indeed at Arjun’s shoulder. Arjun looks at the vase on the table behind him and dismisses the waiter. Purvi stands there confused as Arjun walks out of the room.

Purvi asks Arjun what happened suddenly. Where are we going? He tells her that they are going to Rewari Police Station as they sit in the car. She asks more questions. He tells her that she asks too many questions and calls her Basanti. Have you seen Sholay? Do watch it. It will be fun. Purvi receives Sakshi’s call on the way. Sakshi asks her if they have made any progress. Purvi asks her if she has seen Sholay. I have been advised to watch it instead of focusing on the case. Purvi has been made Basanti and the waiter became Mukhi ji. He is a crazy person! I am on my way to Rewari Police Station. Sakshi tells her to let her know if she finds out anything. Please bear this crazy man as he is our last hope. Purvi nods. We will have to bear the cow kicking us if we want milk. Arjun looks at her. Purvi says I should end the call now or he will again say that Basanti speaks too much. Arjun keeps glancing at her in surprise. Anjali has overheard bits of Sakshi’s conversation and runs to inform Prakashi. Prakashi says we must meet this Arjun.

Arjun meets Inspector and asks him to let him see Daksh’s dead body. Inspector is hesitant but Arjun speaks of his bylaws. Inspector gives in. Purvi asks Arjun what he will gain by seeing Daksh’s body. Arjun replies that he gets excited when he sees dead bodies. It is thrilling. She stares at him. He tells her to stop staring and come with him. We might find some clue there.

Purvi comes to morgue with Arjun. He picks up his camera as they head inside. Purvi looks away as Arjun removes the cloth from Daksh’s body. She cries when she looks at Daksh’s body. Arjun clicks pictures of Daksh. She asks him why he is smiling after looking at the dead body. He tells Purvi there is good news. The case will reopen tomorrow. She is confused but he tells her to go home and celebrate. I am telling you we have something. They step out of the morgue. Purvi asks Arjun about the proof. He says I have found a key which can help reopen the case and help Mukhi get out of jail. She asks him again. I am Mukhi ji’s wife. I have a right to know. He retorts that this is how he works. Hire another lawyer if you don’t like my style. Should I go? She tells him to do whatever he wants. I am only concerned about Mukhi ji’s freedom. He nods. That’s good. I will let you knw when the hearing will be set.

Purvi shares the news with Sakshi. Sakshi asks her about the proof but Purvi tells her how Arjun refused to tell her anything. He is very strange. I only want Mukhi ji to come home safely. Sakshi agrees. He will free Mukhi ji fi the case is indeed going to be reopened. Purvi receives Arjun’s message. The hearing is tomorrow. Sakshi and Purvi are positive that Virender will come home soon.

Prakashi and Anjali have overhead everything yet again. They get thinking.

Next morning, Prakashi and Anjali are in the living room. Prakashi notices Sakshi and Purvi going somewhere and asks them where they are off. Sakshi lies that they are going to find a lawyer for Mukhi ji. Prakashi sugar coats her words and prays for Virender’s quick return. Go ahead. On their way out, Sakshi tells Purvi she dint tell them the truth intentionally. Prakashi tells Anjali they are trying to be over smart. I will see how any lawyer will get Virender out of jail safely.

Sakshi and Purvi are waiting for Arjun. He comes just then. Sakshi begins to question Arjun when Arjun tells Purvi to tell Sakshi to maintain distance from him. He walks away. Purvi tells Sakshi to bear Arjun for the sake of Virender. Let’s do as he says. Purvi goes to look for Arjun. She notices him with Prakashi and Anjali. Arjun notices Purvi watching them. She watches Prakashi and Anjali giving bribe to Arjun. He shakes hands with Prakashi. Purvi feels cheated. He says great things yet he accepted bribe! I must inform Sakshi ji.

Purvi walks up to Sakshi. Sakshi asks her to tell what happened. Arjun asks Purvi to come quickly. The hearing is about to start. Purvi and Sakshi follow Arjun to the courtroom. Purvi notice Daksh’s Nani there. Sakshi asks her what she is doing here. Purvi says Ma must have called her. Sakshi says she has no idea about the hearing. Purvi tells her what she had just witnessed. I think it is becoming difficult to help Mukhi ji day by day. Sakshi tells her to have faith. Purvi suggests hiring a new lawyer so as to win the case. Sakshi suggests speaking to Arjun once. Inspector brings Virender just then. Purvi, Sakshi and Virender look at each other.

Virender is taken to the stand as judge enters. Sakshi asks Purvi what they will do now. Only God can help us now. Defence lawyer asks judge why the case needs to be reopened when Virender has been proved guilty. He is a killer and he must be punished for his crime. Judge asks Arjun to proceed if he has any base to prove Virender innocent. Arjun says no innocent should be punished. My client is innocent. I will prove it that he shot Daksh to scare him and not to kill him. Defence lawyer repeats why Virender shot Daksh in his chest. It looks as if he is wasting our time. Arjun says you might have missed studying the case properly or it wouldn’t have come to this. He submits the photos he had clicked yesterday. I have another evidence that will prove my client’s innocence. He shows Daksh’s sherwani in the court. There is a wound mark on Daksh’s shoulder. A similar blotch is here on the kurta which proves that my client had actually grazed Daksh on his arm.

Precap: Arjun proves it in the court that 2 bullets were fired at Daksh that day. There was someone else in the room who had a gun too. Prakashi and Anjali are coming downstairs when Anjali trips. She rolls all the way down. Arjun finds the bullet fired by Virender stuck in the vase. I wont let anyone about it. This is my trump card.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Bribe wasted

  2. Is it Anjali or Prakashji or better yet Priyu?? Did any one of these three shot Daksh?

  3. Today’s episode is a little bit boring… I want virender to be out from cell he doesn’t deserve it.

  4. No I find it interesting especially with the lawyer Arjun. He sure is making the drama worth watching.

  5. I think the one who shoot dakash is her sister coz she wasn’t there she come later on.

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