Molkki 7th May 2021 Written Episode Update: 2 Mukhiyayin’s at the same place

Molkki 7th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virender tries to excuse himself on the pretext of work but Sakshi does not let him go. We have met after years. Let’s sit and talk. We got this chance after years. Don’t know whether we will get this chance again or not. I want to live those memories again. She leans closer but they are distracted by a knock on the door. It is Purvi. She says sorry to Sakshi for disturbing them at this hour. Do you have a medicine for stomach ache? Manas is not feeling well. I will give it to him. Sakshi says I have it. What happened to him suddenly though? Purvi says I don’t know. Sakshi goes to bring it. Purvi and Virender look at each other. She looks at the decorations in the room and turns her face away. She recalls how she had told Virender that she is afraid this dream might break. Virender thinks of them together as well. Sakshi goes with Purvi. Virender thinks it isn’t what you think, Bawari. I cannot tell Sakshi anything because of the situation. Don’t know where it will take us!

Anjali tells Prakashi there is only one way now. Let’s tell the truth to Sakshi ourselves. Prakashi reminds her now to use brain as she lacks it. I am here to do it. You think we will tell Sakshi and Virender will find out too. Sakshi will throw Purvi out of the haveli while Virender will throw us out! Do you want that? Anjali asks her what they should do then. We are worried because of that Molkki and she is enjoying in Amboli right now. Prakashi says I wont let it happen. I will instigate Virender against Molkki. Virender and Sakshi will end up together and that Molkki will be in pain. She calls Virender. Have you guys reached safely? He nods. Are you fine? She says yes. Doctor has said that Sakshi is not well. Take very good care of her and spend quality time with her. Tell her all that you have missed in the past 5 years. I want the same Virender and Sakshi when you two will come back. They couldn’t live without each other for even a second. Will you make it come true? He says yes and ends the call. Anjali smiles at Prakashi. Virender is in a dilemma. I was happy that Sakshi is alive but I am also pained to see Bawari in this condition. I don’t know what my future will be because of my past and present. How will I handle both of them?

Next morning, Virender, Sakshi and the kids go for breakfast. Purvi stands next to the table silently. Waiter greets them. Sakshi asks him to set a table for Purvi in other corner. Waiter agrees but Virender says she can sit here with us. He brings a chair for Purvi. Kids enjoy eating with her so she should. Kids second him. Manas makes Purvi sit in her chair. Sakshi finds it weird that everyone is so concerned for a maid. She might have taken care of my husband and kids in my absence but she is still a maid. She cannot be like us. Kids ask Sakshi to guess what they want to eat. Sakshi tries but fails. Purvi orders food for the kids. They praise her for always knowing what they want. Love you, haathi. Purvi and the kids smile. Sakshi looks pointedly at Purvi. Purvi says kids used to eat burger and pasta before but Mama ji changed their habits for good. I have come to know their likes and dislikes as I have been looking after them since so long. Sakshi says it is good. You should know. You have been looking after them. I will order for Mukhi ji though. I know his likes and dislikes well. Sakshi gives an order. Purvi counters it. Don’t bring it for him. Sakshi asks her why he wont. Purvi says he has sugar and he must avoid all this. He only eats Daliya in the morning. She asks the waiter to bring daliya. Virender says I have to look after my health so I have switched to this diet only. Juhi and Manas ask haathi what she will eat. Virender says get her bread and butter and she will finish it in seconds. She notices Sakshi looking at him and becomes cautious. Sakshi wonders how Virender knows what Purvi likes. Virender wonders why he said that. He asks the kids if they need anything else. They shake their heads. He asks Sakshi what she will eat. He orders poha for her. Is it right? She nods sadly. Sakshi thinks my husband and kids care as much for this girl (Purvi) as she cares for them. Did this maid take my place in these 5 years? Virender is about to take a bite when Sakshi reminds him that they always feed the first bite to each other. Purvi watches them feed each other sadly. Virender gestures Purvi to eat.

Virender and Sakshi are walking while Purvi helps the kids play with sand. Virender and Purvi keep looking at each other. He keeps glancing back at Purvi even when he is with Sakshi. Their hands touch and they share an eye lock when they help Manas sit on the horse. Juhi tells Virender that Ma will click a photo now. She asks Purvi to step aside. Purvi complies. Kids are giving water to the plants. Purvi tries to take the pipe from them but they all end up splashing water on each other. Kids splash water on Virender and Sakshi too when they come there. Sakshi holds Virender for support. Purvi thinks of the rain dance during Holi. She begins to walk away when Virender holds her hand. Later, the entire family is enjoying playing with water in the pool. Purvi keeps the towel and walks away.

Virender keeps looking at Purvi and the kids as they play together. Purvi catches Manas just when he runs up to his Baba. Past memories keep flashing before their eyes. A guy recognizes Purvi and greets her as Mukhiyayin. Have you come here on a vacation with your family? We have come here for the same reason too. Why are you picking all this? Give it to me. Purvi politely declines. She hopes Sakshi wont come here and hear him calling her Mukhiyayini ji. He offers to help her again but she denies. Sakshi notices them and decides to find out who is trying to snatch the bottles from Purvi. A bottle falls down. He picks it up and returns it to Purvi. He addresses her as Mukhiyayini ji again but stops in shock upon noticing Sakshi. Sakshi looks at Purvi in shock and confusion. Virender asks the guy (Aman) why he looks shocked. She is Mukhiyayini. She has returned after 5 years so you must be taken aback. Aman nods. He gives the bottle to Purvi and leaves. Purvi begins to walk away when she hears Sakshi asking Virender why it felt as if Aman called Purvi Mukhiyayini. Virender asks her if she has gone mad. He must have said that to you. You are mistaken. You need rest. Let’s go.

Purvi is walking outside at night. Virender is watching her from his room. Why she is in garden at this hour? She wouldn’t have gone there for a walk at this hour. Looks like she is also restless like me. Sakshi asks him what he is thinking. He says nothing important. I am just standing here for no reason. Sakshi says looks like you are hiding something from me. Tell me what it is. He repeats that it is nothing. She is sure there is something. Something is bothering you since we have come here. You used to tell me everything in the past and I used to solve them for you in seconds. Your every problem must pass through me first. It will only be able to reach you only after moving me away from your path! Virender keeps looking at Purvi. He murmurs that that’s the biggest problem. She asks him what he means. He says we have faced everything together in the past but I know how you must have faced things along in the past 5 years. You should just relax and leave all your worries to me. She is touched. Purvi is stetting sadly near the pool. Virender helps Sakshi lie down and switches off the lights. Purvi looks at their room. Sakshi smiles at Virender and keeps looking at him. He closes his eyes. She moves closer to him and holds him. Virender knows Purvi is very worried and restless because of what is happening. I wont be able to sleep without talking to her. He does not hold Sakshi back.

Purvi is back in the room. She wonders whether Virender has slept or not. Why am I thinking so much about him? He is with his wife. He is not alone like me. He must be sleeping peacefully. There is a knock on the door. She is surprised to see Virender.

Sakshi wakes up and does not find Virender.

Purvi asks Virender why he is here at this hour. He says I am very restless right now. I wont be able to sleep without talking to you. She advises him to go back as it is really late. This isn’t right. He holds her hand and pulls her outside. To hell with right and wrong! I keep looking at you from far the entire day. Do you know what I am going through? I feel like hugging you tight but I just cannot do it. I got a chance now and you are asking me to leave? I wont go at any cost. I will come inside and you wont be able to stop me.

Sakshi checks the bathroom but Virender is not there either. Where can he go? Even his phone is on the bedside table. She decides to check outside and notices Virender going to Purvi’s room. Why is he going to her room at this hour?

Precap: Purvi tells Virender that as long as he is with her, she will face all the situations with a smile. Sakshi knocks the door. Virender opens it. Sakshi questions him what he is doing there so late. Kids tell Sakshi that she knows that lullaby too. She never sung before. They then ask Purvi whether she knows Sakshi from before. Later, Virender tells Purvi that after Sakshi came, he doesn’t know what to do. He can’t see either of them in pain. He decides to tell the truth to Sakshi and then face whatever the outcome is. He takes Purvi to Sakshi’s room. They get shocked as they enter the room.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Well.. I remembered on the previous episode where many people were saying that they are annoyed with Sakshi and stuffs that she is simply pulling Viren towards her like they are cringing to see them. Well first of, we can’t blame anyone in this situation. Sakshi is his wife. First wife. And she is meeting him and her kids after 5 freaking years. She misses them. She is a wife. A mother. Nothing wrong with it. She doesn’t even know Viren got married to Purvi so… She is just being herself though. The ones to be blamed is those two chudails, Prakashi and Anjali that’s all. None of these 3. I definitely feel bad for Purvi and Virender in this situation but you know..I have no comments if the story is getting bored or what. But I think they are trying to bring this track somewhere. But what I kind of wonder is, why are you always waking up and looking for Viren, I mean he is around though😅. Don’t worry hahaha.

    Well let’s see the upcoming episodes!

  2. Haha one song pops in mind – ek taraf hai gharwali ek tarah bahar wali 😂😂 although both is gharwali I am glad mukhi still loves Purvi. He wants to move on with his present but can’t move from his past, now I am waiting for the day when Sakshi finds out about Purvi being Virendra’s second wife. She is already suspicious, and I am still not liking Sakshi, she thinks everything is normal after her absence and she is not a maid, she is mukhi ji’s bawari ❤️ Excited now for upcoming 😂😍

  3. I’m pretty sure at some point Sakshi will confront Purvi that she’s having an affair or something with Mukhi or something like that. I hope at that time he would be so angry and accidentally blurt out that “Bawri isn’t any maid, she’s my wife!” Let’s see what happened

  4. Am so sad with these recent episodes..Sakshi been clingy to Virender and he can’t tell her the truth so it won’t affect her health…it took a lot for PurVir to be together..I can’t wait for wat Sakshi main purpose of coming back is so that she can leave the show for my PurVir


    Yes you all guys are very much true
    But Virendra and Puriv can’t leave without each other

  6. Its true the way she handle the love towards Viren n kids so beautifully share selfless help them to unite,,care for them ,,makes them come to life ,,,she sustain herself with love of family
    The sustain of love given by Purvi change Viren to a new human
    character n find comfort in Purvi’love

  7. I still think Viren is selfish. If he truly loves purvi he should have done something instead he acts innocents and as if he is powerless. if the situation is other way around. I am sure he wont keep quiet he will stand by his love but because purvi is poor and a molkki there is no harm of pretending to be their maid. I cant wait for the episode where purvi will leave viren for good. Serves him right. when the villain will be exposed at least one of them.

  8. Sakshi keeps saying that she wants to be a mother to her kids and win them back, but apart clinging to Virender, she is not making any attempts or putting in any efforts to spend time with her children, especially Manas, who was a baby when she left.

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