Molkki 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Juhi and Manas meet Arjun

Molkki 5th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakshi complains to Purvi about Arjun. He refused to take the case and called me a maid! Purvi reasons that only he can turn the case around. We need a crazy lawyer like him only to save Mukhi ji. He is our last hope. Sakshi agrees. He wont budge even if I beg him. Forget about him. We will find another lawyer. Purvi has her hopes pinned on Arjun. Give me his address. I will try to convince him. He might agree. Sakshi tells her to go ahead and try. It will be like banging your head on a stone. Purvi agrees to try it. I will meet him after delivering food to Mukhi ji.

Virender complements the food. It is very tasty today. It might be as I am eating it after so long. She serves him food. I brought my dinner as well so I could eat with you. He tells her he wont give her any of it. It is extremely tasty. She tries to take it but some of it gets stuck on her hand. She tastes it and realises it is too salty. She recalls adding salt twice in the food absentmindedly. Sorry, I must have added it by mistake. Virender says it is ok if salt is less or more in food. It should be so in love. You have made it with so much love. Let me eat it. I wont eat after 12 days. I will die. She covers his mouth. Don’t say this please. We will go home after 12 days.

Next morning, Purvi reaches Arjun’s place with Manas and Juhi. She asks the kids to wait in the car as she goes inside. She notices a servant coming downstairs. He tells her that Arjun is on terrace. You can meet him there. Purvi thanks him. She greets Arjun with folded hands. He looks at her from top to toe. Purvi tells him she has come here to discuss Rewari’s Mukhi’s case. Arjun recalls Sakshi coming over yesterday to meet him for that case. It’s that one, right? Purvi nods. Arjun repeats that he wont take it. Purvi requests him. I will pay you your fees and will do as you say. He stands up with the help of a stick and inches closer. Will you do as I say? She nods. He asks for her name. She is about to reply but he says I find thrill in taking cases where I see zero hope. Tell me why I should take your case. What can you give me other than money? She asks him what he wants. He asks her how she is related to Mukhi. Purvi tells him. He asks her to what extent can she go to save her husband. She says to any extent. He complements her confidence and asks her to prove it to him by jump as he points at the terrace. I will take your husband’s case then only.

Prakashi stops Sakshi when she is walking past her room. She again advises her to be careful of Molkki. Don’t trust her. I know that you want Virender to come out of jail. He wont come to you once that happens though. You will not get your kids, family or Virender then. You will be left empty-handed. Anjali seconds her. She tells Sakshi to understand Ma’s words. Molkki will win everything and you will be left with nothing! Sakshi warns them to talk in front of her after thinking careful. Let me repeat my words to you again. I am not that old Sakshi who will fall in your words again. I knew how you act but now I know your plans too. Forget about me falling in your trap. I don’t want Mukhi ji or kids to leave Purvi and come to me. She is the only one who can take care of my family. She can even die for them. There cannot be a better wife for Mukhi ji and a better mother for my kids than Purvi. This is my wish. I want them to be together. That will make me happy. Prakashi and Anjali look at her in shock as she walks out of the room.

Arjun challenges Purvi. She accepts his challenge and tells him that she will jump. She keeps the file aside and jumps right at the edge of balcony (not from the balcony). Arjun asks her what this is. She reminds him that he had asked her to jump. He dint ask her to jump from the balcony. I did jump. You told me to jump from here but you dint specify to where so I jumped here. Arjun calls it ridiculous. I asked you to jump from here. She repeats his words at him. He calls her a liar but she tells him to remember his words well. You may be a big lawyer but you lost to me in the game of words. He asks her why she still here then. She tells him she dint intend to hurt his ego. You kept an equally degusting bet to fight the case. He asks her to get lost.

Juhi peeks out of the window and notices Purvi talking to Arjun. She makes Manas look up too. They decide to go upstairs to see what is haathi saying to them.

Purvi finds Juhi and Manas outside. What are you doing here? Juhi says we came to meet uncle. Purvi tells her it isn’t needed. He is not a good man and he is manner less too. Juhi tries to object but Purvi insists. We are late for school too now. Let’s go home.

Once they reach home, Purvi sends kids to her room. Sakshi asks Purvi about Arjun. Purvi says you were right about him. He is a cheap guy. Sakshi asks her what he said. Purvi relates everything to Sakshi. Sakshi asks her what they will do now.

Manas tells Juhi he is going to haathi to take her help in homework. What are you thinking though? Juhi says we must tell haathi everything honestly. Haathi seemed angry so we kept mum but I think it is time to tell her everything. Manas agrees. They go to tell Purvi.

Sakshi tells Purvi they must convince Arjun to take this case at any cost. Juhi and Manas overhear it. They decide to request Arjun to take Virender’s case and save him.

Juhi and Manas come to Arjun’s home with the driver. Manas has brought his piggy bank for Arjun so he can pay his fees. Juhi nods. I will ask him to save Baba. Arjun hides his glass when they call out to him. He is pleasantly surprised to see them there. He orders his servant to bring chocolates for them. He tells them that he really wanted to thank them for saving him the other day. Thank you very much. Manas tells him to thank their haathi instead. Juhi nods. Haathi has taught us to help those who are in need. Arjun asks them which is this haathi who speaks to human beings. Manas cutely replies that she loves them too. Juhi adds that she is their Ma. Arjun is intrigued. She is your Ma? They nod. He asks them how they came here. Did you come to check on me? They tell him about Virender’s case. Haathi came to ask you to take the case but you said no. He gets confused so Juhi shows him Purvi’s photo. This is our haathi! He recalls his meeting with Purvi earlier. She is your Ma? Manas nods. Please save our Baba. We even brought money for you. Juhi also requests him. Epi ends on Arjun’s thoughtful face.

Precap: Arjun comes to Virender’s home with kids. Purvi gets surprised seeing him. Arjun says he will take their case. He and Purvi come to the bedroom. Purvi lies down on the bed to show him what exactly happened. He suddenly comes on top of her. She gets shocked. Later, they are in jail to meet Virender. Virender points a gun at Arjun, but he doesn’t seem to care. Virender fires a bullet.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Wow what an episode loved it
    Now I think Arjun will fight this case for Virendar👍

  2. Plz upload precap soon

    1. precap comes on tv so watch on tv for precap

  3. so logic is returning in this show. seems like the writer knows how to focus on every aspect of the story rather than just showing one useless track. i feel veer’s exit should not be right now as sudha’s story is still incomplete. she can’t move on in her life until she is divorced. i want whne vir comes back he should give justice to sudha. Also really liked the way purvi tricked Arjun.
    Its funny how Arjun first scared the kids in his drunked state and now greeted them warmly. I like how a soft corner of his character is shown. Also sakshi’s decision seems good but still can’t trust her completely.
    and after a very long time, purvir scene was good but incomplete. vir learned from daksh how to fake a delicious food to show love

  4. It’s time now vir to free purvi to her mol
    Purvi deserve to be inde…girl
    Only then the show may get good numbers
    I’m new here
    Sorry if i said something wrong

    1. Pooja

      Welcome on board 🙂

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