Molkki 5th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Prakashi’s new avatar!

Molkki 5th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi starts searching Bhuri’s room. Bhuri realises that she forgot the vegetables in the room and heads back.

In college, Inspector is questioning every student one by one. Virender is also present there. Karan is watching everything. Sudha decides to tell Purvi how much efforts Virender is putting to nab the actual culprit.

Purvi hides as she hears someone coming in the room. Bhuri has her back to Purvi. Purvi decides to leave stealthily. Her phone starts ringing just when she is about to step out. Bhuri follows her. What was the point of coming to my room stealthily? Why did you come here? Purvi shows the ring. I came here for this. Bhuri gets shocked.

Purvi confronts Bhuri in front of Virender and Prakashi. I doubted her the moment I found the ring outside the old house. My doubts were confirmed when I saw her at the jewellery shop. I searched her room and found this ring. Virender asks Bhuri if Purvi is telling the truth. Did you steal this ring? Bhuri remains silent. Virender tells Bhuri to answer him. Mukhiyayini was proved a liar in front of everyone. You will have to leave the haveli right away if you wont answer! Bhuri fumbles. Anjali says that is my ring. Purvi insists that she found it near the old house. Anjali tells her she is imagining things. I gave it to Bhuri as it was turning black. She took it there to get it cleaned. Purvi says it cannot be. I found it there. I am not imagining things. It is true. Anjali shows the ring to Prakashi. Do you remember anything? You loved the design and even asked me from where I got this. Prakashi realises that Anjali is right. She tells Purvi that Anjali is not lying. It is an ancestral ring. Anjali takes the ring and walks up to Virender. Bhuri isn’t lying. I think Purvi has become habitual to blaming people. She blames anyone for any random thing. She is actually multi tasking too much and is not able to focus. This incident is an example. Virender says it happens sometimes but this wouldn’t have happened if Bhuri had told her the truth earlier. He ends the convo and goes with his mother. Anjali and Bhuri look at Purvi pointedly as they leave. Purvi is 100% certain that she is right about all of this. Jeweller told me that Bhuri came to him to sell the ring. These ladies are indeed playing a game. I will find out everything at any cost!

Anjali and Bhuri come to the old house. Virender and Purvi’s photos are hung on a wall. A lady is looking at the photos. Anjali says you have done a nice job here. It is time to put garlands on these photos now. You will be at peace then. That woman turns out to be Prakashi. She burns the photos one by one and turns around. I will add poison in Virender and that Molkki’s life. Entire village will remember that lesson for life! Virender killed my Vaibhav upon that Molkki’s askance. He dint listen to me at all. I begged him to spare Vaibhav’s life but he pushed Vaibhav away from me. She recalls flashbacks of the time when she had requested Vaibhav and Purvi to spare Vaibhav’s life. Anjali says you saved me today by saying that that ring is mine. I would have been thrown out of the house otherwise! Please make sure they die a painful death. I don’t understand why you remained quiet. Your son was killed in front of you and you dint say anything to that Virender and Molkki. Prakashi says I kept quiet so I can give them poison slowly. I will make them shed tears of blood. I am showering fake love on them right now. They wont even realise when I kill them with love. Flashback shows Virender performing Vaibhav’s last rites. Prakashi looks at Virender. You will have to pay for what you have done. You will never be happy. This is my curse to you. You behaved like a step son. Now I will show you what a step mother is like. I wont be at peace till the time I destroy you! I swear on Vaibhav’s dead body, you and your Molkki will meet a similar fate one day. Flashback ends.

Prakashi says a mother’s blessing comes from her heart but when she gets angry, she teaches a lesson through punishment. It is time to punish that Molkki and Virender. I wont sit quietly till the time I replace their love and trust with hatred. All Molkki’s will be scared after seeing her fate.

Purvi gives tea to Virender. He gets a call and agrees to come right away. He asks Purvi to come with him.

Purvi and Virender meet Principal. He apologizes for what happened. We have nabbed the culprit. Virender asks him who it is. Karan steps forward. Virender turns to Purvi. I told you that he will never change. See what I will do to him now. He grabs Karan by his collar but Principal says he is not our culprit. Virender asks him who it is. Karan says his anger is justified. I haven’t done right things in the past after all. A guy is brought there. Karan says he is the one who put those papers in Purvi’s bag. Virender and Karan beat him. The boy ends up admitting that he wanted to take revenge for his insult from Purvi. Flashback shows the guy approaching Purvi for a dance on Valentine’s night. She slaps him when he holds her hand even after saying no. Flashback ends. He says she slapped me so I took revenge by keeping the exam paper in her bag. Virender asks Karan how he found out about this. Inspector questioned everyone. You said you don’t know anything. How did this happen then? Principal says Karan has put a lot of efforts to nab Gaurav. Karan says I investigated this matter from my end. Students are afraid in front of police so I took them in confidence. My friend Shikha showed me a video. We realised that Gaurav is behind this after watching it. Virender and Purvi look at the video. Gaurav steals the exam paper from Principal’s room and then keeps it in Purvi’s bag (when she goes to the washroom and leaves her bag next to the basin outside).

Virender asks Gaurav how he can make so many mistakes one by one. Why were you pushing her to dance with you when she said no? She slapped you to teach a lesson but you took it to your ego instead of learning a lesson. You tried to insult her and ruin her year. I wont spare you. He tells Principal to see what’s to be done. Principal says he will be rusticated today and police will take him away for further investigation. Virender thanks him. Purvi and Virender begin to go when Purvi goes back to thank Karan. He acts modest. Truth has to come out sooner or later. Don’t think that I did that to become your friend. I am fine with the fact that you don’t want to be my friend. You saved me once so I paid you back today. Purvi says I know I said that we can never be friends and we may actually never become friends but now I am sure that there is good inside you. Virender looks on.

Precap: Purvi is in car, going back to home from college. She sees Bhuri and Anjali. She tells Sudha to go, she will come by herself. She follows Bhuri and Anjali and reach to old house. Anjali sees her from a mirror and they hide. Purvi wonders where they went. At home, Prakashi tells Anjali that Purvi will become a mystery herself if she tries to solve the old house’s mystery.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. I had a feeling that Prakashi was acting because I have never seen any south asian mom who doesn’t support her son. it doesn’t matter how big the crime is, he will always be innocent in her eyes. They might act different in case of daughters but will never call their son bad. I was hoping to see the change but I guess we will not see it in Molki.

  2. What I hoped not to happen has happened 😭😭😭 now I just hope Prakashi and Anjali wont use Karan to drive PurVir apart and Mukhi ji will have some harmless jealousy on his own 😶😶

  3. At end all Indian serials are like this only. How can they show step mother to be so good?
    She can see Virender punishing her son vaibhav and he getting killed. But being woman can’t she see that her so called son molested priyashi ,and she instead of sending her to jail married him. Then again and again he misbehaved with her and attempted to kill her and tried to run away from the country. He even tried to get virendar arrested and when that was not successful got him beaten.

    Seriously that’s why such things happens in our society. What can happen if a woman can’t understand other woman’s pain. Instead of punishing her son and supporting the right ones they just try to harm them. As it is all shown in serials which so many people watch and it does affect their mind and actiins they do.
    Serials should show progreesive things so thst people learn and such crimes are not committed and everyone is respected in the society.

    1. Arun Kharbanda

      You are so right mighty A. They say it is new India. My foot!!
      It would be new India only if women are respected , corruption eradicated in all forms & no anti -nationals. You are so right serials should be a beacon of righteousness & set a good example for society to fillow.

  4. What a perfect job Ekta ji
    How much hard work and homework you had done to remake Immj2 scenes in molkki.

    1. Oops I forgot it was Immj2 episode indeed. Just changed the characters.😑😑😑😑

    2. I had a feeling that was similar to immj but I don’t watch immj 2. I only watched immj 1 🤣

  5. It was already shown awkward that a stepmother cares for a stepson like his own son & didn’t hold any grudge for the death of his own son and involving a stepson to participate in his own son’s funeral.Vaibhav was wrong it is ok but what’s the point of marrying a rapist is it a punishment for him or saving him from the law or punishing herself (Priyashi) for the whole life & every minute of life.When Priyashi had already been fooled in a relationship before then how can she even consider marrying a rapist its just like the life she had left after rape she had to be under constant threat under Vaibhav every minute,how can she expect that she will get justice in any way by marrying a rapist,its really horrible ,she had chosen to be alone rather than be with someone who doesn’t value her as a human even how can he respect her as a wife?

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