Molkki 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Will Arjun take Virender’s case?

Molkki 4th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Juhi asks nurse about the guy. She tells them that he is fine. You too have been waiting since long. Where do you stay? They share that they stay at Sudha Massi’s NGO but have no details whatsoever. Nurse decides to take them to police station to find Sudha’s NGO.

Purvi and Sakshi are at the police station. Inspector suggests waiting for 48 hours. We will start investigation then only. Virender happens to overhear everything and asks Purvi about the kids. She tells him that they looked everywhere but cannot find them. We left them in NGO. He wonders how she can be so careless. He tells Inspector to find his kids asap. Sakshi assures him that they will be found soon. Nurse brings Juhi and Manas just then. Virender notices them and calls out their names. Purvi hugs them. Sakshi looks on sadly. Purvi asks them if they are fine. They nod. Nothing happened to us. Nurse says looks like you (Purvi) are their mother. They have done something very brave today. They saved a wounded guy and took him to hospital. They just dint have address so they had to be brought here. Juhi and Manas smile. Virender requests constable to let him out for 2 minutes. I have to hug my kids. Juhi notices Sakshi and hugs her. Sakshi opens her arms for Manas who looks at Purvi. She tells him to go ahead. Manas hugs Sakshi. Juhi asks Sakshi if she will stay with them now. Virender and Purvi look at each other. Sakshi says yes to Juhi. I will stay with you for few days. I have come for an important work. I will go afterwards. Purvi and Virender exchange a glance. Kids hug Virender. We missed you a lot. He advises them to inform someone before going anywhere.

Sakshi takes the kids outside and tells Purvi they will wait outside for her. Nurse takes their leave. Virender takes permission from Virender to speak to Purvi and they go aside. Virender tells Purvi he wants her to legally adopt Juhi and Manas. I know you are trying your best but you will look after them if anything happens to me. She tells him not to say so. We will go home soon. He reasons that future is unpredictable. I trust you more than myself or Sakshi for Juhi and Manas. I want you to have their custody legally. I wont worry about them anymore then. She tells him not to think like this. You will come home with me soon. Our family will be together. Just have faith on me. He says I hope it comes true. Constable comes to call Virender as time is up. He goes.

Sudha asks Juhi and Manas where they were. We were so worried for you. They apologize to Sudha and NGO’s staff. Sakshi asks them to come home now. Sudha asks Purvi if they are going to haveli. Purvi nods. You too are coming with us. Sudha refuses to be there when Veer doesn’t want her. I don’t have to right to stay there. I wont go back. Purvi reasons that that’s the house of her in-laws. That’s your home. Sudha says I would be addressed as the wife who Veer has left behind. Why should I keep his name with me? I am Sudha. I have my own identity. I have decided to start afresh. Let me stay in this NGO. I don’t want to be a burden on anyone. I want to be independent. I came here as Molkki and became Choti Mukhiyayini. I want to make a new identity of Sudha now. Purvi says I am very happy to know that you think like this. I am always with you. Stay here and make it come true! They share a hug.

Anjali pretends to look after Prakashi when Sakshi, Purvi and kids come home. Purvi asks Prakashi why she is here. Doc said you should rest. Prakashi lies that she was getting bored. I wanted to see the kids as soon as they enter so I came downstairs to see the kids. They ask Prakashi if she is fine. Prakashi rues that she isn’t well at all. Purvi takes the kids upstairs as it is time for bed. Prakashi and Anjali continue with their drama. Juhi and Manas hug Purvi and Sakshi before heading to their room.

Prakashi tells Anjali to find out how to break Sakshi and Purvi’s friendship.

Sakshi tells Purvi they have to come up with a solution asap. Purvi nods.

Next morning, Purvi and Sakshi meet many lawyers but no one is ready to take Virender’s case. Purvi wonders what they will do now. No lawyer is ready to fight Mukhi ji’s case and the date is close. A peon overhears her and suggests that there is one lawyer who will be willing to fight the case. Mukhi ji has done a lot for me. It is time to pay back. There is a lawyer who is in Rewari right now. He takes up cases where there is no hope and turns them around for good. He gives the visiting card of the lawyer to them. They thank him.

Purvi gets a call from Manas. He reminds her of their admission. Purvi tells Sakshi about it and excuses herself.

Sakshi rings the bell of the lawyer’s house. He tells her it is open and asks her to come in. Sakshi complies. Arjun Bajwa is drinking. Sakshi introduces herself. He asks her to clean the room and bring breakfast for him. She looks at him in confusion. He calls her a maid. She asks him if she looks like one. I am the wife of Rewari’s Mukhi. He asks her to leave. I don’t meet anyone without appointment. Please leave. She tells him she dint have time and gives a brief of Virender’s case. Arjun tells her he isn’t interested. She asks him to listen to her atleast. He tells her he is not in a mood. Please leave. She reprimands him and repeats what she has heard about him. He tells her she is right. I have never lost any case till date. I have even won cases where there was zero hope. I don’t take cases for money. I look at the people and ascertain whether I will take up the case or not. I have met you, spoken to you and I have decided not to take your case. You can go now. He continues drinking. I need a new maid for breakfast. Don’t stare at me. Keep your attitude and anger to yourself. I will end up filing a case against you if I lose my head! He calls someone to remind him that it is time for his breakfast. Send a maid asap. Sakshi storms out of there. He is a crazy lawyer. He isn’t even willing to listen to me. I dint think he will be like this. How will we save Mukhi ji now?

Precap: Purvi tells Sakshi that no one else can fight Virender’s case. It’s only Arjun who can turn this lost case. She tells her to let her meet Arjun once. She meets Arjun regarding the case. He asks to what extent she can go to save her husband? He asks her to jump down from the balcony. She looks at him surprised. He says only then he will fight the case. She jumps.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Honestly purvi should do what sudha did…girl move on in life you’re only 19

    I hate the mentality that they show in the girl has to sacrifice her life for her in laws or for her husband.


  3. loved vir’s decision in this episode and the way he tells her that he trusts her more than sakshi. Also loved the part where he asks her about the kid, they are being total parents giving us full husband and wife vibes. the way vir is ignoring sakshi is also good. he only talks to purvi

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