Molkki 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sakshi’s promise to Prakashi

Molkki 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi enters in the servants’ room while Sakshi enters in Virender’s room. Purvi cries thinking about her happier times with her family. Mama ji comes there. Purvi wipes her tears. You could have called me. Mama ji says the one who is wrong must come on his own and apologize. I brought you to our home as our DIL and I called you a maid in front of Sakshi today. I was helpless. Doc has told us not to give any stress to Sakshi. Please forgive me. Purvi requests him not to apologize. You must have thought things through before doing something. A father need not apologize to his daughter. She does not feel bad about anything he says. I have faith in you. Sakshi ji has returned to our house after years. It is everyone’s responsibility to look after you. I will do it too. Mama ji says I am relieved of the burden now. I will wait for the time when you will get the happiness you deserve. Bless you. He leaves. Title track plays.

Sakshi asks about the kids. I thought they will be here only. I want to meet them. Virender says they must be with Ma. I will send them. Take rest. She nods. Sakshi starts checking the room. Virender decides to talk to Bawari. She must be restless as she is not aware of anything. Sakshi opens the windows. He advises her to rest. I will come back soon. Sakshi requests him to stay with her for some time. we have met after years. I missed you and the kids a lot. I want to live with you forever now. Virender is worried about Purvi. Don’t know where and in what condition will she be. Virender tries to go again when Sakshi asks him to sit with her. I have to talk to you about something. He complies. She asks him about the beach wedding yesterday. Who was getting married? Why were you in the mandap? Virender says I get some orphans married once a year. I am in Goa right now so I thought to organize it here this time. I was about to do their kanyadaan when you entered. She falls for it. He goes to bring the kids.

Purvi asks the kids if they have understood how they must behave in front of Sakshi and what they must say. Manas nods. We must call you our maid in front of Ma. Can we still call you haathi? Purvi nods. Juhi asks her why they must do this. Purvi reasons that Sakshi is not well. This is not the right time to tell them this. We will tell her this once she recovers. Promise? Manas asks her why Kanha ji is doing all this. Purvi says Kanha ji tests his favorite kids on and off. You two are His favorite already. They promise not to tell Sakshi anything. We will do this act only till she recovers. We will tell her that haathi is our new Ma once she is fine. Purvi hugs them. Virender watches them from the door. He is about to go inside when Bhuri tells him that Sakshi is calling him downstairs. He agrees to come. Virender feels bad for Purvi but leaves.

Virender asks his mother why Bawari must stay in a servant room. Don’t we have any other rooms available? Anjali says it was done for Sakshi ji. I don’t know who to call Mukhiyayin now. Anyways, Bhabhi will doubt Purvi if she wont stay in a servants’ room. We cannot give her any stress after all. He walks away quietly. Anjali and Prakashi smirk.

Sakshi asks Virender where he was. I have been waiting for you. You still come late to the table. He is about to eat when she offers to feed him. He gets startled. She reminds him that he used to eat the first bite from her hands always. He eats from her hands. Eat now or it will become cold. She says you forgot everything. Even I used to eat the first bite from your hands only. Virender says I have been eating alone since years so it slipped my mind. Sakshi says I was yearning for this time since years. Maybe this is what kept me alive. I can understand how much you would have missed me too. You don’t have to tell me how much you still love me. Your eyes can tell me everything. He wipes her tears. Where were you all these years? I remember that you fell in the ditch. Why dint you come home earlier? Sakshi says some tribals saved my life. I could come back here with their help only. Flashback shows Prakashi telling Sakshi she can return to her old life but on one condition. You must do as I say. Will you do it? Sakshi asks her what it is. Prakashi says you must simply follow my orders. I will tell you at the right time. She shows the photos of the kids to Sakshi to tempt her. You left them when they were young. Now they have grown up. Don’t you want to meet them, hug them and sing a lullaby for them. Promise me that you will never tell Virender that I had held you captive for 5 years. Swear upon your kids or you will see their dead faces. Sakshi complies. Just sent me back to my life. I wont tell anyone anything. Prakashi warns her that she will bring her back here if she makes even a single mistake. Don’t let Virender find out the truth! Flashback ends. Virender wipes Sakshi’s tears. What happened now? Why are you crying? Everything is fine as you are home. She hugs him. He holds her back after few seconds. Please don’t cry. She calls them happy tears. I got you, my kids and my life back.

Juhi and Manas come there. Juhi keeps shouting Ma excitedly and hugs Sakshi. Manas watches them from far. He backs off when Sakshi looks at him. Come here, son. Virender goes to Manas. What happened? Hug your mother. Manas says haathi is our mother. Virender says she is and so is Sakshi. Remember what haathi told you? We cannot tell this mother anything for now. Give a nice huggy to your mother now. Manas hugs Sakshi. She kisses him on his forehead and hugs her kids. Anjali asks the kids to come for breakfast. They leave. Virender tells Sakshi to eat now and wipes her tears.

Sakshi asks the maid to bring vermilion. She opens a drawer and finds mangalsutra inside. She asks Virender about it.

Precap: Purvi asks Sakshi why she didn’t tell everyone that Anjali had captivated her for so many years. In night, Virender goes to Purvi and tells her that she can give him whatever punishment she wants. Sakshi wakes up and wonders where Virender is. She goes to search him. Purvi tells Virender that a punishment is given when one has committed any mistake. She further says that she loves him unconditionally and hugs him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Well I am glad even tho Sakshi is with mukhi, his mind is only worried for Purvi. He loves only her now and his heart belong to her, but I think this Sakshi will become a negative character as time goes on..still a bit weird that she could have gone to Purvi to apologise instead. That’s a little stupid but overall another emotional episode 🥺

  2. fernandomacuvele487

    It’s good that virender still care about purvi this serial deserve to take a leap maybe on sakshi returns the makers of the show are something new

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