Molkki 3rd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi finds a ring near the old building

Molkki 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi tells the kids to eat their lunch properly. Prakashi asks about Bhuri. Has anyone seen her? Purvi denies. Bhuri enters just then. Her eyes are red and heavy. Prakashi asks her if she isn’t well. Bhuri nods. I couldn’t sleep the entire night. Sorry for coming late. Do you need something? Prakashi nods. You could have told me if you weren’t well. Purvi wonders why Bhuri lied. I will find out her truth first and then confront her! Virender asks her what she is thinking. Purvi says nothing. My exams are coming. I was thinking about that only. Kids tell her that their exams are near as well. Purvi assures them she will teach them too. Virender says I will keep a tab on all of you. Manas pats his head worriedly. Purvi asks him why he will do that. Virender says I am the Mukhiya. I will have to make sure my kids and wife are equally smart as me. They shouldn’t be weak so I will keep a tab on you all. She gives in. They head to school / college.

At night, Virender keeps walking around and alerts the kids to focus. He notices files / notes in Purvi’s hand. Where did you get these? She shares that Karan gave them to her to prepare for the exams. He recognizes Karan. She says he has apologized to me. He even offered to be my friend but I refused. Virender calls her Bawari. You could have said no to him for the notes too. Why did you accept them? He is a snake who can bite you any time. He wont change. Purvi says you are right. I dint want to take them but Sudha took them. She told me that these will help us prepare for exams. Virender tells her to return the notes to Karan. I don’t trust him at all. I don’t think this is right. This is my inner voice (Mann Ki Aawaz). She smiles a little. This has started happening to you as well. Virender says I could hear it in the past too but I have started telling you now. Manas requests Virender to explain something to him. Virender sits with him. Juhi and Purvi are also studying. Purvi nibbles onto the pencil while studying. Virender takes it out of her mouth. A while later, Manas notices her thus too and tells Virender. Virender gives a neem stick to Purvi to munch on. Manas says looking like haathi is hungry. Virender smiles. Purvi continues pacing around the room. Virender returns with 2 boxes of popcorns but she mistakenly hits them with her book and they fall all over. Juhi and Manas laugh.

Next morning, Purvi returns the notes to Karan. He tells her to keep them. Return to me after exams. She says I have the photocopies. Thank you. She leaves. Karan’s friend asks Karan why he became soft towards Purvi. He says I decided to use sorry when ego dint work. She is a different, simple girl. You don’t fight with good people. You do things gently and nicely. I am trying to do that only. His friends praise him.

Virender notices Purvi helping the kids study during her break. Virender gifts her a laptop. You should use it like other students. Bawari is no less. I thought to give you on your birthday but consider this as your advance gift. She smiles. How do you know about my birthday? He shares that Priyu told him. use this now. She says I don’t know how to use it though. You have taught me how to use and drive a car. Please help me. He says I have become your teacher after marriage. I have to teach you everything. He leans closer and holds her hand while telling her how to use laptop. Purvi becomes conscious. He lets go of her hand when he tells her to write something. She writes thank you and looks at him. Juhi and Manas come back with their books. They tell Virender that they have been studying since morning. We also want to enjoy a little. We want to fly a kite! Virender agrees.

Purvi, Virender and the kids are flying kites. All 3 of them jump in excitement when Virender cuts a kite. Purvi says anyone can do this but my Tau could cut 2 kites at once. Virender calls her a liar. She challenges him for a competition. Manas asks her if she knows how to fly a kite. She nods. My Tau ji had taught me how to fly one. Virender accepts the challenge. Juhi teams up with Purvi while Manas chooses to support his Baba. Purvi and Virender start the competition. Purvi boos at Virender. Virender gets lost as he watches her enjoying every moment of it. A smile appears on his face. Purvi cuts his kite. The girls jump with excitement where as Manas pats his head. Virender realises that he lost. Purvi says this is how my Tau ji taught me. I am as great as him. Don’t mess with my Tau ji ever! He says I wont spare him. He gets a call and attends it. Manas cries for his kite. Purvi agrees to bring it. She sends the kids downstairs.

Purvi starts following the kite. The kite lands next to the place where Bhuri has gone inside yester night. She starts looking around. A ring flashes in her eyes thereby distracting her. She picks it up and recalls her convo with the guard last night. Who does it belong to if no one comes here? It means it was a lie. I must ask Mukhiya ji to come here once. I will check on my own first though. She opens the doors. She ducks as bats fly towards her. She runs away. The same guard appears. Purvi takes the kite and goes home.

Purvi keeps the ring in her drawer and gives the ring to Manas. He says I thought you wont be able to find it. She says I looked everything and I found it near that old building. Virender, Anjali and Bhuri are taken aback. Virender gets concerned. There are so many insects, animals there. Dint the guard stop you? You don’t have to go there again. Purvi agrees. I only went there to get that kite. I found a ring there. It looks as if someone has been there recently. Anjali and Bhuri get tensed. Virender asks for the ring. She goes to bring it but the ring is not there. Who took it? She goes downstairs and shares that the ring is missing. Prakashi says no one will take it from the house. I will ask someone to check. Anjali says I think she is mistaken again. Virender asks her what she means. Anjali tells her about what happened the other night. Bhuri smirks. Anjali says I think she has become so obsessed and she has actually become disillusioned. Virender advises Purvi to focus on exams. Ma and Anjali can handle the household chores. Prakashi seconds him. Purvi thinks I might be tired but I cannot be mistaken. I saw those blood marks the other day and I found that ring today. She notices Anjali and Bhuri looking at each other. Are they in this together? Anjali helps Bhuri. Does she not know that Bhuri’s Baba is no more? I should speak to her.

Precap: Purvi gets rusticated from college with accusation of leaking the exam paper. Purvi sees Bhuri going to a jeweler shop. She later enquires and finds out that Bhuri went to ask whether they buy old jewelries. She decides to follow Bhuri and do a search in her room.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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