Molkki 30th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Purvi confronts Anjali

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Virender says I will keep my Sakshi’s stuff in front of me and wont lock it. I will see who can dare to touch it. Even God wont be able to save that person from me! Remember that well. Purvi returns Sakshi’s clothes to her. Keep them in front of your eyes too and keep staring at them 24 hours! You never know. I might elope with these things when you will sleep at night. I am a thief after all! This is why I married you. I left my home and family behind for this only. I am bearing all the pain by being a Molkki for these old things only! Old memories, old love is ruling your head. You have forgotten the new things. You cannot see them! He warns her to stop.

Jyoti tells Anjali what Priyu did today. Anjali tells her to focus on Vaibhav. I will manage everything. I wont let anyone come in your way. I will make you the DIL of this house! Priyu was passing by from there and stops to listen to their convo. Anjali says you wont find a guy like Vaibhav in entire India. So many girls are waiting in queue for him. Do anything. Trap him and you will rule the house! Think of an idea. You watch so many English movies. Priyu finds logic in Anjali’s words. I have been dreaming of this too. I can also become the queen of this house if I marry him. I will also end up becoming a Molkki like Purvi otherwise. I don’t want to live that life. I will marry Vaibhav only!

Virender is walking out of the room when Purvi closes the door from inside. You must listen to me today. I maybe a Molkki, from a poor girl. I may have not seen all these luxuries till date but I am not a thief. I have lived my life with dignity. I have slept on an empty stomach but I haven’t committed the sin of stealing someone’s food. I have learnt to fix a broken slipper, not break someone’s trust. I only came here with one thing – my dignity. You questioned that today. You blamed me falsely in front of everyone today. You have hurt my self-respect. He tells her to stop her nonsense and move aside. She refuses. I will make you realise you are wrong today. You can try to scare or threaten me. He asks her to move. She says you have already done what you wanted to. It’s my turn now. You brought me here as Molkki against my wish. I kept quiet. I still dint say anything when you dint accept me as your wife after the marriage. I accepted it as my fate. I dint say anything when I found out about your first marriage, your kids. Your kids tried to trouble me so much but I welcomed them with open arms. What did you do? I remained hungry and thirsty for 3 days for your Sakshi ji. I made you fill vermilion in her hairline as I respect your love. You belong to her even today. I accepted that. I gave you so much but all I got was punishments, challenges and blames in return. You did not give me anything! You may respect and speak of respecting a Molkki in the society but you forgot to respect the Molkki in your house. You don’t consider me your wife but the DIL of this house. That’s why you are killing an alive Purvi for dead Sakshi. This living Purvi is killed every time without a reason. You are responsible for it! I can die every second but I wont compromise with my self-respect. You may not call me your wife but I wont let you call me a thief. Punish me however you want to but I wont let you take my pride from me. You may like me or not but I am your wife. A wife may accept everything but not a false blame from her husband. that’s what you did, Virender Pratap Singh! I wont keep quiet. I will pay my price and get out of this relationship at the earliest.

Virender tells her he does not want that money back. I am setting you free. You can leave right away. Purvi says I have been blamed once already. I wont let someone else malign my name again by not repaying you that money. If I wont pay you back then you will say that you dint get the services for the price you paid. He tells her to do what she wants. Remember one thing. Don’t come between me or my Sakshi. Stay away from my Sakshi’s belongings. He opens the door when Purvi says I will definitely stay away. I wont stay here for another second the day I pay you back. I wont stay even if someone will ask me to. Remember that well. Virender leaves.

Manas and Juhi are concerned for Purvi. Manas says don’t know whether elephant ate something or not. Juhi says she would not have. Kaki was telling me that she was crying at night. Plus, Baba scolded her a lot. Manas says we wouldn’t have given those stuff to her if we knew this will happen. Juhi nods. This happened because of us. She got scolded because of us. Manas says she saved us this time as well. Juhi says the truth is that all that was given by Chachi. Manas wants to tell the truth to Baba but Juhi is worried that Baba will punish her for burning Ma’s sketch. Manas realizes she is right. It means we cannot do anything?

Priyu looks at Vaibhav. He tried to befriend me so many times but I never paid any attention to him. I will make halwa for him and will make up for the past time. Jyoti will succeed in her plans otherwise. Vaibhav looks at the stairs. Jyoti is standing there dressed in western clothes. She decides to woo him by wearing western clothes. Vaibhav smirks as he looks at Priyu. I was trying to win one but now I have 2. I will ignore Priyu to attract her to me. He focuses his attention on Jyoti and complements her. Priyu feels bad as Vaibhav asks Jyoti to come meet his friends tomorrow. You will be my special friend. He asks Priyu if Jyoti isn’t looking pretty. Priyu asks her if she can come along. Vaibhav says they will feel odd as you will be in ghagra. He goes inside with Jyoti. Priyu decides to show him tomorrow. You will see my new avatar tomorrow.

Purvi comes to kids’ room. Manas and Juhi feel bad to see her sad. How will we pacify you? Purvi says I can never be upset with you. I think you two are still upset with us that’s why you gave those clothes to me. Juhi and Manas tell her the truth. Purvi is shocked to hear that Anjali gave Sakshi’s clothes and jewelry to Purvi. She connects the dots. It is time to give her a fitting reply. She tells the kids to resume their studies. I will be back.

Jyoti and Anjali are in Anjali’s room when Purvi storms in. Anjali says I don’t like you speaking to me in a loud voice. Purvi says I don’t like your silly acts. You sent those clothes and jewelry to me through the kids as you wanted to show me in a bad light. They have told me everything! Anjali changes her tone. They are kids. don’t fall in their words. They have been trying to get you out of here. This must be their doing only. Purvi tells her not to put this on the kids. Their pranks are harmless. They don’t plot to do any harm. You tried to malign my name in front of everyone. Virender will throw you out of the house if I will tell him the truth or he might throw you in front of those dogs. Anjali panics. Purvi says rest assured. I wont tell him anything or he will get angry with the kids and you will succeed in your plan. I will defeat you this time. I wont let anyone create a distance between him and the kids. I dint come here to increase differences between them. I am sparing you this time. this will be the first and last time though. I wont spare you next time! she walks out of the room. Anjali is furious. You may be elder to me in terms of relation but you aren’t smart like me. I will now play a game with you because of which you will have to leave Rewari! This is my promise to you!

Purvi is in her room. She notices someone walking past her room late at night and decides to follow the lady. Anjali gets inside Purvi’s room. She steals Sakshi’s necklace.

Purvi notices Bhuri going out of the house at night. Where is she off to at this hour? I will ask her in the morning. She notices the doors of her room moving. Did someone come here? It might be because of the wind. She closes the door.

Next morning, Purvi sends the kids to school. Virender comes downstairs. He walks straight to Purvi. She offers him aarti but he tells her to move it aside. God wont accept prayers from a person like you. She says I have nothing else to say to you. He says a thief can never change.

Precap: Virender says no one came in house since yesterday, so the thief must be in the house. Every room will be searched. He tells servants to check properly in Purvi’s cupboard taunting the thief can hide necklace anywhere. A servant informs there is no necklace in Purvi’s room. Everyone was about to leave when Anjali points at a bag and asks if anyone checked that bag. It’s possible that the necklace is there. She checks it herself.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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