Molkki 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Will Purvi leave the haveli?

Molkki 2nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virender thinks of how much Purvi has done for all of them. We kept her here as a Molkki. It is such a big disrespect to her. we have been very unjust to her till date. She has borne everything. Sakshi’s words haunt him. Sakshi is right too. I wont be able to make Bawri my wife as Sakshi is alive. I have no right to stop Bawri now. She will start a new life. Show me the path, God. What’s right and wrong? What should I do? He hears something and looks around.

Manas comes downstairs with Purvi and smiles looking at the decor. Prakashi takes him to the cake table. All the family members stand together. Purvi stands at a distance. Prakashi tells Manas to make a wish. He blows out the candles once that’s done. Everyone claps and sings happy birthday song as he cuts the cake. He feeds cake to everyone. Juhi plays music upon his request. Anjali whispers to her MIL that they too must dance. We wont get such a good opportunity once this Molkki leaves. We will dance and bid her adieu. Prakashi tells them to dance together for the last time. We will dance once Molkki leaves. Kids try to pull Virender and Purvi for dance but they stand rooted to their place. Purvi finally joins the kids for a few seconds. Virender looks disturbed. He thinks of all the past moments spent with Purvi. She glances at him but he is lost in thoughts. They both are reminiscing past moments. Their eyes finally meet but they look away. Manas is tired and heads to his room with his sister to check his gifts.

Virender turns to go as well but stops when he hears Sakshi thanking Purvi for staying till now for the kids. Purvi says there is no need to thank me. For them, I can! She stops mid sentence. Can I request something? Sakshi nods. Purvi requests her to let her meet the kids for the last time. Sakshi nods. Purvi heads upstairs. Virender leaves as well.

Purvi is with the kids. Manas kisses her on the cheek. Thank you. My cake was yummier than Didi’s cake. Purvi smiles. The birthday isn’t over yet. I haven’t given you your gift yet. He gets excited. She gives him a small elephant idol. He calls it cute. She asks him if it is cuter than her. He denies. You are cuter. Purvi says the same for him. She next gifts a small elephant idol to Juhi too. Juhi thanks her with a kiss. Purvi tells them to look at the haathi whenever they will miss her. Manas asks her if she is leaving them. Juhi panics as well. You told me you aren’t going anywhere when you were packing? Manas demands to know too. Juhi nods. Babbar Sher does not fight with you anymore now. Purvi lies to them. Sleep now. They ask her sing lullaby for them. We sleep in no time then. She agrees. They rest their heads in her lap while she sings Sakshi’s lullaby. Sakshi hears it too. Virender is pacing downstairs. Puurvi tries her best to hold back her tears while singing the lullaby. Kids fall asleep in no time. Purvi covers the kids with a duvet afterwards, kisses them good night and walks out of the room with a heavy heart.

Prakashi tells Anjali she wanted to see Purvi leave the house. I don’t want to sleep and miss it. I wasn’t this happy even when I brought her here as Molkki. Anjali says I cannot sleep since I bought tickets for her. I keep wondering when she will leave. I will sleep once she leaves. Prakashi says I want her to cry while leaving the house exactly how she was crying when she came here. Anjali says that’s what’s going to happen.

Purvi tells Sakshi she must leave now. It is time. May you all be happy! Tell the kids I left once they wake up. Sakshi tells her not to worry about them. I will handle them. Take care of yourself. Prakashi asks Purvi where she is going at this hour. Did someone say anything? Purvi says I am leaving for forever. Maybe we were supposed to be together only till here. Prakashi tells her to be clear. Purvi says sorry but I cannot tell you anything more. She tells Anjali to forgive her if she was ever hurt by her actions. Anjali says it is okay. You can go now. Purvi looks around for Virender. Wont he come to see me off for the last time too? Anjali tells Purvi not to miss her bus. I will ask a maid to take you to bus stop. She instructs Renu to take Purvi to bus stop. Make sure she boards the bus. She must not miss it. She tells Purvi to leave now. Purvi thinks I never thought of a day when I will have to go away from you (Virender) for forever without even seeing you. She thinks of the good times with Virender as she heads towards the door and cries silently. Virender tells her to stop. You cannot leave like this. Sakshi asks him why he is stopping her. Virender says no Molkki could leave without paying off her Mol till date. How will she go then? All the rules apply to her too. She must pay her Molk before leaving this house. She must stay here as Virender Pratap Singh’s Molkki. Purvi folds her hand. I will pay it off asap by doing any menial work. Please allow me to leave. Virender says I cannot let you go like this. You cannot go anywhere without paying your Mol. Prakashi tells Virender that Purvi is an honest girl. She will live by her words if she is saying so. Let her go. Virender refuses. This is the age old tradition of Molkki. As the Mukhiya, I cannot break this tradition or people will point fingers at me. This is my responsibility. She cannot leave this house without paying her Mol. This is my right and final decision. She must stay here till then. He tells Ranu to keep Purvi’s luggage inside. Purvi tries to question Virender but he repeats the same words at her. Go inside now. Sakshi, Prakashi and Anjali are worried by his decision. Purvi goes to her room and Virender walks away.

Precap: Virender tells Purvi that Sakshi may want to send her away and live peacefully, but his heart won’t give him permission to go away from her. Anjali tells Sakshi that they celebrate a molkki day and this will be the chance to show Purvi’s real worth to her. Sakshi puts on a money’s garland on Purvi and tells her to never forget that she’s a molkki, not a wife. She can never be equal to a wife. Sakshi then does black tikka and applies black paint on Purvi’s cheeks. Virender comes there and furiously says what’s going on here?

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Now Mulkiji is selfish. As much I watchv5he show for PurVir, Sakshi is right. Purvi wont get respect unless she leaves them.

  2. I didnt see this reason coming but a good one at tht! Tho’ Mukhiji seems selfish bcos Purvi will still be like a maid but he is all abt the rules. Nice one by the writers. So now VPS will eventually hv to tell Sakshi tht he is in love with his Bawri(as per the promo).
    Thanks Pooja for the update.

    1. Yes, interesting plot twist and one of Virender’s smartest decisions.

  3. Sakshi made a valid point in making Purvi leave the house, and Vir also agreed to it but he still didnt want her to leave and so he had no excuse to stop her now thats why he made a strong point by asking Purvi to pay her mol so that no one ever asks her to leave. also he thought that Purvi has no where to go now and so she needs to live here only with her husband and family

  4. Well I guess Vir did kinda a selfish thing but it was because of his heart too.

  5. Virendra lied infront of sakshi , anjali and prakashi that purvi should pay her mol. It’s not the mol it’s for her to stay with him and don’t leave . He had no choice . Clearly purvi knows virendra loves her very much and no way he will ask her to pay mol.A way for purvi from being leaving . Now sakshi will have doubt why he is attached so much with purvi and what’s the reason he attached so much is there any deep relation between them? Can’t wait for the episode ! ❤️

  6. Yes Virender is right Purvi should not leave VPS as they are in love tell the truth to sakshi and try to settle the problem smoothly nice them both together so romantic waiting for the next episode

  7. Selfish or not … What Saski will do will be more unbearable to forgive .. We will see in the next episodes the 2 vipers plotting to tell Saski to really consider Purvi as molkki .. Purvi is so bad .. A little fed up that the 2 viper wins by putting so much poison in Saski’s mind .. But she is an adult a woman and mother .. And seeing what she does to purvi is just intolerable .. Virender must act .. In the end this that we fear is happening .. The age difference creeps into the episodes. Saski highlights the wish and desire that Purvi e ‘in the face of the worst Virender she asks if he himself has crossed the line with her. When I read the article in which she speaks about their game and their age difference .. I told myself that the CVs will use this route in the next episode .. Anyway .. And what about the behavior of Virender who employs my Saski and she my Virender .. In the end who owns Virender or worse who is Purvi for him now .. And we see that a guy will come in the next episodes to I think to consider the marriage with Purvi .. Which it will be .. In short I liked this series because the couple was cute but there .. Very disappointed with the concept .. Because Virender and Purvi are helpless in the face of Saski to his wishes and desires …

  8. This time sakshi is right i spt her ,purvi should leave that house but the makers changed everything for my opinion the serie need a entry as virender son

  9. Why has sakshi forgotten how she has been held captive by the 2 witches, but can she not recognise how they have a motive, why don’t purvi question why they suddenly decide to free her or bring her back, sakshi will probably regret her behaviour, when they turn on her,
    Well I hope so anyway

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