Molkki 28th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Everyone gives false statements against Virender in court

Molkki 28th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi and kids reach police station. Purvi asks Inspector to let her meet Virender. He tells her that Rewari police has taken him to Rewari. The case has been shifted there. Juhi asks Purvi if Baba wont get free now. Purvi reassures her that she will bring Virender home soon.

Next morning, Purvi meets Virender. She is in tears. Virender thinks of her decision and holds himself back. Purvi apologizes to Virender. It happened because of me. He tells her not to apologize. You got what you wanted. Daksh got free for forever while I am trapped here for forever. She cries. I dint want things to turn out like this. I dint want to see you here in jail or Daksh to die. I know you dint shoot Daksh. You only wanted to save me. You were just doing your duty. I will do my duty now and get you out of here by proving you innocent. I will take you home asap. He says I wonder what the court will decide. It is true that I only wanted to warn Daksh. I don’t know how he got shot in the chest when I was aiming for his shoulder. You know I don’t have a bad aim. I am still boggled over it. She tells him that it is fate. Ram ji got exiled and Krishna ji had to be in jail too. Things will change for good in future too. I will hire the best lawyer, prove you innocent and get you out of here. Inspector takes Virender back to his cell. Purvi cries.

Purvi meets the best lawyer of Rewari. Whatever happened yesterday was just an accident. Lawyer tells her that he has studied the details thoroughly. This case will go to fast track court. We will get Mukhi ji out asap.

Next morning, Purvi, Chandni and Nani are in court. Purvi asks lawyer if they will win the case. He assures her about it. Virender is brought to the courtroom. Purvi rushes to his side but they don’t say anything to each other. Virender stands in the witness box. Proceedings start. Daksh’s lawyer portrays Virender in a bad light and speaks of witnesses. This is an open and shut case. It is a cold blooded murder. Virender’s lawyer objects but judge overrules it. Daksh’s lawyer points out that Virender is a bad example as a Mukhi of Rewari. He should be punished for it. Virender’s lawyer takes the stand now. He shares that Virender was protecting his Purvi when Daksh tried to rape Purvi. no one will take it. He took out the bullet and aimed for Daksh’s shoulder. Daksh moved suddenly and got shot in the chest. He died unfortunately. It is a case of self defence. Daksh’s lawyer asks for a witness or proof to substantiate that. I have ample proof and witnesses who can prove it that Virender has killed Daksh intentionally.

Nani gives statement against Virender. Purvi is Virender’s wife. She left Virender’s home as he had tortured her enough. She met Daksh and they fell in love. They wanted to marry but Virender could not take it. He made many plans to break the marriage. He murdered Daksh when nothing worked as per his wish. Please give him strict punishment. Prakashi comes to stand next. She shares that entire Rewari knows how much crazy Virender is after Purvi. He cannot stand anyone watching her. He can kill anyone for her. He ended up killing Daksh for the same reason. Anjali and Veer give a fake statement against Virender as well. Veer also says that this was an intentional aim. Guards and hotel staff are questioned as well. Priyu is smiling.

Daksh’s lawyer says all the witnesses gave the same statement. Virender shot Daksh intentionally. No one said that this was a thing of self defence. Come way may, Mukhi ji has no right to take law in his hands. He could have called police if Daksh was indeed molesting his wife. He planned to kill Daksh from before and used that chance to his benefit. He should be punished sternly for his mistake. He deserves to be given death penalty. No one should be able to do so in future. Purvi asks her lawyer to say something in Virender’s defence. He tells her that it is impossible. Even your family members gave statements against him. What do I have to say in his defence? Pray that he get less punishment. Purvi cries helplessly. Lawyer looks at Prakashi who nods at him.

Flashback shows Prakashi paying Purvi’s lawyer to lose the case. Keep your mouth shut inside. Virender should die. Just don’t do anything. You will be paid more if you do as I say. He readily agrees. I will make sure Mukhi is sent to jail. Flashback ends.

Court gets adjourned for 5 minutes.

Virender tells Purvi if she too thinks that he killed Daksh intentionally. She denies. I trust you completely. Court needs to trust you today though as it will decide for you. He calls her his court. I don’t mind what court thinks. It is important for me to know whether you think I killed Daksh intentionally. I am not afraid of anything if you trust me. The person who cannot trust a woman and dares to rape her deserves the same fate. Let court decide anything. I don’t care. I now know that I am innocent in your eyes. I will accept court’s decision without a question.

Court resumes. Judge pronounces Virender guilty. Prakashi and Anjali smirk. Judge announces death penalty for Virender. Everyone is happy except Purvi. Virender is to be hanged in 2 weeks from now. Veer stands there quietly. Purvi stops Judge. He isn’t at fault. Anyone would have done the same thing to save his wife’s dignity. Everyone present here knows that Daksh was molesting me. Please don’t give such punishment to Mukhi ji. Please reduce his punishment. Judge says decisions are based on witnesses and proofs. Everything including Virender’s statement about shooting Daksh proves him guilty. Every culprit should be punished as per his crime. I did my duty. I am sorry. I cannot help you now. You can approach Supreme Court and re-appeal if you aren’t happy with the decision. She thanks him for the suggestion. He wishes her luck and leaves.

Precap: Prakashi gives money to Purvi’s lawyer. Purvi slaps him after catching him red handed. She tells Prakashi she is ashamed to call her Ma. Purvi meets another lawyer who asks for 5 lac.s Priyu throws Purvi out of the haveli. Purvi is with Sudha. I wonder who will help me now. Sakshi says I will. Purvi and Sudha are surprised to see her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Now Sakshi will enter and haunt that Prakashi and Anjali


  3. You think so much drama now just wait and see how much more to come as everyone including the lawyer was paid to lie…Nani lied,Anjali & PD which was not surprising but Veer lied about his own Father bcos of Priyu… For sure once Mukhi gets out of this problem …Priyu’s plan to be the Mukhiyani is not going to succeed as for sure Veer will never be next Mukhi VPS will make sure of that.

    I don’t think Sakshi is helping out of the kindness of her heart. There is smthg else more to it. Surely her ulterior motive is to make Mukhi & Purvi suffer.

    1. Sham.

      Agree with you..all these evils has planned to destroy Virendra & Purvir and Shaksi is back to manipulate everyone..

  4. Raven

    Wow I am actually loving this now

  5. But then again….thinking abt it…Sakshi cd be back to clear all the things she did wrong the last time….She still has not settled what PD and Anjali did to her so…there is always the possibility the new writer has written Sakshi’s character….

    1. Hopefully you are right…then for the first time I am looking forward for Sakshi’s entry. Priyu’s is getting too much, how can purvi let priyu take control as she is the Mukhiyani…

  6. Hopefully you are right…then for the first time I am looking forward for Sakshi’s entry. Priyu’s is getting too much, how can purvi let priyu take control as she is the Mukhiyani…

  7. I think veer will surely help them now because Sakshi has returned and he loves her very much.

  8. It was obvious that to to make purvir end game it will either make daksh an character evil or kill him.
    Virender killed daksh and he deserves to be in jail.

  9. Seriously how priyu can throw purvi out from haveli

  10. Do they really have to spoil Virendra’s most worshipped image just to drag the show .wow his power has really detoriated he was not like this .

  11. So boring this serial. Complete drag.I am shocked with Instagram where there was picture of Amar Upadhyay in singardaan serial was seducing with another lady was so disgusting and put me off.Never watch any of his serials again.He has a wife and kids honestly how do actors do so much romance like this.

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