Molkki 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi hurts Sakshi’s ego unintentionally

Molkki 28th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakshi asks the kids why they haven’t slept. Juhi says we were about to sleep only. Purvi also comes there. I came to check on them too. She tells Sakshi to put them to sleep as she is here now. Kids request both of them to sing the lullaby together. Sakshi is caressing Manas’s head while Purvi pats Juhi’s head. They sing the lullaby together.

Aarti comes to haveli and demands to meet her sister. Sakshi looks from upstairs. Purvi tells Sakshi to sit with the kids. I will see who is here. Sakshi tells her against it. Aarti and Vikas are downstairs. You should be with the kids. I will go downstairs.

Aarti questions Prakashi and Anjali. How can you keep my sister locked here and stop her from going to her home? Sakshi comes downstairs. Aarti questions Sakshi next. I told you to send Radhika with my parents. Why dint you do that? Don’t you know me and my family? That Molkki misbehaved with my husband. Mukhi ji beat him and threw us out of here and now you are holding my sister a captive in your house forcefully! You have been a great friend. Sakshi says I was and will always be your friends. What’s wrong will never change though. Vikas misbehaved with Purvi and got what he deserved! I am surprised that he got so insulted yet he dared to come back here! Aarti says my husband and I aren’t interested in coming here but we came to take Radhika. Send her with us right away. Sakshi refuses outright. Radhika will stay with us. Her in-laws want to kill the baby girl in her womb. I wont let this happen! Your family is supporting them in this? Aarti asks her if she really thinks her family will support killing one of their own. Sakshi is taken aback. I did not mean that. Aarti says I very well know what you think. I know our friendship has changed after that incident. I agreed that my husband misbehaved with that Molkki but that does not make us murderers. Sakshi says I am not saying that but something wrong has happened with Radhika. Radhika and you are saying completely different things. Aarti asks her if she trusts Radhika more than her. I told you in advance that Radhika will lie to get you on her side. Now I am begging you to trust me. Sakshi requests her to understand her. Radhika was very afraid that her in-laws will make her abort her baby girl like her SIL. Why will a mother lie? Aarti calls Radhika mad. She is madly in love with her college friend. She is bent upon destroying her family because of him. Her husband and in-laws are still ready to accept her. You think parents wish ill for their kids? Would any parent want to send their kids to a house where her life is in risk? Now I will show you the condition of Ma since Radhika has left home. She takes phone from Vikas.

Aarti video calls her father. Sakshi wants to speak to Ma. Will you let her? He turns the phone towards his wife. She keeps asking for Radhika and is facing difficulty in breathing. Sakshi is shocked to see this. Aarti assures her mother that she will bring Radhika home soon and ends the call. Aarti says Ma has been acting like this since Radhika left the house. She keeps getting anxiety attacks. Doctor has been visiting her regularly for treatment. Prakashi feels bad for Aarti’s mother. I wonder how your Baba must be looking after her on his own. She is really not well. Anjali agrees. Which parent would put the life of their own kid in risk when she is pregnant? I think Aarti is right. We must send Radhika with her. Prakashi says you don’t say nice / smart things often but this is true. She tells Sakshi to understand. Radhika must go with her sister. She knows what’s better for her and what’s not more than us. Her mother is not well either! I think it will be the right thing to do. It is the right decision. You can decide what you think is right. Aarti smirks as Sakshi heads upstairs.

Sakshi brings Radhika downstairs. She panics the moment she sees Aarti and Vikas. She tries to go back up but Sakshi assures her that everything will be fine. Aarti shows fake concern to her and hugs her.

Purvi wonders why Sakshi isn’t back yet. I should go and check. Juhi requests her to stay in the room with them. Purvi agrees.

Aarti tries to convince Radhika but Radhika shouts for help and calls out to Purvi. Purvi heads downstairs. Prakashi signals Vikas who holds Radhika from the other side and they take Radhika with them.

Purvi asks about Radhika as soon as she comes down in the hall. I heard Radhika’s voice. She was calling me. She asks everyone about Radhika. Anjali says it isn’t true. Go and rest upstairs. Prakashi tells her that Aarti took Radhika with her. Purvi is shocked and runs outside. Sakshi looks on. Purvi asks Prakashi why they let Aarti take Radhika with her. Prakashi says Aarti is her sister. She can care for her more than us. We also saw in phone that their mother is not well. Sakshi decided to send Radhika home with Aarti. I support her decision. Purvi asks Sakshi why she let Aarti take Radhika. You know what she was going through. You have put Radhika and her baby’s life in risk now. She trusted us with her truth. Why did you cheat her like this? Sakshi tells her to stop her nonsense. What are you blabbering? Radhika was lying. It is their private matter. Why should we interfere? They can handle their personal matters on their own. Things have already become bad with Vikas. I don’t want my friendship with Aarti to be affected to. Plus, who are you to question me? I very well know what I am doing. Keep your logics to yourself. I don’t need it. Don’t forget that this is my home. Purvi is stunned whereas Anjali and Prakashi smile. Sakshi reminds Purvi that she is Mukhiyayin of the house. I hope you will take care of it in future. She leaves. Prakashi tells Anjali to see she managed to create rift between the ladies. Just wait and watch what else I will do next!

Purvi is shaken by Sakshi’s words. Kids come to Purvi. A girl is screaming there and someone is taking her away forcibly. Purvi looks downstairs and notices Vikas and Aarti taking Radhika by force. She realises that she was right. I must save Radhika anyhow. She begins to go when the kids offer to come along. She takes them with her.

Prakashi praises Sakshi on giving the right lecture to Purvi downstairs at the right time. You have made me happy. You have proved that you are the Mukhiyayin of the house after all. You finally showed that Molkki her real place today. Sakshi says I am Mukhiyayini. I know how to show people their actual place at the right time. Prakashi says I am glad to see that the old Sakshi is still there. Don’t let that Molkki overrule you. Keep your decisions above her! Hope you understand what I am saying. Sakshi curtly thanks her for returning her place and position to her. Rest assured, no one, not even you can snatch these from me again. Prakashi leaves.

Purvi tells the kids that they must find Radhika and save her. Kids assure her that they will succeed in their plan if they will work together. They start calling out to Radhika.

Radhika keeps screaming at Vikas and Aarti to stay away from her. She stumbles in her step.

Virender tells the driver to drive fast. I have to reach home asap. He wonders what must be happening at home now. There is no network either. How should I find out what’s happening there? He tells the driver to take the jungle route which is a short cut. Driver reasons that they wont be able to cover the entire distance in car. He will have to walk too. Virender tells him he does not mind that.

Radhika says I cannot walk anymore. Vikas loses his cool. You wont? Come with us or I wont spare you and your daughter. I will kill you both right here otherwise! Radhika refuses but they threaten her again. They help her stand and start walking.

Purvi and the kids are still looking for Radhika.

Radhika hears Purvi’s voice and shouts for help. Aarti and Vikas cover her mouth and start dragging her with them. Purvi and the kids go in the direction of the voice. They finally spot Radhika. Purvi manages to pull Aarti away from her. Kids hold Aarti. Purvi tries to free Radhika from Vikas’s hold next but he pushes her away. Virender holds her just in time. Juhi shouts Babbar Sher happily.

Vikas gets tensed. Purvi shares that they were dragging Radhika with them against her wish. Look at her condition. Aarti denies. Why will I do this with my sister? She asks Radhika to tell Virender that it is true. Purvi calls her liar. Radhika also tells Virender that Vikas and Aarti are lying. They were taking me with them by force. Vikas says you are mistaken. This was for her good only. Virender walks up to him. No one will take Radhika from here against her wish! He asks Purvi to tell him everything. Purvi tells him (in mute). Kids tell Virender that they saw it too. Purvi asks Aarti to speak up. Aarti says it isn’t true. Radhika says it is true. They want to kill my baby which is why they were taking me away against my wish. They boss over me in the house too. I don’t want to go with them. Juhi says bad uncle did this. Manas adds that she (Aarti) was a part of it. Kids call them a bad couple.

Precap: Sakshi asks Virender that he’s disrespecting her, and that too for that Molkki? Is Molkki more important to him than his wife? If he has to choose between her decisions and Purvi’s, then he gives importance to Purvi’s decisions. Later, Sakshi tells Purvi that she cannot bear her. It’s just been 6 months since she came in the house, but that 6 months are challenging her 10 years of marriage. She requests Purvi to leave the house. Purvi cries while she packs her bag.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Oo nice episode 🤔but I am not liking this Sakshi she is turning evil along with Anjali and Prakashi ❤️ Glad mukhi is with his bawari 😍❤️

  2. Raven

    Sakshi is forgetting what those two evil persons did to her? Given the opportunity they will do it to her again,anyways lets see what happens next.

  3. Why does sakshi not tell truth of prakashi
    Purvi knows about anjali, why do they still trust them, they need to put 2+2 together and come up with 4

  4. AdiJo

    Despite the fact that Aarti’s husband literally forced Purvi and was caught red-handed by the video, she is still standing by him and protecting him, like seriously!?

    1. Not baffled at all

      YUp. I have seen women like her often. Women who chose boyfriends who molested young girls over own child, women who supported ass of an abusive spouse to gie two parent family to their kids and women who were told by their mothers that their true place is their sasural only. Sometimes these woment support evil hsband/ boyfriend bacuase they have no where to go, at other times they are conditioned to do so and have allow their own brains to rot. Sad but true.

  5. I don’t understand why Sakshi is not telling the truth to mukhi ji

  6. As expected sakshi is evil now . Now prakashi will think twice why she allowed sakshi to haveli 🤣🤣😂😂

  7. finally the major conflict has been started. now it is time to chose between sakshi or purvi? till now only Virender was playing by balancing both of them equally and not hurting anyone. now when he will be asked to chose one, lets see what happens/ how will he neutralize this situation?

  8. I don’t know why but they have completely changed the characters. I mean this is not the Purvi and Virendra for whom I started watching the show.
    This is not the Purvi for whom her self-respect was everything and she wouldn’t ever compromise it for anything. She is not the one for whom the tag of Molkki was not bearable at all. Why everytime she needs to listen to Sakshi? When she was leaving Sakshi stopped her and complied to it happily and now when she is telling her leave I am sure she wouldn’t have asked her a single question that why should she leave? And who is she to tell her? This is not the Purvi with whom I fell in love with..
    Coming to Virendra, the man who would always do justice with everyone and would take right decsion and today he can’t take decision for himself. He is completely baffled between his mind his responsibility Sakshi and his heart his love Purvi.
    I now really want Virendra to be clear to Sakshi about his feelings for Purvi and say to her clearly that they are in love and Purvi is not her Molkki she is his EVERYTHING.
    I desperately want my old PurVir back.
    Thank you Pooja for the updates. You always keep us updated and with your work dear. 🙂

  9. please bring purvir back

  10. Very disappointed when subtitles as i like watching the indian dramas.

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