Molkki 28th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Prakashi’s plan backfires

Molkki 28th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prakashi asks Gajraj what he is saying. Do you think we are joking? Have you lost your mind? Would you say no to me? no one has said no to me till date! You are staying in that haveli because of me. I can throw you on the road in no time so kill that Molkki and go wherever you want to! Gajraj says I have done everything that you have asked me till date but I wont do this. You want Purvi out of Virender’s life. I will make it happen. You will never see her face again but I wont kill her. Prakashi asks him who is he to say all this. I wont fall for any of this. I want to kill that Molkki! You must do it. Finish this task and leave from here or you will be left for no good. He insists that nothing like this will happen. I love Purvi. she is the new goal of my life. Nothing like this will happen. Her enemy is my enemy now! She is taken aback. I don’t understand how everyone keeps falling for her. Couldn’t you find a better woman? You first found a pr*stitute and now a Molkki! Molkki’s are good for nothing. Finish her and leave. Marry a simple woman in a new city. Live a happy life. Kill that Molkki and leave! He refuses to hear another word against Purvi. I will not kill her and I wont let anyone kill her either. He stomps out of the cell. Prakashi shouts after him that he looks like a devil now. That Molkki will never love you. Go and do whatever you want. He leaves. Prakashi wonders how she can kill Purvi now.

Yogi brings Anjali home. He gives medicines to her and tells her when she has to take them. Anjali is shocked to see the bill. They are of 7k! How did we get so much money? He tells her to let it be. Purvi distracts her by saying that Manas has been asking for you. Manas comes running. Haathi is right. I will ride on Chachi’s back. Purvi says she still needs some rest. Yogi offers to do it instead. He winces in pain as Manas sits on his back. Anjali makes him remove his kurta. They are shocked to see the marks on his back. Anjali asks him how he got those wounds. He tells her it is nothing but she gives him her swear. Virender shares that Yogi is pulling carts to earn money. Anjali cries. You did all this just for me! He comforts her. it is about a few days only. Everything will be fine soon. I promise you. Purvi thinks that they all should do something in this situation. I should look for some work too.

Prakashi’s words echo in Gajraj’s head. No! I am not a devil! I also looked good earlier. This isn’t me! His reflection smiles. It is no one else but you, Satyam! Till when will you live in past? Time has passed. You have changed. You are Gajraj now. No one is going to love you with a face like this. Satyam insists that Purvi loves him. She does not care about my face. She loves me for who I am. She had told me that day that I don’t lack anything. That’s when I fell for her. She had held my hand on my worst day!

Flashback shows Satyam escaping from the blast somehow. He freaks out when he looks at his face in the mirror. It was burnt badly. He covers his face with a plastic bag while trying to flee from there. Kids mock Satyam for his appearance. Purvi stops them. You should not trouble someone like this. They apologize to Satyam and head off to play. Purvi asks him why he is hiding his face. Is everything fine? Satyam shares that his face got burnt. Everyone is mocking me and are feeling scared. Purvi tells him it isn’t so. Your face may or may not be beautiful but you must have a good heart. That’s what matters for your loved ones. People love you for who you are. Don’t be disgusted with yourself. Love yourself. That’s when people will love you. Flashback ends.

Satyam says I hid my face that day but you have seen everything now. Will you still accept me? Do you still love my nature? I know that you love me too.

Principal tells Purvi that he knows that she can teach well. I also know how angry Prakashi ji gets. She is in jail yet she has warned us against hiring you. I cannot help you with a job but I can help you financially if you need. She declines the offer. How will I teach kids to be honest and brave where the principal is afraid of goons!

Purvi tries to take a job as a beautician or seamstress but they refuse to hire her. She goes to a man’s house looking for her. He offers her a job as a maid but tries to take advantage of her. She hits him and starts running. He chases her. Purvi falls. Satyam holds him by his neck. Don’t you dare look at her again or I wont spare you! The guy asks him if he has bought her. Tell me her price. I will pay you. Satyam pushes him angrily. He aims his gun at the man. The price is your life! He shoots the man on the spot. Purvi asks Satyam if he is mad. He tells her that she is naive. You don’t know what’s right or wrong. How could you agree to work for someone like him? Have you thought what would have happened to me if anything had happened to you? She is shocked. He tells driver to take her home. She refuses to go but he tells her that he isn’t going with her. I wont let you go alone either. She decides to use this chance to find info about Gajraj from driver.

Driver brings the car to the maintenance shop for clean up. Virender is shocked to see Purvi in the car. She is equally shocked to see him there. What are you doing here? He shares that he works here. Whose car is this? She decides against taking Gajraj’s name. She cooks up a story about her friend Neetu. Do you work here? He says we have to run the house. No work is big or small. You know that I can do anything for you and kids. Go inside now.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Gajraj is satyam

    1. Renu,

      OMG, satyam will seek revenge from Purvi..actually he doesnt love Purvi..

  2. What nonsensical way of ending such a good going earlier part of Molkki:-((

    Enuf of this Pariah behaving Prakashi n Satyam in such a remarkable look n acting – wow!!!

    But still ..
    I wonder how the series will end -Ep 312 as of Friday ‘ 28th Jan 🙂

    1. What day does the show end

    2. It ends on February 11

    3. Has the release date been confirmed for Swaraj Ghar?

  3. And the timings

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