Molkki 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Vikas and Aarti support Prakashi in her evil plan

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Purvi says you had left for Delhi. Virender says how can I go without meeting my Bawri? She smiles. He says I thought you will meet me before leaving but you were so busy in kitchen. I took help from the kids and brought you here on the pretext of ice cream. Purvi says you did the right thing. Kids got ice cream this way. He asks her what she got. She replies that she met him. I would have felt really bad if you had left without meeting me. Thank you, Mukhi ji. Please go now. Come back soon. He nods. I will be back in a jiffy. Take care of yourself and everyone. She nods. Kids thank Virender for the ice cream and hug him. He tells them to enjoy it. They wave at him as he leaves. They notice a lady running and coming towards the haveli. The lady is holding her stomach and approaches Purvi. She passes out in Purvi’s arms.

Purvi takes her inside with the help of a servant. Sakshi comes to Purvi’s room to check on the girl. Kids told me that she is unconscious. Purvi points at the girl. Sakshi recognizes her. She is Radhika. She is Aarti’s sister. How did she come here in this condition? Purvi says I don’t know. She came running from the jungle and passed out in my arms outside. I felt as if she was escaping from someone. She is very scared. She came here to seek help from Mukhi ji. Sakshi touches Radhika’s hand. They hear some commotion and go outside to check.

Radhika’s parents are trying to get inside but the guard wont let them. Sakshi tells the guard to let them come here. Sakshi greets Radhika’s parents. Radhika’s father asks for Radhika. We know that you have hidden her here. Bring her outside. Purvi explains that Radhika looked scared and was crying when she came here. It felt as if she was trying to save her life. I took her inside when she passed out in my arms. Do you know who it could be? She did not tell me anything. Radhika comes out. She says I don’t want to go back to them. Sakshi tells her not to worry. Your parents are here now. You can go with them. You will be fine. Radhika shakes her head at Purvi. I don’t want to go with them. Her father asks her who she wants to go with then. Villagers are spreading rumors. Why do you wish to insult us like this? Sakshi offers to speak to Radhika. She asks Ramu Kaka to bring her phone. Purvi finds it strange that Radhika is refusing to go with her family.

Sakshi calls Aarti and informs her everything. Should we send her with your parents or not? Aarti says Radhika is hell bent upon insulting us. She is pregnant but she neither wants to go with her family nor to her husband’s home. Her family is so good but she wants to stay with that guy from college. I am telling you that she is a liar. Send her with my parents. We must send her to her actual home. Trust me. My sister is a liar. She would want you to pity her and not send her back but that will be the right thing to do. Sakshi agrees to speak to everyone.

Radhika’s mother asks Radhika why she is troubling everyone. Sakshi tells Purvi they should send Radhika with her parents. Radhika cries holding Purvi’s hands. Radhika’s parents insist that that would be the right thing to do. Sakshi tells Purvi to let Radhika go. Radhika requests Purvi again. Please save me. I wont go with them. Purvi tells Sakshi to look at Radhika. She does not look well either. Something is fishy here. Why does she not want to go with her own parents? I have decided that I wont let her go anywhere against her wish. Everyone is taken aback. Purvi says she came to seek help from Mukhi ji. I wont let her go till the time he is back. Radhika’s father decides to take help from police. Purvi isn’t bothered. Do whatever you want but I wont let her go with you. Radhika’s parents stay put. Sakshi tells them against it. It is between our family, Radhika and your family. Let’s sort it amongst us. Let her stay here for some time if she does not want to go with you right now. We will bring her to your home once she feels better. Radhika’s mother gives in. bring her home soon or the matter will be taken to court.

Prakashi brings ice cold water for Sakshi. You need it for the way that Molkki had behaved with you earlier. She has become too independent. You were willing to let Radhika leave with her parents but she did not listen to you. She decided something else for Radhika. You are the DIL of this family but Molkki decided to overrule you. Radhika’s parents must be thinking that it is Molkki who rules this haveli. Anjali smirks. Prakashi says they will gossip about us now but it was you who let her be the Choti Mukhiyayin. She could have respected you in return of all the favors but she did not! She changes her tone seeing Purvi coming there with tea. She gives tea to Prakashi and Sakshi. She thanks Sakshi next for letting Radhika stay here with them. I know you worry a lot about her and you can never be unjust to anyone. Radhika is very afraid. It appears as if she wants to escape from something. There is something fishy for sure. Don’t you think we should speak to her about it once? Maybe we will find out what’s right or wrong and we may be able to take the right decision. Sakshi agrees with her. We shouldn’t come to a decision without listening to both the sides. Let’s go and talk to her. Purvi nods. They both go to speak to Radhika. Anjali asks her MIL why things keep going against them all the time. What if they end up becoming friends and destroy us?

Sakshi tells Radhika not to worry. We will help you as much as we can but tell us everything honestly first. Why don’t you want to go with your parents? Radhika says they will send me back to my in-laws. Purvi asks her why she does not want to go there. Sakshi asks her if she loves someone else. Radhika denies. Sakshi thinks of Aarti’s words. Aarti has told me everything. Is there someone else in your life? Is that why you are running from your husband and in-laws so you can stay with your lover? Radhika calls it a lie. I am running to save myself from them only. Sakshi asks her why. Radhika shares that her husband and in-laws have found out that I am pregnant with a baby girl. They don’t want a girl. They want a boy to continue their lineage. That’s why they want to kill my baby. Sakshi and Purvi feel bad. Radhika says my husband’s brother’s wife told me that even her life was made hell when she was pregnant a baby girl. They have killed the girls inside the womb already. I don’t want to kill my baby. I wont be able to do it. They are very cheap people. I will lose my baby if I go back. Purvi tells her not to worry or be afraid. We wont send you back to them. Stop crying now. We are with you. Don’t say no to food. She feeds soup to Radhika. Sakshi is in a fix now. She told me that Radhika is a liar and can cook up stories to get us on her side. Who should I trust?

Prakashi comes to meet Aarti and Vikas. Have you thought of something? Aarti asks her what they should do. Papa went there to take Radhika but that Molkki stopped her. Prakashi says she has started ruling the house. Sakshi wanted to send Radhika back with your parents but that Molkki overruled her decision. I cannot understand how to tell Virender that Molkki is taking decisions of the house. Forget about us, no one even asks Sakshi anymore. Forget that, what has happened to you two? Aren’t you hurt or want to take revenge from her? She insulted Vikas and dint even let your parents take Radhika with them. What to do then? Vikas says it seems as if aunty has a plan. Prakashi calls him smart. I have a plan with which Radhika will go back with her parents and you will be able to take revenge too. Aarti says hitting two birds with one stone would be interesting. We are ready. Tell us the plan. Prakashi tells them (in mute). Vikas and Aarti smile.

Virender receives Purvi’s call and smiles. He says you have a long life. I was thinking about you just now and you called. Someone is standing in the same corridor as Purvi but only a shadow can be seen (Sakshi). He receives a call on his other number and tells Purvi to wait. He speaks to Sakshi. Sakshi asks him where he is. He says I am on my way and will be home on time. what happened? Sakshi says Bawri was also worried about you. Virender tells her to wait and speaks to Purvi (thinking it is Sakshi). Why are you thinking about that? She worries for no reason. Purvi is taken aback. My Tau ji would have! He puts the other phone on his ear and says hell with your Tau. Sakshi is puzzled. Why are you thinking about my Taya ji suddenly? Virender speaks on the other phone now (Purvi). I am not telling you. I was talking about someone else’s Tau. Sakshi gets confused. What are you saying? Purvi asks him if he is fine. Why are you say things like this? Virender says I cannot say such things to you. You are my lal pari, my life. I wont say these things to you. Sakshi smiles. Come home soon. I am waiting for you. He ends both the call. Virender thinks people cannot handle one and I have two now. How will I manage both now? This was bound to happen. Purvi calls Virender again. You have lost your mind. You are saying anything. Anyways, come home soon. I have to tell you something important. Aarti Didi’s sister Radhika is here. She is afraid that her in-laws will kill her baby girl in her womb only. Come home and help her. He agrees to reach asap and ends the call. Virender wonders what is happening and how come Aarti’s sister is in my home.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Ooo they changed the storyline 🤔 but epi was not that great and I’m guessing the precap will be the same. This Anjali and Prakashi is hell annoying 😒

  2. How can a woman see the bad happenings with other woman,in case of Radhika & Aarti,where Aarti inspite of saving her sister is helping her parents. But what can be expected from a woman who is living with a characterless husband & still don’t want him to get punished but revenge,isn’t it the woman here who is promoting husband’s bad deeds rather than exposing him,with how much guts she is living with that guy who had tried to harm a woman’s dignity, I don’t know what is bad -our weak constitution or the supporting of bad deeds?

  3. The story line is not going in right track . Getting messed up . I hope purvi or sakshi exposes that evil prakashi and anjali or even best , I hope virendra notices their evil deeds by himself . Everyday the music episode goes boring . I hope virendra and purvi’s story would be back as normal . I don’t know but I personally feel sakshi’s entry is unnecessary. I wish sakshi remain good and doesn’t joins hand with prakashi and anjali. I’m a biggest fan of this serial . Never missed any episode . Lots of love ❤️

  4. When it comes to end?really annoying with prakashi n Anjali..why nobody realize that they’re evil..I hate it

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