Molkki 27th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Anjali spoils Purvi and Virender’s happy moments

Molkki 27th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Laal Ishq plays. Virender picks Purvi up on his shoulder and takes her to a corner. He pours a plate of dry haldi on her. Anjali, Mama and Virender’s mother look on. Virender says sorry to Purvi. She says I wont forgive you so quickly and easily. See what I will do now. She walks away. Virender calls her Bawari and smiles.

Priyu looks at the mirror. She recalls the horror of the rape incident and cries. She tries to wash the haldi off herself angrily. Sudha stops her. what happened to you? Why are you punishing yourself? Let me help you. Priyu says I will be able to get rid of this haldi but what about the scars that Vaibhav has given me? I miss Navin a lot today. I would not have to see this day today if he hadn’t cheated me. Don’t tell Didi anything. Sudha agrees. calm down please. Priyu says it feels as if I don’t deserve to be happy. I loved Navin so much that I even aborted my baby for him. I dint get anything in return. Sudha calms her down. We are with you. Anjali has overheard everything. See how will turn your life upside down now!

Priyu comes downstairs for the mehendi night. Ladies dance and sing as the ritual starts. Vaibhav looks pointedly at Priyu. She notices him staring and looks at her. Purvi comes there. She smiles seeing her sister getting henna on her hand. She notices Bhuri accepting a parcel in the middle of the night and gets curious. She asks Bhuri about the bag. Bhuri fumbles. It is for me. She hurries away. She collides with another maid on her way. Medicines fall down. Purvi wonders who they could be for. Bhuri collects the medicines and scurries away. Purvi is sure she is hiding something.

Purvi asks Sudha to apply mehendi on Juhi. She wonders why Priyu has to marry this cheap man. Priyu thinks I know you are worried for me but I want to punish Vaibhav for eternity. This is the reason I agreed for this marriage. The girl writes Vaibhav’s initial on Priyu’s hand. Priyu makes a mess of it angrily. It looks better now.

Anjali is speaking on phone. She turns around and is taken aback to see Purvi. Did she hear anything? She asks Purvi what she is doing here. It is your sister’s wedding. Go ahead and enjoy. Purvi gets curious after seeing her reaction.

Virender tells his Mama he cannot stay here. you know I feel restless and pukish. He begins to go when Purvi stops him. How can Jija ji not apply mehendi on his SIL’s wedding? He tells her to keep it aside. Tell me anything else. She reminds him of his words. You are afraid of mehendi now? He calls her clever and sits down reluctantly. He makes a face as she applies mehendi on his hand. He covers his nose. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays. He pulls his hand away but she does not let him get off easily. They both share an eye lock. He smiles sweetly as she smiles while applying the mehendi. He says now bride’s sister will apply it too. He asks the maid to call the girl here. She comes there. Virender tells her to apply mehendi on Purvi. She asks them whose name she should write. Mama says there is nothing to ask here. it will be Mukhi’s name. He goes. Virender smiles as Purvi tries to act normally.

Anjali is not at all happy to see Purvi happy.

Wind keeps blowing Purvi’s hair. She asks Virender to push them behind her ears. You said you will do whatever I say. He complies. Shall I go now? She stops him. Virender thinks she wants to make a fool of myself. She will tell the entire village how Mukhi dances on Mukhiyayin’s tunes. What happened? She requests him to put her dupatta on her head. It keeps slipping away. He hesitates for a second but she tells him to do it. He does at told. Anjali and Jyoti look on in shock. Virender asks Purvi if he can go now. She asks him to bring something for her to eat. I am hungry. He nods and goes. Virender keeps the plate next to Purvi. She shows him her hands. Please feed me. Will Mukhi lose some respect if you will feed Mukhiyayin? You insulted me in front of these people only. Why not show them this change then? I am hungry. Please? He picks the plate. She is making me pay for it. He feeds her with his hands. Purvi smiles. Are you ashamed of doing things for me? Why are you looking around? He shakes his head. People look on curiously. Purvi tells him to feed her sweet as well. Virender smiles. The girl applying mehendi shows Purvi’s hand. I wrote his name’s initial on her hand. Virender and Purvi smile. Anjali looks at Purvi’s mehendi. This is beautiful. It will be very dark as you two love each other very much. You can remove it as it has dried already. Purvi rubs on the mehendi and her hand is blank. Anjali says how can the mehendi of one person’s name show color or 2 people? She tells Jyoti that Sakshi ji’s hand used to turn red when she used to apply mehendi. I have heard that mehendi does not show its colour on a Molkki. She excuses herself on the pretext of some work. Purvi is in tears. Virender tells her to listen to him but she walks away in tears.

Juhi and Manas see her sad. They realise why she was crying and decide to do something.

Jyoti tells her sister that Mukhi ji does not love Mukhiyayin at all. Anjali says I added soda in it because of which it happened. Anjali complements her. Were you able to speak to someone? Anjali nods. I couldn’t find anything though. I think I will have to go there personally.

Purvi cries in a corner. She notices a bottle on the floor and realises that this might be one of the medicines ordered by Bhuri. It is very expensive. How did she get so much money? She picks up her phone. I have this now and the kids taught me how to use it. She finds details about it online. This is a medicine which can put people to sleep for days. I must find out what Bhuri is up to.

At night, Virender comes to his room. Kids call out to him just then. He goes outside quietly. Why dint you sleep yet? Manas gives him mehendi. Virender reasons that there might be something wrong with the mehendi. They repeat Anjali’s words. Juhi requests him to apply it on Purvi’s hand again.

Precap: Anjali meets someone who hands her a small packet. Virender gives something to Purvi. Entire family is celebrating downstairs. Virender and Purvi are asked to step forward. Later, Purvi tells everyone that Anjali is not at home. I checked everywhere. They become worried for her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Ugh! Anjali is a venemous snake!
    But on the bright side, PurVir moments and the kids are too precious!

  2. Laal ishq? More like Peele ishq 😂 how sweet these two 🥰 but I know as always this moments won’t last long. Something will happen and Viren will be angry with Purvi again. They just can’t let them be. And this Anjali… I’ve seen many villains but this Anjali is someone out of this world. Just how can she want her sister to marry someone like vaibhav? Is she a sister or an enemy?

  3. I just love the way mukiji smiles and share an eyelook with purvi they look so adorable and cute. I just pray that part of saying i love u mukiyani or mukiji comes as soon as possible.

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    Guys, I think makers forgot about Sakshi’s soul.

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