Molkki 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Vikas is proved guilty!

Molkki 26th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aarti gives Prasad to everyone. Virender decides to check on Vikas’s. I will call him. Prakashi mumbles that he should be fine by now. He notices the missed calls from Purvi and calls her back but gets no response.

Purvi picks Juhi in her arms and goes.

Virender asks his mother to hurry up. We should head home. She asks him what happened. He says I have so many missed calls from Bawri. Don’t know what happened. She isn’t picking my calls now. Prakashi says there wont be anything to worry about. She must be busy in the kitchen. They head home.

Everyone reaches home. Purvi is sitting on the sofa holding Juhi in her arms. Virender asks her about Juhi. Sakshi and Virender keep asking Purvi about Juhi. Purvi sits there in shock. Virender asks Purvi again. He then notices the torn blouse. How did this happen? What happened here? Who did this to you? Will you say something? She takes Vikas’s name. He tried to molest me. Juhi was trying to save me when she fell from the stairs. Everyone is stunned.

Vikas comes there with his bag just then. Virender charges at him. How dare you touch my Bawri and my daughter? What did you do? Aarti requests him to spare her husband. Virender tells Vikas to start talking. Vikas asks him what kind of justice is this. I heard that Mukhi ji makes a fair decision. You pronounced me guilty by hearing only one side of the story. Atleast listen to me too! You don’t look at others when it comes to your family! Do you make decisions without proofs and cross questioning in such cases? You should have listened to me once. This Molkki is lying to you. You believed her nonsense and destroyed the relations that we have had since years. Virender lets go of him. Vikas asks him if this is how they treat guests. He tells Aarti there is no point arguing here. I have packed my bag. I have decided not to stay here for another second. Virender warns him to be quiet. I can bear anything but I cannot bear it when someone questions the way I make decisions justly. Speak up now.

Vikas looks at Purvi. I don’t like saying it but your Molkki is a liar, a fraud and characterless! She has been making passes at me since I have come here. Purvi says he is lying but Virender stops her from talking. Vikas says she has been making strange passes at me since I have come here. I dint give her any footage so she slapped me yesterday and she ended up tearing her clothes today. She is trying to trap me falsely. I will tell you the truth. She brought kadha for me to my room and told me that Mukhi ji cannot give anything to her. I should give her whatever she needs. I couldn’t bear it and told her to go but she came closer. She threatened to accuse me of rape if I wont comply. Purvi cries. Vikas says this is what she is doing. He sheds fake tears. He tells Aarti that all the respect that he had earned over the years is gone now! She is accusing me of all these things in front of my wife and everyone. Virender says I trust Bawri completely. She can never do something like that. She can never lie but I will still listen to her side too before coming to any decision. He tells Purvi to tell them the truth. Don’t be afraid of anyone. Purvi tells him everything. I tried to push him away but he dint listen to me. He kept trying to force himself on me. Juhi heard my voice when I shouted loudly. She poured water on Vikas from the window above but then fell down. I locked Vikas in his room and came downstairs to save Juhi. She cries. Sakshi is shocked. Anjali shows fake concern to Purvi. I trust you. Do you have a proof of any of this? You know that Jeth ji never makes a decision based on hearsay. He needs solid proof for that. Do you have any? Purvi says you are right. Juhi is unconscious. She would have told everyone everything otherwise. Anjali asks her what they will do now. Should we wait for Juhi to wake up or should we announce the decision? Jeth ji always says that delaying a decision is not the right thing to do. He is never biased while making a decision so he must decide now. We don’t have a proof to validate Purvi’s words. Manas says I have proof. Haathi is innocent. Haathi has taught us that one must be thoughtful when they are in problem. I recorded everything in my phone when Juhi Didi was trying to save haathi from the bad uncle. I can show you the truth now. Purvi cries while Anjali is shocked.

Flashback shows Manas recording everything from the window while Juhi was boiling water. Flashback ends. Virender plays the video. Anjali’s eyes widen in shock as she looks at it as well. Aarti looks at Vikas who shakes his head in shock. Virender says I had full faith in my Bawri that she will never lie. I understood your true intentions yesterday itself when she had slapped you! I kept quiet only because of Sakshi. You will get justice now. He beats Vikas. Aarti requests everyone to stop him but in vain. Sakshi is stunned by Virender’s reaction. Aarti finally holds Manas and gives his swear to Virender. Vikas will die. Virender holds Vikas by his neck angrily. Manas also requests Baba to let go. I am very scared. Virender lets go of Vikas. He tells Aarti to take him away. I will kill him otherwise. Get out of here!

Prakashi tells Sakshi she dint like the way Virender beat Vikas. Sakshi says he deserved it. Mukhi ji did the right thing. I am feeling bad for Aarti as she got such a characterless husband. She begins to walk away when Prakashi says your situation is quite similar to Aarti. Your husbands are not really who you think them to be. Sakshi stops in her tracks. What do you want to say? You want to say that Mukhi ji is characterless like Vikas? Prakashi denies. I know it isn’t true about Virender but I do have a doubt. Dint you see the anger in his eyes when he was beating Vikas? They were red. They were screaming that she (Purvi) is my Molkki. How dare you touch him! He could have handed Vikas over to police but he decided to punish Vikas himself. Vikas was beaten so mercilessly. I felt as if he wont survive. I saw all that but did you? Could you see that he has a passion for that Molkki? I haven’t seen it in his eyes before, not even for you. Sakshi says you are trying to sow the seeds of doubt in me yet again. He would have reacted in the same manner if it was some other girl in Purvi’s place. Keep your thoughts to yourself. Don’t try to add poison in my relation. Prakashi says I am not the one who is doing that. That Molkki is the poison that can end your relation anytime. Virender wouldn’t have reacted this way if it was another girl. It was about his Molkki. He would have killed Vikas if it was up to him. Everyone can see it, including you, but you are ignoring it. You will lose everything because of this love one day! Your relation will fall short in front of that! I am telling you again and again to do something to keep your family and relations to yourself or you will lose everything one day. I have been warning you but you are not ready to understand it. Decide what you want to. It will be your call after all. Sakshi leaves. Prakashi is sure she has finally hit the right nerve today. I will be able to sleep tonight. The fight between Radha and Meera will begin now. We will see who will survive.

Sakshi is packing Virender’s bag for his trip to Delhi. He asks Sakshi if she has packed everything including his files. She nods. I just have to keep the files. Virender wonders why Bawri has not come to meet him till now. I have to leave soon. Purvi is on her way to Virender’s room. I will give it to him and meet him before he leaves for Delhi. Anjali asks Purvi to give kadha to Ma. She is not feeling well. Purvi says I will give milk to Mukhi ji first and then make it. Anjali offers to give it to Virender instead. Ma is not keeping well. Don’t think so much. Purvi is making kadha in the kitchen. She decides to meet Virender after giving it to Ma. Mukhi ji wont go without meeting me. She hears Virender telling the servant to keep the bag in the car and notices him leaving. He left without meeting me? Kids ask haathi to come outside with them. We want to have ice cream. We have called a vendor in the lawn. Purvi tries to decline but they insist. She gives in. She asks the servant to give kadha to Ma and goes with the kids.

The lawn is empty. Purvi asks the kids about the vendor. They say he was right here but don’t know where he is now. You are right. Purvi looks at them in confusion. You said he is here. Manas points at the ice cream guy behind Purvi. She looks back and notices Virender. They both smile at each other. Virender gives ice cream to the kids. They run inside excitedly. Purvi says you left for Delhi. Virender says how can I go without meeting my Bawri. She smiles.

Precap: A girl comes to Purvi in a bad state and asks her to save her. Purvi takes her inside. Sakshi says she’s Aarti’s sister. Aarti tells Prakashi to share her plan, they are ready. Later, Vikas and Aarti are taking Radhika (Aarti’s sister) somewhere when Purvi tries to stop them. Vikas pushes Purvi. Virender holds her and looks angrily at Vikas.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Finally justice has prevailed 💥 totally loved the episode. It was awesome and end part tho was awesome faisla ka raat is coming 💃🏽

  2. Loved the episode. Mukhiya ji is very cute !
    Step mom and Anjali need to get a life.
    Why Purvi always in the kitchen. They have servants. Just using her.
    Anjali never does any work. Always thinking how to manipulate others.
    Kids are best. They always help purvi and video tape for evidence.

  3. But why did mukhiji left purvi in haveli….he knew vikas is also in haveli…. If he believed purvi then y did he do this???!

    1. Sree, some of things in this serial just dont make sense. At least Vikas got punished, even there not complete justice as he should have been jailed.

  4. Yes what u said is correct dev….

  5. Well the much awaited episode is here!! Can’t wait to watch it.
    Finally our VPS our Babber Sher is back with a bang. But I really thought that after the justice will be provided they would show comfort and care by Virendra for his Bawari but they showed that eveything is normal the next day.
    Whatever happened with Purvi was not a small thing and she needed care and concern by his Mukhiji by the man who is madly in love with her. Why there were in such a hurry to finish the episode. Nonetheless I have full faith in makers and I am sure they will definitely give us our Purvir moments.
    At last, Thank you Pooja for such detailed and wonderful updates. 🙂

    1. Liza, you are so right, it is a heinous crime. Somewhere along the way the writers have lost their way.

    2. Pooja

      You’re very welcome Liza ☺

    3. Agree! Some TLC was definitely called for here.

  6. Yes Dev,there are many points and scenes which are unanswered to us (viewers) which makes me a little irritated at times.
    But still we need to keep faith in because they they won’t do anything by which the viewers will lose interest. They have always kept us on our toes with their storyline and will continue to do so.And I don’t think we should draw conclusion at an early stage.
    So let’s be positive and enjoy the journey of Molkki and Purvir. 🙂

  7. Thanks

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