Molkki 25th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Sudha helps Purvi find Vaibhav

Molkki 25th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vaibhav corrects Anjali. I like it neat, not on the rocks. Anjali says I was shocked when you called me. I wondered if it was a ghost. Vaibhav says I thought it is only you who can help me so I called you. She asks him how this happened. Virender shot you in front of us. How did this happen? Vaibhav says this was my plan. I dropped that gun in front of Bhaiya intentionally. I planned it so I can send Bhaiya to jail. I was wearing a bulletproof jacket already. I started running. I knew he will have no option but to shoot me. He wanted to shoot me in the leg but I sat down intentionally in the last moment to make sure I get shot in the chest. Anjali is amazed and impressed by his plan. Virender shot you in front of the world. He will either spend his life in jail or he will be sentenced to death. You will flee from here long before that. Vaibhav nods. Give me my tickets. She gives it to him. I have made all the arrangements. You will go to Himachal via train. You will hide their for a month. Head to London quietly afterwards. He extends his hand but she reminds him of his promise. You will take Jyoti with you. He agrees. Virender will rot in jail and that Molkki will be thrown out of that house! Their countdown has begun.

Next morning, Purvi requests Kanha ji to help her clear her test today. She hears the kids sobbing and asks them what happened. They tell her that they wont go to school from tomorrow. She calms them down. Juhi says people have been taunting us that Baba is in jail. Why did you lie to us? Manas and Juhi demand to know what Virender has done. Purvi says it is true. Your Baba is in jail. Police uncle has taken him there. It does not mean that he did anything wrong. They want to know why this has happened. She says it is Kanha ji’s game. He has made Baba a thief for now but he will be made police soon. Manas says it means Baba is playing a game. Purvi nods. Kanha ji has made rules for it. No one can be sad or cry over it. He has even put cameras here. He loves kids so you must not cry or lose hope. Kanha ji will then send Baba home asap. They agree not to be sad again. We will also apologize to Kanha ji. They promise Purvi. Anjali fumes seeing them happy.

People have gathered outside police station. Virender hears Inspector making arrangements. What happened? Inspector shares that a criminal has escaped from jail. We have blocked all the possible exits. He instructs the constables to get into action. We must find him asap.

Prakashi comes to Vaibhav’s room. She cries holding their photo. Anjali decides to do some more drama to win her. She has made me cry so much already. How much more will she make me cry now? She sprinkles onion water in her eyes and sits next to Prakashi. Don’t do this to yourself. You will miss him more by seeing his things. All this has happened because of that Molkki. She is smiling with the kids. She is not at all hurt by what happened to Vaibhav. Purvi tells her not to lie. I was trying to pacify the kids as they were worried about their Baba. She tells Prakashi everything. Anjali tells her to stop. We know what happens when people wont listen to you. Prakashi tells her to think before saying something sometimes. Keep quiet. Purvi requests her to let it be. Everyone is waiting downstairs for us. She receives a call and excuses hersef. Anjali becomes intrigued.

Everyone is leaving. Purvi stays back with Prakashi and the kids in order to bring the ashes. Anjali wonders if Molkki is up to something but then ignore the thought. She wont know what Vaibhav and I are planning.

Vaibhav has packed his bags. Now Virender will rot in jail. Mukhiyayin will raise the kids and I will relax in Himachal and London. Not bad! He starts preparing his disguise.

Purvi prays to Kanha ji to help her today. She asks the driver to take a different turn instead of going to ghaat. Prakashi asks her why they are going there. Purvi says I have some work first. Juhi asks Purvi to tell them what happened to Chachu. Purvi says Kanha ji has called him to him. Juhi asks her if he will never return now. Manas says even I want to go there. Purvi tells him not to say that ever again.

Virender is taken to court for hearing.

Purvi asks driver to drive faster. Inspector is checking all the cars. He tells Purvi about the criminal. We found out that he will use train to escape. She says I hope you nab him soon. Inspector lets their car pass.

Vaibhav reaches railway station. He has disguised himself as an old man. Purvi reaches railway station. Prakashi asks her who she wants to meet here. Purvi says I must meet someone. I will be back soon. She tells Juhi to stay with Dadi. Juhi nods.

Purvi is looking for someone. She walks past Vaibhav but is not able to recognize him. Vaibhav watches him speak to police. Good job, Vaibhav! He wipes the sweat off his face. No one would be able to recognize me if this Molkki couldn’t. Why is so much police here though? I am a good match to this Molkki. She may be looking for me but I will disappear right in front of her eyes. No one will be able to recognize me in this getup.

Kids ask for Purvi. Prakashi says she will be here soon. Anjali calls Prakashi who tells her they are at railway station. We will come soon. Anjali wonders if Purvi found out about Vaibhav. I must go there to find out what she is up to! She hurries off to railway station.

Purvi collides with Vaibhav and apologizes to him. He begins to walk away later when Purvi calls out to him. He thinks she has recognized him but she gives him his kerchief. Sudha reaches there as well. She calls out to Purvi. That’s not an old man but Vaibhav! Purvi asks her what she is saying. Sudha says I will tell you everything later. We must first nab him before he goes inside. Purvi runs.

Inspector brings Virender to railway station as well. Purvi points at the old man. That’s Vaibhav in disguise. Inspector alerts his team. Everyone should come to the entrance.

Precap: Vaibhav is pointing a gun at everyone. He grabs Manas. Virender asks him to leave Manas. He kicks Vaibhav’s hand and Manas goes flying. Purvi catches him. Vaibhav fires a bullet which hits Purvi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Wow,nice one,I can’t wait for the next episode.

  2. Yes its awesome

  3. Samaila

    Finally such a is useful 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅

  4. Skeeter Dupratt

    Molki is the best series so far the twists turns are so fast and enjoyable not like others that drag the episodes fr years and the villains are the hero’s here everything is crystal clear true I not only enjoy watching it but I read it in advance I can’t wait to see anjali and vaibab in jail anjali should change or be thrown out and her sister should take her place that twist will be great to watch.what goes around will come around.thank u makers.. my kids and I are biggest fans of molki . we love every character in this it feels so real when we watch each episode and pls hope it telecast even on Saturdays can’t wait two days😘❤

  5. Lovely episode/serial..thank God Purvi is not a weak character ..nice change

  6. Pta nhi kya serial h itni jaldi villian ka plan fail kr dete h or sudha pta nhi kha se bheech me aa jaati h.atleast ek baar to Anjali or vaibhav ka plan sucess hone do .or vaibhav or Anjali jail na jaaye .Virender hi the jail me.vaibhav is my fav character of this serial

    1. no offence in any way, but how could a rapist plus murder be your favorite character??
      Also again I mean no offence but I personally like how fast they reveal everything. Mainly since Most Indian serials take months to reveal and it eventually drives you insane on how fake they make it, but here it’s a quick and easy plot lines. It ends with in a week or sometimes two and this way you can enjoy something new almost each week.
      – Diana Potter

    2. Diana.James.Potter

      no offence in any way, but how could a rapist plus murder be your favorite character??
      Also again I mean no offence but I personally like how fast they reveal everything. Mainly since Most Indian serials take months to reveal and it eventually drives you insane on how fake they make it, but here it’s a quick and easy plot lines. It ends with in a week or sometimes two and this way you can enjoy something new almost each week.
      – Diana Potter

  7. It’s good that they are not dragging it. Virender should get out of jail. Everyone should get to know about the conspiracy done by vaibhav and anjali. Anjali s all past crime should be known to everyone. And both should go to jail along with bhuri. Prakashi should hate vaibhav and anjali.

    Seriously anjali is ready to get her sister married to egoist, rapist and murderer vaibhav.😂
    Khud ka dimag aur behen aisi ho toh dushmano ki kya zarrorat hai. And anjali believes that vaibhav will not betray her. 🙄

  8. Anjali and Jyoti know Vaibhav is a rapist but still they want him to marry Jyoti, some of these teleserial characters got no brains. As for Virender instead of hanging Vaibhav he should have castrated him, put a full stop to all his bad behavior for good. Vaibhav’s character can’t be redeemed

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