Molkki 24th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Purvi wins both the challenges

Molkki 24th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virender is in school. He tells headmaster he dint expect this kind of behaviour from the kids of his school. This is the best school in Rewari. I am telling you this as the Mukhiya of Rewari. I wont accept this! Headmaster apologizes to him and assures him that this wont happen again. I admit that the kids have made a mistake. This is your mistake as well though. Virender looks at him pointedly. Headmaster says I am trying to speak to their father right now. Be it any school, the kids learn from their parents just as much as they learn in a school. You dint try to be their friend. They would have shared their problems instead of running away. Their attendance is very less and they have missed a lot of classes. We cannot let them give the exams. Purvi says every year matters for the kids. Headmaster says we understand but we have to follow the rules of education department too. I cannot help you in this case. I am sorry. Purvi says what I complain against your school. There will be bad publicity and legal action too. Why don’t give them a chance when you can give a chance to the other kids? Give them one chance. We can settle this matter here only. Headmaster says I don’t think they will be able to pass the exams. It is near and the syllabus is complete they will fail. Purvi takes responsibility. They will give their best. Let them give exams. Headmaster finds it impossible but Purvi has faith in the kids. They are very smart. They will pass with good marks if they will focus. Headmaster agrees to give them a chance. I have a condition though. They will have to leave this school if they will fail the exams. They will never be allowed here again. Virender is about to say something when Purvi accepts the condition. Juhi and Manas nod. Virender says we will see. He gets up.

Priyu is making halwa for the kids. Anjali asks her what she is doing. Priyu says aunty ji told me that the kids will be home anytime so I was making this for them. Anjali tells her to make something fancy for them. They are modern kids. They like pasta, pizza. Priyu says I don’t know anything else. Vaibhav has overheard everything. I can teach you if you want to learn. She agrees and thanks him. Vaibhav guides her. Anjali signals Jyoti to do something. Jyoti asks Vaibhav to let her make it. Vaibhav suggests her to watch an English movie. I will teach Priyu how pasta is made. Anjali and Jyoti walk out with a huff.

Manas and Juhi thank Purvi as she serves food to them. Purvi tells Priyu she dint know she knows how to make such yummy pasta. Priyu thanks her. Vaibhav cuts her mid sentence when she begins to explain. He praises her efforts. She just learnt it and has made such delicious pasta already. Purvi looks at Priyu and Vaibhav in confusion. Juhi asks Priyu if she can make it again on her birthday. It is after 3 days. Virender’s mother says yes, she can make it for your birthday party. Virender says there wont be any birthday party this time. Purvi reasons that childhood is the time when kids enjoy their birthday the most. Let her enjoy her birthday. Virender says I kept quiet when you challenged Principal but you really think these notorious kids will pass. Purvi assures him they will work hard. The kids will get good marks. Principal Sir will show you their reports himself. Will you let Juhi celebrate her birthday if she will pass her exam? He accepts her second challenge. It will happen only if she will pass the exams! Purvi calls Virender Babbar Sher in front of the entire family. They hide their smile. Purvi says we will study well for the next 3 days and we will show Babbar Sher you two are great in studies. The kids nod.

Purvi and the kids start their sessions. She feels pain in her arm but does not stop. The same thing continues on the other days as well. Purvi tries innovative ideas to keep the kids active.

It is the exam day. Purvi makes the kids pray with in the house temple. Purvi prays that they have worked hard. They should pass the exams of their Master ji and this Krur Singh will eat me up! She wishes them well. You must pass. Juhi and Manas agree. The kids return home after exams. Juhi shares that she attempted all the questions. Manas says I forgot half of my answers. Purvi hugs him. Don’t worry. You have given your best so the marks will be good. You are very smart and nice. Everything will be fine. She takes them inside.

It is result day. Everyone is waiting for the kids. Purvi is worried that Juhi’s birthday wont be celebrated if the kids wont get good marks. Please help them Lord. Virender thinks Purvi worked hard with the kids. She will feel bad if they wont pass. The kids come home. Purvi looks at them expectantly. They immediately give their reports to Purvi. Everyone waits with bated breath. Purvi’s eyes well up. Virender says what I was afraid of has come true. They cannot pass! We will have to find a new school. Purvi holds the report card close. Virender is about to walk away when she asks him who all should they invite on Juhi’s birthday. They have passed the exams. They have even scored more than 70% in 2 subjects. They have performed amazingly well. Everyone congratulates the kids and hug them.

Virender tries to leave but Purvi stops him. Why can’t you hug them when everyone is congratulating them? Why do you keep them away from yourself? Why do you remain upset with them? They want their Baba’s love. The kids act so naughty so you can talk to them. Be nice to them. Become their friend. They will then become good like you. He tells her not to act smart. I know how much love and appreciation should be given to the kids. I don’t need your advice. Focus on the party instead of our relations. Purvi thinks I dint say anything wrong. It is his habit to get upset easily. I will change his habit. You can get upset as much as you want and I will pacify you.

Juhi asks Purvi about her birthday theme. Purvi agrees. Juhi thanks her and calls her Mukhiyayin. We wouldn’t have passed the exams or celebrated my birthday if it wasn’t for you. I am sorry. I thought you came to take my Ma’s place so I was upset with you. I am not upset with you anymore. Can I be your friend like hippo too? Purvi sweetly accepts her wish. The birthday party will be fab tomorrow. Juhi hugs her. thank you, elephant!

Purvi gets ready for the party. The kids have given me a beautiful dress. Everyone has gathered downstairs for the party. Anjali tells Jyoti to wait and watch what happens when Virender will see Purvi. Purvi comes downstairs. Virender throws the cake angrily the moment he looks at Purvi. All this belongs to Sakshi. How did you get hold of them? No one is allowed to go to her room. How could you get them then?

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