Molkki 23rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi and Vipul get stuck in a storm

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Virender says I was in Bawri’s room only but it was because she was in pain. You can ask Renu if you don’t believe me. She is the one who got the hot water bag and balm for her. I did not realise when I fell asleep while looking after Bawri. I came outside the moment I woke up. That’s the truth. You can think whatever you want to. I would have taken care of you the same way if it was you in Bawri’s place. I did not do anything wrong. Throw this nonsense out of your mind. Sakshi says it isn’t my thoughts but your actions which are becoming worse day by day. You try to come up with excuses to spend time with Purvi. I saw you in jungle the other day and I saw it today too. I am not thinking in the wrong direction. You are the one who is wrong. You wouldn’t have felt bad or jealous seeing Purvi with Vipul if you were indeed right. You wouldn’t have said that Purvi wont marry anyone else after divorce. It is you whose intentions have turned bad. You went there to satiate yourself. There are other people too who can look after Purvi. It is true that no one else can do what you could. Virender looks her in the eye. There is no need to lie to you. I told you the truth. Whether you believe it or not is totally on you. Purvi comes outside and see them thus. Is everything fine? She tells them that Vipul got a house on rent nearby. I was just going to see her off. Sakshi and Virender look at each other.

Purvi thanks Vipul for saving her life. I wont be able to repay your favour ever. He says relations stay if favours and debts are there. This is normal in friendship. Anjali asks him where he is going. You just got a job. What’s the reason of leaving so soon? Did you get another job? Purvi denies. He took a house on rent nearby. Sakshi tells Vipul he became a part of this family very soon. I know things aren’t exactly right at the moment but I am not happy that you are leaving us behind to live alone. Virender comes there as well. Vipul takes his leave but Virender tells him he does not have to go anywhere. You can stay here for as long as you want to. I am happy with your work. You have mixed well with my family so stay with us. It is our responsibility to look after you as this is a new place for you. You can stay with us. Sakshi realises that Virender isn’t envious of Vipul. He has been affected by our convo. I must have doubted him for no reason. He would have been telling the truth only. He wouldn’t have stopped Vipul otherwise. Vipul and Sakshi thank Virender. Purvi asks Virender if he really wants Vipul to stay. Virender nods. Sakshi wants him to stay with us so he will.

Sakshi says thank you and sorry to Virender. Thank you for letting Vipul stay here and sorry for doubting you. Now I am sure that you also want Purvi to be happy. She cannot find a better guy than Vipul. I misunderstood you when I saw you coming out of Purvi’s room and lashed out on you without thinking. I was wrong and you were right. I am sorry. He tells her not to apologize. It is enough that you understood the difference between right and wrong. She goes. Virender is relieved that she trusts him now. She is happy that Vipul wont leave. How to tell her that I made a big sacrifice for her sake? I cannot tolerate him for another second but I will have to bear him for Sakshi’s sake. I am positive Bawri will never say yes to Vipul.

Sakshi is making kheer when Purvi joins her. Sakshi tells Purvi that there are no dry fruits at home. Purvi offers to go to the market. Driver has left already. Sakshi asks Vipul to take Purvi to market to bring dry fruits. Purvi goes with him reluctantly. Sakshi smiles. Flashback shows Sakshi telling the driver to make an excuse and take half day from Virender. Did you do the other thing as well? He nods. The petrol pipe is leaking. Car will break down soon. Any mechanic will take few hours to fix it. She tells him to go to Virender now. Flashback ends. Sakshi thinks this time will bring Vipul and Purvi together.

Vipul tells Purvi he could not say no to his boss. I know you are still upset with me but I am staying over only for his sake. She tells him to stay anywhere but not to think about her ever again. Nothing can happen between us. Lightning strikes. Car stops suddenly. Vipul gets down to check and notices the leakage in fuel pipe. I will call a mechanic. Strong wind is blowing. There is no network. They decide to head home on foot.

Virender hears the news about the storm. Sakshi asks Virender to call Purvi and Vipul. He tells her to call them thinking that they must be inside. Sakshi says I sent them to market to bring dry fruits. It’s been 2 hours and now their phone is unreachable too! He points out that there is a storm outside. She says I thought they will be back soon. He tries their phone but in vain. It is raining badly outside. Where would they be!

Purvi and Vipul are in the jungle. It is raining like cats and dogs. He covers her when he notices a branch coming towards Purvi and gets hurt. They decide to take shelter in a hut / house nearby.

Virender tells Sakshi he cannot reach them or police. It is all because of you! She says I sent them to bring dry fruits so I could make kheer for you. He retorts that he does not want it. What will happen if they get stuck somewhere or get into an accident? Who will be responsible? Sakshi says I am responsible for all of this. It was just an excuse to send them together. I am very worried. He tells her that she has become crazy trying to get Bawri married. You risked their lives! I will have to go to find them myself. She is reluctant. Anjali asks Sakshi if Vipul and Purvi are stuck outside in this weather. Virender says we are worried for them. I am going to find them. You need not worry. Sakshi does not want him to go but Virender stays put. Anjali tells Sakshi not to stop Virender. Purvi si young and Vipul is her childhood friend. Hope they wont do anything wrong. I hope you are getting my point. Virender hears her too.

Purvi sprains her feet and slips. Vipul asks her to give him her hand. We only have to go to that hut. She keeps her hand in his to take support. A piece of her dress gets stuck on a branch. The hut is empty. Purvi and Vipul sit at a distance from each other. Vipul finds logs and matchbox inside and lights them. He helps her sit near the fire. Purvi thanks Vipul for this arrangement. I feel a little better now. He asks her if she thinks he lit this for her. I am drenched and cold as well. He smiles.

Virender is driving around town to find them. He wonders where they would be. I hope I am able to find them soon.

Vipul asks Purvi if she is hungry. She says no but he tells her that he knows it is true. He starts looking at the stuff in the hut. He finally finds some veggies in a corner. I will make soup for us. He gives her veggies to cut. She asks him if he will add aubergine as well. He tells her that it is healthy.

Virender shows Purvi’s photo to random people and ask them if they have seen Purvi. They decline. He is worried. I wonder where you have disappeared, Bawri.

Vipul gives soup to Purvi. It wont be great but I tried. She takes a sip and tells him that it is good. Thank you. Vipul becomes serious. She asks him why he is so worried. He reasons that they will run out of logs soon. What will happen once the storm increases and we will run out of logs?

Virender continues looking for Purvi and Vipul.

Vipul keeps reassuring Purvi. We will start for home as soon as the rain will stop. She nods. He notices her shivering and drapes a sack around her. Purvi falls asleep while sitting. Vipul lies down and is shivering. He pulls an end of sack over himself in his sleep. Purvi wakes up and lies down as well. She pulls the sack over herself. Vipul turns towards her in his sleep. He keeps his arm over her in sleep.

Virender is still driving.

It is morning. Virender is exhausted but continues looking for Purvi and Vipul. He notices their car in a corner and recognizes it. They left for market in this car only. He gets down and starts looking for them nearby. He screams Bawri as he heads to the jungle. He finds the piece of cloth in one of the branches. He spots the hut just then and opens the door. He is stunned to see them sleeping holding each other. I am sure VIpul took advantage of this night! I wish this was just a dream. Sakshi and Anjali reach there as well. They are equally stunned at the sight. Virender shouts at them to wake up. I was looking for you entire night and you two were resting here! Even your phone was switched off. Vipul begins to explain but Virender warns him to be quiet. Purvi reasons that it is true. Listen to him once. She tells him what happened. I wouldn’t have been alive today if it wasn’t for Vipul. He warns her to stop. You have said enough and you two have troubled me already. He holds her by her arm and takes her home. Vipul and Sakshi look at each other worriedly. Anjali is impressed by whatever has happened. Virender is fuming after seeing Purvi and Vipul so close. This will ruin their family! It will be fun now!

Sakshi asks Virender if she should bring tea or kadha for him. He breaks his phone angrily. You aren’t worried even after what happened! They spent the night together and you are happy thinking that you got what you wanted! Why are you so selfish? You don’t care about their lives or my emotions in front of what you want! Sakshi insists she dint do anything wrong. I dint know that they will be stuck because of the storm. I also did not know that you will lose your cool after seeing them together and you will scream on me like this! I am telling you the truth. I sent them to spend a few hours together, not to do what we witnessed! Don’t you think they have come closer to each other now? He angrily tells her to stop her nonsense.

Precap: Virender asks Purvi how she ended in Vipul’s arms when they were stranded. Why did you need his support? Sakshi says they just have to say yes for the wedding. Virender tells Sakshi that he cannot see Bawri with anyone. That is valid for past as well as present. In front of the entire family, Sakshi remarks that God has sent the right guy for Purvi. She asks Vipul if he still loves Purvi. He says yes. Sakshi turns to Purvi next. It is your turn now. Are you ready for this marriage?

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. The trail drags on and becomes irritating with Saski’s blackmail and stubbornness in wanting to marry purvi to vipul .. This is not how she will get Virender’s love and attention again. The opposite is happening. He walks away and becomes distant with her .. It’s boring

  2. How much are they going to drag this Sakshi part yaar. It’s seriously getting super super boring. Now that Shaadi drama will happen. Don’t feel like watching the serial at all. Thank you Pooja to save us from the boring 30 mins episodes. I only watch the episode if it is interesting and you really help in that . Thank you.😊

  3. Sakshi wants Purvi married just to ensure she won’t be her rival for Virender’s love. She truly is not concerned for Purvi well being. If Molkki is about the fact that the husband paid money for the bride instead of getting a dowry, then why did they take the 7 phrase, also sindoor and magalsutra. What’s else is the difference from a normal marriage. And so far in this molkki drama, it is the women who are most cruel to the molki brides. When in this world will women stop being the cause of another woman’s pain.

    1. 7 Pheras. Where is Mama Ji? He arranged PuVir marriage. Let him come and talk some sense into Sakshi heads now.

  4. The more Sakshi pushes hard to get Vipul and Purvi married the more Mukhi draws back from her.

    She keeps listening to Anjili and isnt at all worried about her own well being when Purvi leaves.

    Wondering where the Kids and Prakashi Devi are?

  5. It is so annoying that Sakshi is all abt Purvi’s shaadi shaadi shaadi. The writers hv written her character from a respected woman to the most annoying one on television! She totally disregards Mukhiji’s feelings. He has already made it clear to her that he cannot see his Bawri with anyone else and she is his everything. The fact he walks away from her shows he does not hv anything for Sakshi anymore. The writer writes lovely dialogue for Purvi making it clear that she only loves her Mukhiji and the kids and to Vipul that she has no intention of marriage to anyone and he should find someone nice and get married. Then Mukhiji strong dialogues and expressions for Bawri only to ruin everything by going back again and again to the stupidity of what is Sakshi’s nonsense.
    Mukhiji has already changed the rules many times and said that Molkki should be given the same right as a wife and the do the exactly what a wife does. I agree with MO that they are married legally with sindoor and mangalsutra. The ladies in the series seem to be the culprits that are most mean to the Molkki. Same like Sudha’s case. It was her mother in law. Sometimes the story trail seem to give negative perception on certain issues when they should take a positive stand for it. For example forcing Purvi to marry using emotional blackmail. I hope they end this track quickly as it is not only boring but irritating!

  6. It’s sickening to read comments that imply that Sakshi should give up her own husband and leave so he can be with Purvi. Put yourself in her shoes and you will see that the only woman who is being deeply humiliated is Shaski. If I were her I would have spit in her husband’s face and left with MY children. God forbid a man like that who seems to have lost all sense of respect.

    1. Hi Juillet. How are you.. Sorry but Who’s to blame .. Not Virender’s and even less Purvi’s .. But this is the fate and greed of Prakashi and Anjalie .. Why disgusted .. Why say she should spit in her husband’s face .. And what she is doing seems good to you .. Forcing purvi to relocate and marry .. It is simply out of respect and duty that Purvi sacrifices himself for Saski .. Whose fault is Virender loves purvi .. I can understand that Saski is held not for 5 years .. But things change and evolve when you believe that the person is dead .. I think anyone would like that their partner who thinks they are dead can move on and continue in life. What Virender did .. In short she forces Virender to give up his love for purvi but that does not mean that he will love her in return .. Even children love and adore purvi .. In short I do not know not with this track that it is the image and the message which one wishes to transmit. Currently one reads that this custom starts to evolve .. But with this remarriage track what is the message .. The chief’s wife or his mollki .. To whom to stay married knowing that he respects the two women but loves one who is his mollki .. Don’t know .. But with this lead it’s Saski who is at fault

  7. Give up .. This is not what is called into question .. At no time is this question asked. It’s her stubbornness in wanting to marry Purvi …. It seems to me that she doesn’t know that Virender and Purvi have feelings for each other. I don’t think she knows about it. Because purvi hasn’t really spoken about her choices and feelings. She executes Saski’s decisions just so she can find her place in her family and her husband’s heart. But his behavior only hurts Virender and pushes him away from him .. I tell myself that fate is playing a dirty game on them .. Frankly .. Anyway, let’s relax and see what CV has in store for us. let’s see is that Virender loves purvi and respects his wife who is the mother of his children but cannot give her back her place in her heart .. As I said earlier .. The series has been able to make people understand and change the mentality of some chefs village who practices this tradition .. But let’s be honest what the show shows what message .. May molkki have more power than the main woman .. I don’t think that’s the message we want to get across. Because it is this track which is shown .. Especially with the diabolical plans of Prakashi and anjalie which goes up the head of Saski while saying that Virender chief of the village listens and sees only through purvi which is his mollki .. Quite mixed and restless I am with the current track .. Who has more power main woman or mollki ..

  8. I wish there is a twist where virendra will secretly sit in the wedding instead of vipul….and maybe lock vipul somewhere 🤞🤞🤞🤞😐

  9. At the end
    This story is about women power over one man
    One woman can wreck a man happiness
    Just think 4 women causing havoc
    This is my take….
    Virender moving on after 5 years… it’s reasonable. Poor guy just was about to enjoy a woman’s touch again. Along comes his wife.
    He respects her but he is truthful in saying that he has fallen out of love. He wants to do the right thing by staying with his wife but also wants purvi.
    This is the chaos
    In real life I have seen people get married after a month of their spouses demise.
    Sakshi wants everything back as normal but it’s not.
    She can try but if your husband says he is not in love with u. You should leave an find a better life.
    She should concentrate on getting rid of Anjali and Prakashi who caused all this damakka.
    Even if she stays … she has to deal with the 2 devils
    Bcos of them she lost 5 years nd the love .
    If this happens to me … first I make sure to take out the 2 devils( plot with purvi) and maid Bhuri.
    Make sure my maids n domestic workers are on my side
    Purvi is supposedly a bold n righteous person
    She need not get married. Here she is like a puppet willing to marry anyone that sakshi points out to .
    She can get a divorce , go back to college and earn a living.
    If purvi really loves Virender…. fight for him.
    She has Virender’s support.
    Whatever happens only one woman can stay
    My take it’s an entertainment drama
    Just enjoy it… lots of loopholes

    1. Hi 100% agreed with you..As Purvi can go back to her hometown without get married with any man..she dont have to adhere all conditions by Shakshi..she has a right to choose her own path even tough she just a Molkki..

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