Molkki 23rd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Purvi shows a mirror to Virender

Molkki 23rd December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi asks Headmaster if they can meet Juhi or Manas’s friends. Headmaster agrees. He asks someone to let them speak to other kids.

Anjali is angry as to what’s happening. She asks Jyoti if she tried to woo Vaibhav. Jyoti says I tried. I even asked to watch some movies with me but he refused. Anjali tells her they cannot lose this chance now. You have to win him over at any cost! Anjali decides to tell everything to Virender on phone. Purvi finds the bill. The kids will be here only.

Purvi meets the kids. Do you know why Juhi and Manas don’t want to come to school? The kids shake their heads. One guy notices that Anya is trying to hide something. Purvi requests him to let her try once. He agrees. They send the other kids back in class. Purvi speaks sweetly to Anya who tells her everything (in mute). Purvi, Priyu and Vaibhav are shocked to hear it. Purvi prays for the well-being of the kids. Don’t know where and how they will be. Priyu assures her that they will find them. Purvi recalls that she had thrown a bill in the bin earlier today. Let’s go home right away. Vaibhav asks her why. She says we will find out about their whereabouts from there only.

Anjali keeps calling Virender while he is busy with work. He attends her call in the second attempt. She tells him everything. Don’t know where the kids must be. Virender asks her if Purvi knows this. She agrees. She said that we must not tell you anything but I found it weird. You are their father. You should know everything. She pretends to be hysterical. I don’t know whether they are fine or not. He agrees and ends the call. He asks his Mama to come with him. we must go home right away!

Purvi returns home. Virender’s mother asks about the kids. Purvi says I have to find the clue first.

Mama is shocked to know that the kids have not attended school since 2 weeks. I hope they are fine. Virender says they will be. He tells the driver to drive fast.

Purvi picks up the dustbin. Vaibhav, Priyu and Virender’s mother asks her what she is looking for. She tells them. Virender’s mother shares that we throw in the back of the house and a truck collects it. Purvi says we must find it. She runs downstairs. Virender’s mother shouts after her. Be careful. Your wound has not healed yet. Everyone follows her. Servant is about to throw the garbage but Purvi stops him. They start looking for the bill. Purvi finds it. The kids will be here only. Let’s go. They head there with Vaibhav. Anjali picks the bill. I will tell Jeth ji everything before you can reach here. He will be there before you. I have added petrol already. Now there will be a blast! She calls Virender.

Purvi, Vaibhav, Priyu and Virender’s mother reach the tea shop. Driver starts running the moment he spots them. Vaibhav catches hold of him. He pleads innocence but she notices their bags under a tree. Why have they missed school for 2 weeks when you say that you have been taking them to school every day! Where are they? Vaibhav is about to hit him when Manas shouts at Purvi. Your friend is here. Purvi hugs them one by one. Are you both fine? They nod. Juhi says driver uncle dint do anything. We only asked him to bring us here every day. Drive nods. I tried to make them understand but they threatened to get me fired. I am a very poor man. My kids would have died if I hadn’t done this. Please forgive me. Vaibhav holds him as he kneels down on the ground. Purvi asks the kids what they would have done if someone had taken them away. What if something happened to you? Tell me why dint you go to school. She asks Juhi to answer. Juhi retorts that they don’t want to go to school. Do anything but we wont go there ever! She holds Manas’s hand and begins to walk away when Virender tells her to stop. Everyone is shocked to see Virender.

Virender warns Juhi for lying and cheating them. I wont spare you today. He raises his hand to slap her but Purvi holds his hand. Everyone’s eyes widen in shock. He shrugs her hand away. You are not my boss! You think you can do anything just because you are Mukhiyayin? No one has held my hand till date but you will? Stop trying to control me! You lied to me, hid their truth from me and are trying to boss me! Remember that they are my kids, not yours. I should know about their whereabouts, not you! I will decide what to do with them and how to handle them, not you! Remember it well. Don’t come between me and my kids after today! He tells his mother not to let her dance on their heads. Tell her to be in her limits. How could you hide this from me? Why did you support her? Purvi says it isn’t wrong to support what’s right. These kids may be yours; you might have a right on them but I hid everything to fulfil my responsibility I wasn’t trying to snatch your rights from you! You can speak nicely to them. They are little kids, not some culprits who you can punish! You should extend your hands towards them instead of raising your hand on them. Hold their hands well and guide them. Maybe no one will hide anything from you then. I hid this as you only choose punishment as a solution to everything. You scare and scold them but don’t try to know why they don’t want to go to school. You listen to every angle of a situation in Panchayat. Why aren’t you trying that here? Maybe you will be able to take the right decision next time if you will do that once. I know you wont like hearing this but it is true that you dint fulfil the responsibilities of a father well. You should have given them the love of a mother and a father after Sakshi ji passed away but you couldn’t even love them like a father. Did you try to find the reason behind them skipping school once? You did not try even once! You decided to punish them without knowing the reason. You are wrong. I will tell you why they don’t want to go to school.

Purvi says it is because the kids tease them. They call them weak in studies but mock them as well. They are the only kids in the school whose parents have skipped all the meetings till date! They have also said that they might be orphans or were picked from trash! I went to their school today and they told me everything. Do you want to know the answer? Flashback shows Anya telling Purvi everything. That’s when Juhi decided not to go to school. Think what they must be feeling when the other kids would tell stories about how their family made them feel special. What must Manas be feeling when his friend would tell him that his Papa played a game with them today! think about how they would feel. Have you taken them out for a stroll or given them a gift? Have you played a game with them? You wont even know what games he likes. You haven’t done that. You dint try to check about them in those past 5 years. Your silence is telling me that you are wrong here. I don’t regret hiding any of this from you. I think I did the right thing by hiding it from you as the kids got saved from your punishment. He insists that the kids did wrong and the kids who tease the kids are equally wrong. He asks them to come with him to school. I will teach a lesson to those kids. They wont bother you or anyone else again. The kids hug Purvi. Virender firmly asks them to come. Purvi asks Virender if she can come with her too. They are your kids after all. I am just their friend.

Precap: Headmaster says we must rusticate the kids. Purvi asks for a chance. I promise you they will work hard and pass. Headmaster keeps a condition – they have to pass the exams or you will have to get them admitted to another school. Purvi agrees. At home, Purvi asks Virender if he will let Juhi celebrate her birthday if she will pass her exam. He agrees. Purvi is holding a sheet. Virender says my fear is going to come true. They may not pass! I must look for another school now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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