Molkki 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Chaudhary’s evil plan to seek revenge from Virender

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Purvi tells pundit ji to start the ritual. He asks her how she is related to Nandini. Purvi says I am her Ma. I can do it now, right? Pundit ji nods. Title track plays as Purvi sits down for the ritual. Chaudhary smirks. This must be kept as a memory for forever but it will be fun to show it live to Virender. He should see how his Molkki is giving the hand of his daughter to his enemy’s son. He deserves to have this much fun.

Virender comes home but finds it too quiet. Where is everyone? He calls out to Purvi and the kids. Anjali and Prakashi come out and ask him why he is shouting. He asks about Purvi but they have no clue about Purvi or the kids. Even we cannot see him anywhere. Virender is surprised to see Chaudhary’s incoming video call. He shows the live video of the wedding to Virender. Anjali peeks at his phone. Virender is shocked to see Purvi and the kids there. Anjali signals Prakashi to look too. Prakashi joins them. Virender warns Chaudhary who ends up congratulating Virender. I would have been happier if you were here too. This wedding wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t suggested me to change the venue earlier. I agree that she has a very big heart. She is doing the kanyadaan of your daughter. We are relatives now. It is ok that you dint attend the wedding but do come to my haveli to meet her. you will come as the father of the bride. Remember to lower your head a little and keep a tab on your tongue. Don’t forget it when you visit us. He ends the call. Virender vows never to forgive Bawri. You have spoiled Nandini’s life. You did not do the right thing. He heads to his room. Prakashi and Anjali high-five and laugh.

Pundit ji pronounces Nandini and Aarav as husband and wife. They are about to touch Chaudhary’s feet but he stops them. Take Purvi’s blessing first as this marriage wouldn’t have happened without her. Your Baba had sworn not to let it happen. Nandini says I dint expect anything else from him. Chaudhary seconds her. She saved us on time. I cannot tell you what your Baba’s men have done to the marriage hall. They would have taken you home forcibly and don’t know what would have happened to Aarav. She deserves to bless you before everyone else today. Purvi folds her hands. I dint do anything great. I only did my duty. I pray that you two are happy together. She leaves with the kids.

Purvi reaches home with the kids. They tell Purvi that Babbar Sher will scold them now. Purvi tells them not to worry. We dint do anything wrong. We made them happy by being there. People who love you a lot get angry on us. We will pacify him. Go and sleep now. I will handle everything. They nod and hug her.

Virender is still in disbelief. How can Bawri do this? She cheated me and joined hands wih my enemy! She broke my trust, my respect. I will never forgive you, Bawri! He throws his turban angrily. Purvi picks it up and walks up to him. This is your dignity. Please don’t throw it like this. He says you have already done that by cheating me and going to that wedding. This turban wont bring back my respect after what you have done today. I wont be able to look anyone in the eye. No one will respect me now. She tries to explain but he warns her not to utter another word. I don’t want to hear anything from you. She tells him that she went there to fulfil his duty. I went there so no one will point finger at you tomorrow and say that you shied away from your responsibilities as a father. It is the duty of a father to shower love on his daughter. I only gave her her happiness. He claps for her. It was a good lecture but you ignored my love to help my enemy. Mukhi never hugs his enemy. You are no less than my enemy from today onwards! Don’t come in front of my eyes from today. We will sleep separately. The farther we are from each other, the better. I will go alone to submit my nomination for Mukhi tomorrow. Now I will do everything on my own. I don’t need your support. She tries to tell him to listen to her once but he leaves. Veer has overheard everything.

Aarav and Nandini come home. Chaudhary’s wife sends them to their room to rest. Chaudhary tells the guests to have food. They go inside. Chaudhary tells his wife it will be fun to take revenge from Virender now.

Veer calls Nandini. How are you and Aarav? Nandini says they are fine. Veer jokes that he has never seen her without makeup till date. He must be afraid. She says very funny. Ever imagined how you would look with makeup? Jokes apart, is everything fine in haveli? Veer shares that Mukhi ji was scolding Molkki when she came back. You know how he is. He never listens to anyone so how will he listen to Molkki? They have decided to even sleep in separate rooms / places. I shouldn’t say this but she is in a problem because of you. I was wondering if I should return our room. Molkki has done so much for your wedding. We can do this much. Nandini agrees with him. I have also decided that we wont call her Molkki but Purvi from today onwards. She ends the call.

Next morning, Veer comes to speak to Virender and Purvi. He addresses her by her name. You two don’t have to stay here anymore. Please go back to your room. He thanks Purvi for what she did for Nandini yesterday. I am not going this aftr what she did for Nandini. I can shift to another room now that Nandini is married. Virender asks him how he had a change of heart suddenly. Don’t feel pity for us. We are fine here. Take Bawri. I am happy with the servants. Veer says I know Nandini was wrong.i wanted you two to come back to your room earlier but you know how stubborn she is. This is just a request. He excuses himself. Virender tells Purvi to shift in that room. I cannot stay with you. I will stay in the guestroom.

Sudha comes to haveli. Purvi takes the box from her. what’s in it? Sudha says it is halwa. Purvi gets excited and decides to bring bowls for them. Sudha says I will bring halwa for you tomorrow. This is for Veer. He met me in the market and he even bought a turban for me. He said that he does not believe in discriminating between men and women over gender. Purvi teases Sudha. He is a good boy, right? Sudha says he is very good. She composes herself. He is very calm and sorted. He is not at all arrogant even after being Mukhi ji’s son. He does not differentiate between men and women. He is really nice. Purvi smiles. You have come to know him a lot in such a short span of time. Do you like him? Sudha says I like him for the kind of human being he is. Purvi smiles. Give it to the good guy. He must be in his room. Bring 2 boxes next time. Sudha nods and leaves. Purvi is sure something is going on between them.

Servant is helping Virender take bath but there is no water. Virender complains that he has put soap on his face. He sends servant upstairs to start motor. Purvi is walking past the bathroom and covers her eye. Virender complains that the soap is hurting his eyes. She goes inside to help him. He thinks it is a servant and tells her to rub soap on his back. Purvi applies soap on his shoulder. Virender calls her feminine. Put some pressure. Don’t know why your hands are so soft. Start the shower. She tries but there is no water and tells him. He asks her to go out. She slips and he holds her. Water supply is restored. They share an eye lock as they get drenched. Servant comes back and lower his eyes. Has the supply resumed? Purvi switches off the shower and tells the servant to help Virender. Virender and Purvi smile at each other as she leaves.

Precap: Nandini tells Prakadhi and Anjali that Mukhi ji is right. You two have been wrong especially towards Molkki. She corrects herself and says Purvi. Virender asks Nandini what she is doing in his haveli after marrying his enemy’s son against his wish. She reminds him that she is the rightful owner of the haveli and not him. He shouts Nandini but she tells him not to shout. Purvi tells Virender he will have to break if he wont learn how to bend. That’s what’s happening with you. You are not willing to bend so you are breaking up and you are also breaking the relations with time.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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