Molkki 22nd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Will the kids be rusticated from school?

Molkki 22nd December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nurse tells Virender to do it asap. My bandage is ready. He helps Purvi sit up and opens the top 2 buttons of her gown. He looks away. Nurse asks Virender why he is feeling ashamed of his wife. Nurse bares Purvi’s shoulder and tells Virender how to change the bandage. Laal Ishq palays. He refrains himself from looking at her and she looks away as well. He does as told and changes her bandage. Nurse tells Virender to do this at home daily. She has recovered now. Her wounds wont just heal like that. You are strange. You acted so strangely when she was unconscious. You kept pacing outside the OT worriedly, did not let any of us sleep and you even asked everyone so many questions from time to time! You are feeling shy in front of her now! She is your wife. You have to take care of her. She excuses herself. Purvi looks at Virender. He wonder if she is a nurse or radio. She said anything that came to her mind! Purvi smiles.

Vaibhav gives the DVD’s to Priyu. I know you wont be able to sleep as you are worried for your sister. Don’t worry about her. She will be fine. Priyu accepts the DVD’s and closes the door. I guess ii misunderstood him earlier. I now realise he is a nice guy too. Vaibhav thinks he has not understood what he has to do this village girl. She is an emotional girl! It will be fun!

Next morning, Virender’s Mama, mother, Priyu and the kids have come to hospital to take Purvi home. The kids hug her one by one and tell her stories. They all smile. Purvi gets discharged from hospital. Doc tells the family to take good care of Purvi. Mama assures him about it.

At home, Virender covers Purvi with a duvet. Virender’s mother says the house feels alive again now that you are back. Manas and Juhi have made welcome cards for Purvi. Manas hugs her and gives her a kiss. Welcome back my friend, elephant! Purvi smiles. Juhi gives her a get well soon card. Mama tells Purvi that they were more concerned for her than them. Looks like they have gotten used to you. Virender’s mother tells them to get ready for school. Purvi asks Sudha how she knew about Kallo Tai. Sudha shares that she saw her in the market once. I recognized Kallo Tai’s bangle and followed her later. Flashback is shown. I came to tell you but Chachi ji told me that you went outside with Virender. She was trying to hide the truth because of the punishment. I saw you from the other room. I even went to Tai’s house to find out the truth. I stole her gun when I found out that she wants to kill you. I brought the gun here to give to Virender but there were so many guards here. I hid it in a container. Kallo Tai had found the gun and took it back. I will make sure Virender will celebrate the death anniversaries of both his wives on the same day. Sudha continues that she realised that the gun was missing. I was coming to tell you when that happened! Virender’s mother says nothing can happen to the ones God want to protect. Everyone leaves. Purvi is looking at the cards. Virender keeps a pillow behind her head. She smiles. Virender smiles a little as well.

Manas and Juhi are troubling everyone. Anjali is trying to make Juhi’s braid when Purvi offers to do it. Anjali happily agrees. Purvi convinces Manas to get ready as well. Virender’s mother tells Purvi to rest. I will ask Anjali to do it. We will manage it. Purvi says it’s done. I am tired of resting. Let me do something. You know how much I love spending time with kids. Virender’s mother nods. You should also take care of yourself. I will send turmeric milk for you. You can rest for some time and then get back into action. She heads to the kitchen. Purvi finds a bill in one of the books. Driver asks Purvi to give the bags of the kids. They are getting late for the school. She throws the bill in the bin. He is relieved that she dint read it. Purvi sends the kids off to school.

Driver locks the windows and drives past school. He wipes his sweat.

Headmaster calls at the landline. Purvi picks the call and introduces herself as Manas and Juhi’s mother. He shares that the kids have missed school for 2 weeks. We haven’t received any application either. We will rusticate them. She shares that she has just sent them to school. He advises her to find out where they are right now. This is worse than missing school. Purvi gets tensed. Priyu brings medicine for Purvi. She runs and informs Virender’s mother about the conversation. Where are they going then? Anjali murmurs to Jyoti. They are fooling us at such a young age! Virender’s mother hopes Virender wont find out anything. Purvi says we wont tell him anything till the time we find out the complete truth. Vaibhav asks her how they will find out about the kids. Purvi asks Vaibhav to give driver’s number to her. Driver ignores Vaibhav’s calls. Purvi tells him to keep calling him. Driver picks it up finally. Vaibhav scolds him. Driver makes an excuse. Purvi asks about the kids. He lies that he dropped them in school. Purvi ends the call. Where are they if they are not in school? I will go to school and check. Virender’s mother tells her against it but Purvi calls them her responsibility. Priyu offers to come with her. Virender’s mother sends Vaibhav with them.

The shop owner tells driver he was warned already but they wont spare you if they find out the truth. Driver speaks of his helplessness. The guy says I will also be stuck if you are caught too.

Purvi asks Headmaster why they weren’t informed earlier. Headmaster says we have been sending communication to Virender but in vain. No one came to school in the past 5 years. We couldn’t say anything earlier as Virender is the Mukhiya but it is enough now. We must rusticate the kids!

Precap: Anjali tells everything to Virender on phone. Purvi finds the bill. The kids will be here only. Later, Purvi asks the kids why they dint go to school. Juhi retorts that they don’t want to go to school. Virender scolds her. He raises his hand to slap her but Purvi holds his hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. Vivi sounds much better or it could be Puren, Vipu or something like that too. Anyway, I’m glad that Sudha didn’t try to harm Purvi. Viren and Purvi’s moments are so sweet. I can’t help but to screenshot everytime they’re there 😍. Hope Ekta won’t put her favourite stunt “dead comes alive” and bring Sakshi. I just don’t want to see her coming back given how much Viren loves her.

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