Molkki 20th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Vaibhav destroys Anjali’s phone

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Purvi says we must tell Virender everything before 2 pm. We have only 30 minutes left. We must show him this recording or messages. He should know what his brother has done. Sudha asks her to come with her. I have seen him going to his room.

Vaibhav’s friend (Radhika) tells Vaibhav she will tell Virender everything honestly. He tells her it isn’t needed. Radhika asks him if he has agreed to do what she has asked him to. He denies. He locks her in the room.

Kids are worried for Purvi. Purvi and Sudha walk past the kids room. They hear her voice and look outside. Purvi removes her dupatta while speaking to Sudha. Kids hug her excitedly. Her phone falls in the paint bucket. Sudha and Purvi get tensed. Sudha reasons that this was their only chance of proving her innocence in front of Virender. Purvi nods. We have onl6 20-25 minutes left now. Sudha wonders what Purvi will do now. Kids apologize to Purvi. We got excited when we saw you. She tells them it ok. Don’t tell anyone that you saw me in the haveli. They promise her. Purvi wonders how and why Virender will trust her without proof now. We must find that blackmailer’s phone asap or no one will be able to believe us. Purvi asks the kids if they are fine now. They nod. She tells them to play. We will meet you soon. Manas picks up Purvi’s phone as she goes with Sudha. Juhi speaks of a way to revive Purvi’s phone.

Purvi and Sudha start searching another room.

Radhika asks Vaibhav to open the door.

Anjali decides to reach guest room before someone sees her. She is holding something in her hand.

Juhi uses nail polish remover to clean Purvi’s phone. Manas says haathi will be delighted if her phone is fixed. Juhi nods.

Priyu looks at the clock. We only have 15 minutes now. Hope Didi finds the phone before that.

Purvi notices Anjali coming out of the guest room which puzzles her. She decides to check the room again.

Anjali overhears the kids speaking about Purvi’s phone. She eyes them curiously. Whose phone is it? They recognize the phone and gets shocked. It is the same phone that I had sent to Purvi! Flashback shows Anjali planning to send this phone to Purvi to make her do things because of which Virender will hate Purvi. Flashback ends. Anjali wants to stop Purvi from finding her phone.

Purvi checks the guest room.

Vaibhav’s friends ask for Radhika. They want to go look for her but Vaibhav goes instead.

Priyu’s eyes are fixed on the clock.

Purvi feels sad. I couldn’t find the phone. I couldn’t even save Priyu. Everything is over now. She looks at the idol and then turns around. She notices footprints on the stool kept in the room. She starts checking above the shelves of the cupboard. She finds similar checks above another cupboard. This time she is able to find the phone. Thank you Kanha ji. I found this phone with your help. I wont spare the blackmailer now. She turns and comes face to face with Anjali. Culprit may be smart but he leaves a clue always. You left your footprints on the stool. That’s how I found this phone. My Kanha ji saved me though. Anjali tries to take the phone but Purvi warns her to get ready for punishment. Do you even know what Priyu has gone through? You
I kidnapped those kids because of you! I got thrown out of the house, Priyu got shot. It was all because of you! She had to bear all that insult because of you. You dint stop Vaibhav when he was raping Priyu but you were recording it quietly. I kept quiet all along but I cannot accept it. You have disrespected a woman! I will tell Virender everything. Anjali stops her. I love my sister just how you love your sister. I wanted my sister to find a good guy and a good house. That was my only greed. I know I have made a grave mistake. I apologize to you. Purvi says this is unpardonable. I wont sit quietly this time. Anjali says Virender wont spare Jyoti or me if he finds out anything about this. Please save my marriage. I beg you. She even touches Purvi’s feet. Please save my house. Everything will be ruined. I wont do anything nasty. Please save me. Purvi thinks of all that Priyu had to go through because of the blackmailer. It is too late now. I will tell Virender everything. I wont listen to you now. She leaves. Anjali panics. I must stop her!

Virender is in the corridor. Purvi calls out after him when a hand covers her mouth and puls her to a corner. Virender recognizes Purvi’s voice. Her voice is ringing in my ears even after being cheated by her. he walks away.

Vaibhav looks in the corridor to make sure Virender has left.

Anjali is looking for Purvi. I must take that phone back.

Vaibhav asks Purvi what she was about to do. Purvi says I was going to tell the truth to Virender. Vaibhav shares that he overheard her convo with Anjali just now. You have made things easy for me by finding this phone. Anjali Bhabhi was forcing me to marry that illiterate Jyoti because of this video! Purvi says she is better than you. How can you sleep at night after doing all this? Vaibhav says I sleep peacefully every night and I will sleep better after tonight. He breaks the phone and stomps on it. Purvi looks on helplessly. He challenges her to tell the truth to Virender now. No one will be able to believe you after what you have done! Purvi says you did a great thing by breaking this phone. You ended up saving my sister’s dignity. I was quiet till now but not anymore. You broke this phone, erased that video but I will tell everything to Virender honestly. We will see who will win! Vaibhav reminds her that she has absconded from jail. You deserve to be there. don’t call Bhaiya. I will call him here and tell him what you are up to.

Virender asks Inspector if he could find Purvi. Vaibhav tells her that she is in this very house. She has come here dressed as one of the dancers.

Anjali finds her phone and heaves a sigh of relief. Vaibhav broke it before Purvi could show it to Virender. Now there is no proof against me. It will be fun to prove Purvi a liar now! See how I will turn the tables around now.

Virender heads upstairs.

Virender’s mother asks Anjali to check the guest list. Has everyone come? Anjali nods. All invited and invited guests are here. Virender’s mother shoots her a puzzled look.

Virender finds Purvi. You have done so much. What’s left now? Show me your true face now. She says that’s what I wanted to do too. I have come here to tell you the truth. He says you are still willing to tell me the truth after all of that. Tell me what it is. She proposes to speak to him in private.

Virender’s mother tells Anjali to say what she wants to. Anjali says Purvi eloped from jail and has come here dressed as a dancer. Virender’s mother and Mama call it a lie. Anjali says she has come to tell Virender something. She is saying that Priyu has been raped. Virender’s mother asks her who did that but Anjali asks her to hear it for themselves. I cannot say that name.

Virender and Purvi come to their room.

Virender’s mother and Mama are also headed to Virender’s room. Priyu decides to go after them. Sudha notices them too.

Purvi tells Virender she had to do all of that unwillingly. I was compelled. He asks her to share what really made her do that. Purvi tells him the truth. Priyu, Virender’s mother and Mama enter the room just then. Virender looks at Purvi in disbelief. Who has done that?

Precap: Purvi takes Vaibhav’s name. Virender keeps a condition – I will punish Vaibhav right away if you are able to prove him guilty or otherwise you will leave this haveli, my kids and this town for forever. Purvi accepts his condition. Purvi asks Virender to call Radhika. She might be able to tell the truth. Virender asks a servant to call her. Servant comes back with Radhika’s dead body. Everyone is stunned.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. They are dragging it too much 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ in truth coming out
    2. Poor radhika she will be killed by vaibhav to save his lie😢😢😢
    3. Is purvi stupid, now she want to prove priya rape truth, and today she let proof end 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ and she will fight for justice
    4. Just hope 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 truth come out soon
    5. Like seriously 🧐🧐🧐 i never imagined that anjali will do such cheap thing just to let jyoti marry vaibhav🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ and how can being woman she want her sister to marry rapist 🙄🙄🙄 just for money

    1. Seriously why she want Jyoti to marry a rapist…… Not even enemy will think so…


    Hope the kids show that phone to virender hope they help her.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Totally hope this only 🤞🏼🤞🏼
      As this is the only proof left to prove purvi truth infront of virendra

    2. IAM afraid this is not gonna happen like this😑😑 there was BTS today everyone, Vai and even Anjali was there. If truth was out then Vai wouldn’t be there.

  3. 😅😅😅 mukhi kis bat Ka itna rop jharta hai…. Mukhiya ke Ghar mein hi murder hogaya. AUR kisiko Kano kan pata Nahi chala..😅
    Wese Woh larki toh margayi ABB toh Mukhi ko Tora Dimag me paidal marke samaj Jana Chahiye ki Kuch garbar hai.
    Purvi bhi ek no. Ki bewakoof hai jab sabut Nahi hai tab Mukhi ko batayegi…..
    writers serial likh rahe hai ya web series… Puri mysterious and thriller Bana Di serial KO ..

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