Molkki 20th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Will Manas and Juhi see Purvi?

Molkki 20th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virender drives away. Purvi brings Daksh downstairs to show him the car but he tells her that there is no car here. She insists that it was the same car that was here on his birthday and even her scarf was tied on the handle. Trust me. I am not lying. He tells her to relax. You haven’t slept properly so you are imaging things. Delhi is a big state. It is very normal to find similar cars and scarves here. You have to go to Radha Krishna temple in morning. Nani always goes there when she is in India. Please go and have some rest. She goes inside with him reluctantly.

Next morning, Daksh has picked his Nani from the airport. I am so glad that you have come to stay with me in India. She tells him not to misunderstand her. I am here to meet your would-be wife. Where is she? He tells her to have patience. I cannot make such a precious thing meet you like that. Let there be some suspense. Nani tells him that she trusts his business sense but not his choice in girls. You don’t understand but your ex-girlfriends in miniskirts used to leave you in no time. My DIL should have a class. That’s how we would be able to proudly call her the DIL of Shekhawat House. Daksh is sure he will be in trouble today. Nani wants a classy DIL in saree while Dhwani is a simple behenji who wears suits. I told Dhwani she can be herself but Nani wont spare me if Dhwani will turn up in her behenji avatar.

Daskh and Nani reach temple. Nani asks about Dhwani who comes just then wearing a saree and high heels. Daksh points at her. Nani is smitten by her in the first glance. Daksh is unable to take his eyes off her. nani wonders how Daksh got such a good taste suddenly. I love her. Daksh thanks her for accepting his choice. Purvi greets Nani with folded hands and touches her feet. Nani blesses her. She is just like the girl I wanted for you. She goes to distribute money outside.

Daksh asks Purvi how she changed so suddenly. You turned into Dhamaka from Dhwani. How did it happen? Purvi says people do anything for their best friends. You have done so much for me. I stayed up all night to prepare for this. You can see the result yourself. Daksh says Nani might get us married right away. That’s fabulous. She thanks him. Nani tells Daksh to go now. Let us talk in private. We will come home on our own later. Daksh nods. You guys can continue. You don’t need me anyways. She reminds him that Dhwani can become their DIL only because of him. Don’t be jealous. Go to office now. Let us spend time together. He agrees. He tells Dhwani to take care of his Nani. She corrects him. She is our Nani. Daksh hugs them.

Manas and Juhi surprise Virender. They are excited to see Delhi so they asked Veer to take them with him. Virender agrees to show them around. First of all, go and order anything from room service. They run off excitedly. Veer asks his Baba if he is still disturbed because of that voice. Virender nods. I have not been able to think clearly since I heard that voice. I am positive it was Bawri’s voice. Veer calls it impossible. I told you earlier also. It’s been 6 months. You need to divert your mind. Just relax. Why don’t you go to the Radha Krishna temple that’s nearby? It will help you relax. I will look after Juhi and Manas. Virender agrees to give it a try.

Virender reaches Radha Krishna temple. Nani and Purvi are buying puja thaal. Virender is right behind her but she has her back to him. She goes inside with Nani. Virender buys a puja thaal and heads inside as well. Purvi and Virender take rounds around a pillar. Virender and Purvi offer water to the Shivlinga at the same time. A guy is standing between them and they do not really look up so they miss seeing each other again. Nani and Purvi fold hands in front of Radha Krishna’s idol in reverence. Nani tells her to thank God as she could meet her would-be husband because of Him only. Virender is waiting for his turn at a distance. Purvi and Nani begin to go. Virender raises his thaal to give to pundit ji when the chunri flies and falls on Purvi. Virender walks up to her. Nani removes the chunri and gives to Virender. He turns by the time Purvi turns to look at him. She notices him from behind and experiences flashes again. Nani holds her as she stumbles a little. What happened? Purvi says it might be because I dint have anything since morning. Nani suggests heading home.

Nani asks Purvi if she likes Daksh too. We both like you very much. Purvi says I only know that we meet the ones we are destined to meet. My yes or no does not matter if I am destined to be with Daksh. Nani praises her for talking sweetly. I wonder how he found someone like you. Purvi reminds Daksh that her interview for teaching job is due tomorrow. Chandni is happy for her but Nani isn’t. Purvi says I am doing it for myself. I enjoy spending time with kids and teaching them good things. I am not doing it for money. Nani gives in. Do what you want but let’s also do your engagement asap.

Virender calls Daksh. Is your Nani here? Daksh nods. Virender reminds him that they should have dinner with him tomorrow. Daksh agrees.

Manas and Juhi request Virender not to send them to hostel. We would be good. Virender tells them that this is the best school of Delhi. You will get to know a lot many things apart from studies here. Manas asks him if he would have sent them to hostel if haathi was there. Juhi also asks him to answer. Virender hugs them. This is a very good school and has very good teachers. They will take very good care of you that’s why I got you admitted here. Manas prays to haathi’s Kanha ji. Please send haathi back. Baba wont ever send us to hostel if she comes back. Come back, haathi. Where are you?

Purvi, Daksh and Chandni are on their way to the school.

Veer, Virender, Manas and Juhi are also on their way to school.

Daksh notices Purvi worried. Are you nervous? She denies. I am worried about Nani. What if she finds out about our drama? She proposed getting us engaged in a day or two. Hope you understand that I wont be able to do it. He tells her to leave it on him. Focus only on your interview.

Juhi and Manas are looking out of the window sadly. Their car is at a red light. Daksh stops his car next to theirs. Kids look on curiously towards the girl in passenger seat in Daksh’s car.

Daksh tells Purvi not to worry about the interview. I am the trustee of that school after all. She calls him cartoon. I don’t want this job because of your recommendation but by my hard work. Chandni encourages her. Purvi smiles. She turns her head around but a car stops between Virender and their car just then. Manas and Juhi are not able to see her face. Light turns green. The car, which was between Daksh and Virender’s car, moves. Purvi and kids look towards each other.

Precap: Principal tells Virender not to worry about the kids, they are their responsibility now. They will get the best education there. Kids cry and tell Virender not to leave them. He tells them that this school is very good for their future. He leaves. Purvi comes to the same school. Kids see her. Manas tells Juhi that they need to tell Virender that Purvi is in that same school.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Okay nice episode. looks like Purvi and kids are going to meet first atleast? Or it’s going to get dragged as usual. Let’s see. That’s all I have for 20th August episode.
    I wanted to say one thing about yesterday’s episode as I watched late, and I wanted to comment here. Please excuse me for a moment. It was shown that Virender wanted to see if it was Purvi when he picked up the phone right? You all remember? Lol I just thought of something. If Virender wanted to know if it was Purvi, I think he would just randomly ask Daksh like “can I see your mangetar’s picture if you mind?”. Obviously Daksh, you wouldn’t have her picture? Cannot be lol. Or maybe because he just knew Daksh and it won’t be nice to ask? I think it wouldn’t be disrespectful I guess? Hahah as simple as that but no. Guys, this is drama, isn’t it? It will be needed to drag and drag. Just saying.. Just saying 😂😅
    And also one more thing on today’s episode. Wow guys, I wanted to also said, those who watched Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, look who is here hahaha. I mean I saw it earlier but just want to say is now. Our Vansh’s dhadi is Nani here. Nice. And most important thing I wanted to say is about Purvi. Oh my 😍, she is so pretty with saree on. You know it’s been so long I have waited to see her with saree on too. So beautiful !!❤️ I just like how she is naturally pretty. I just love how Priyal is. I am so in love with her!
    Lastly,I was checking on the 19 August written updates comment section too. I mean like guys.. we all know that whatever is it, it is gonna be Purvi and Virender as couples in this drama. It’s always like that. We know they are the main leads. As far as I have seen,I meant I have seen ya,all drama’s main leads (hero and heroine) are together end of the day. They love each other and live together end of the day. As far as I have seen,and most of the time is like that isn’t it. Excuse me if I am wrong because I do watch serials but hardly all serials. So how would this change in Molkki. I don’t think so. Like I said, I am PurVir fan, even though I said I would like to see Daksh and Purvi together, I didn’t say forever. Just for this time being. Still I do want to see them together. Because we all know it. Let any new entries come and go,let it be anyone old, young, man, woman, whoever, it is still about Virender and Purvi end of the day. Even Toral came into the drama as Sakshi, imagine she is Virender wife some more, she is also gone. Then the boy Vipul (sorry no idea bout his real name). Purvi’s first lover. He is gone. So it’s just like that.
    Ofcause I know you all giving your opinions, we all have our own. It doesn’t matter if people are going to agree or disagree with us. But just saying that anyhow it all comes back to PurVir. So, let’s just carry on watching. We are worried for trp as well so let’s carry on watching. End of the day, PurVir forever! 🥰 Yaay and cheers!

    1. Selva..

      Me too was thinking the same..what ever happen ..Purvir will be together..
      We will see Dhawni & Daksh track at least 1 month just like Shaksi entry..
      Anyhow we are excited to watch Mollki and the journey has reached 200 episodes..
      Yeah i love to see Vansh’s Daadi in IMMJ now become Daksh’s Nani 🙂

      As the writer told last nite, they will be a long way for Dhawni to get back her guys just enjoy and watch Mollki..for me this is the best series I’d ever watch..their love story was so realistic

  2. A serial where there were so many shaadi attempts for purvi 😂😂 last seen was gaurav now I think daksh will end up like vikas, gaurav, vipul 😂😂🔪🔪. Definitely this shaadi won’t happen as ekta is smart to give sudden last minute twists 😉

  3. I am die hard fan of virendra and purvi
    I want them to get back together
    Love their chemistry together
    I know they love each other very much
    Virender is a hard tough stubborn man
    Sometimes when we love someone… we need to tolerate their nonsense
    But purvi as a molkki need to prove herself in the family n her community
    I would love the writers to show purvi as an independent woman ( which in every comment .. I have been saying)
    Her molkki status should change the way of thinking in Haryana .
    Please show some motivation thro purvi
    Manas and juhi need their haathi…
    Please save the children

  4. Thanks to Pooja for the warm welcome and to the other girls and boys who write here🤗 Sonia Sakshi was a real headache for the serial. The epizodes with her was a real torture and a test for my nerves. The most useless and unnecessary trak. Her trak lasted three months, not one.I am glad that this torture is over🙏Then I watched only because of PurVir, because even then, despite the problems, they continued to prove their love for each other.
    The epi 200🎉🎉🎉 Manas is love🥰These kids are so smart. They have always been the pillar of the Purvi-Vir connection. And now it will be so. The best scene from the episode was between Manas, Juhi and Virender😘

  5. Hai everyone
    Every molkki drama watcher…. we need to remind ourselves that this is a drama like all the dramas is a bit far fetched and a bit far from reality n practicality
    It’s supposed to be purely entertainment and to be enjoyed for the moment
    When virender attends daksh s birthday party … it’s impossible that you can’t see purvi
    She is there… and no way u cant meet her
    That’s the reason … this is called drama
    Just sit back n enjoy
    Like I always say… my favourite characters are virender, purvi and my dear manas n juhi
    They make the drama come alive

  6. First of all, its my request to colors TV that plz change the timing of my favorite serial molkki. It should be telecasted at 8:pm plz.. And dnt drag it any more, get the haathi back to juhi n manas.

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