Molkki 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi agrees to celebrate Holi at the Haveli

Molkki 20th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi says I cannot live here anymore. Juhi stops Manas from turning. No cheating! Purvi hugs Virender again for the kids’ sake. Virender thinks it isn’t Bawari but her anger talking. She has a lot many things against me inside which is why taking 10 rounds of the village looks like an insulting punishment to her. She is not wrong though. It is my fault. Her words and anger is justified. They part. Virender tells Purvi not to make a decision while she is angry. Even elders advise of it. Think of something when you calm down. Think about the kids. They were looking forward to play Holi with you. Their festivities would have turned into mourning. Purvi says they are smart. I will explain to them and they will understand. If it is so important then I will stay till Holi. I will leave once Holi is over. Kids count 59. Virender hugs Purvi before the kids turn. Juhi says we thought you were miffed with each other but you hugged each other for an entire minute. Manas says you hugged for an entire minute. It means Baba loves haathi. Juhi says just like haathi loves Baba. They circle around them singing the happy, love song. Virender stops them. We will celebrate Holi together. Kids nod. They all have a family hug. Purvi tells the kids she will celebrate the Holi with them. It is our first holi together after all. She whispers to Virender that it will be their last Holi together.

Virender is in the corridor. Manas and Juhi play Holi around him. He is lost in his own thoughts and walks absentmindedly.

Purvi picks a kurta. She realises that she cut the button and becomes emotional. She hangs it in the cupboard again.

Virender is also thinking about Purvi. Their past moments flash in his mind.

Purvi is packing her bag but something or the other keeps reminding her of Virender.

Virender notices everyone making preps for Holika Dahan downstairs.

Purvi looks at the room emotionally. She wipes her tears as she thinks of the good times she has spent with Virender and the kids. She goes to help Prakashi and Anjali in the kitchen but ends up hurting herself.

Everyone gathers for Holika Dahan. Virender looks at Purvi who tries to avoid him but the kids make her stand next to Virender. The puja starts. Kids make them do puja together. Their hands touch while picking something from the plate and they look at each other for a second. They immediately move their hands away. Both of them are emotional. Purvi hugs the kids tightly and cries. Virender looks on. Juhi asks haathi what happened but Purvi shakes her head. She goes inside.

Panch have come to haveli for holi celebration. Prakashi sends them inside with Yogi to meet Virender. Everyone else is outside. Purvi takes a plate of colors to the cell. She tells Sakshi it is Holi today. She applies color on Sakshi’s face and also gifts her a new pair of clothes. Sakshi fills her hairline with the red color. Purvi asks her if she is married. Sakshi nods. Purvi asks her if she remembers her husband. Where is your family? Do you remember anything? She thinks of Virender, Manas and Juhi and of the accident. Purvi wonders where she will be able to find Sakshi’s husband.

Kids are chasing Virender. He tries to evade them saying that he does not enjoy Holi. Haathi is calling you. Go to her! They keep following him though. Virender starts running.

Purvi tells Sakshi not to worry. You will find him soon. She wipes Sakshi’s tears. Please help me unite whit her family asap, Kanha ji.

Sakshi fills Purvi’s hairline with red color as well. Purvi’s eyes well up. Sakshi pats at her shoulder worriedly. Purvi composes herself and takes water from the pot. The glass falls down creating noise. Virender comes to the cell after hearing the noise but runs away when the kids try to apply color on him. Purvi and Sakshi were hiding in a corner. Purvi makes Sakshi sit again. I will send Sudha soon.

Purvi heaves a sigh of relief. Thank God I got saved today but I cannot leave her alone there. I will take her with me. Maybe Sudha will be able to help.

Virender locks himself in a room to escape from the kids. Only God can save me from these devils now! They knock at the door but in vain. He turns around and finds Purvi in the room. She picks the plate of colors and walks towards him. You could escape from them but how will you escape from me? He ducks as she tries to apply color. She chases him around the room. She finally catches hold of him and applies color on both his cheeks. She tries to walk away but he pulls her closer. He rubs his cheeks on her and applies color on her. He challenges her with his eyes. He tucks a strand of hair behind her ears. She applies color on his nose and runs away. Virender is jolted by a sound and his dream is broken. Purvi is packing her bag. He touches his cheek but it is clean. Are you really going to leave us? She says yes. Tell me what you want. He says I want to stop you from going. I want you to stay here for forever. She says not everything can happen as per your wish. I am a human being too. I have a heart and a brain which is telling me to leave. He says the Bawari I know can never think of leaving this haveli, kids and me. Purvi says it is coming in my mind now. Just spend today with me somehow. I am anyways leaving tomorrow and you can happily live alone then. They both look at each other. Virender says you made me forget how to live alone anymore and now you want to leave me alone. There were no colors, happiness in my life since Sakshi left. I was all alone. You came in my life and taught me how to live and smile again. You filled my life with happiness. Now this Holi will also become like the holi of past 5 years. I will be alone yet again. Who will fill my life with colors? If you are being stubborn then so am I. It is only you who will apply color on me or no one else will! He walks out of the room sadly.

Kids come there looking for Virender. They see haathi and take her outside. Purvi wishes Happy Holi to Prakashi. They apply teeka to each other. Prakashi tells her to meet Mama ji. Sudha comes there just then. Purvi and Sudha wish each other with a hug. Purvi excuses herself.

Purvi tells Sudha they cannot leave that woman in the cell. I am leaving tomorrow so we will take her with us. She is married. We must find her family somehow. I can understand how painful it is for a human being to love someone and not be with them. She looks at Virender and cries. She composes herself before Virender can see her.

Precap: Sakshi wants to play Holi and go outside. I want to see everyone play. Sudha tells her against it. Sakshi insists so Sudha takes her on terrace. Anjali follows them. She walks towards Sakshi when Sudha goes to bring gujia for her. Virender is drinking bhaang. He tells Purvi that she told him that she wanted to leave him after Holi. Purvi says I will leave right away if it was up to me. She walks away angrily. Virender imagines speaking to Sakshi. She advises him to close his eyes and think of the problem whenever he is in trouble. You will find your answer. He closes his eyes and is able to see Purvi. He gets startled. I have only seen Sakshi after closing my eyes till date. Does it mean I have fallen for Bawari?

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Lovely episode 🥺 but a little emotional too 🥺 and why can’t Sakshi tell Purvi her name? Then at least Purvi will know it is Sakshi ji and they both share the same husband 🙁 I am wandering what is going to happen when Sakshi and Virendra meet face to face and he is with Purvi omgg 🥺 but I liked the episode it was lovely. The PurVir scene was a dream again, I hope the next episode doesn’t have a dream again if not everything will stay sad but I am excited for upcoming. 😍 let’s see how mukhi proposes her and confesses his feelings. Tho I hate Sakshi I do feel a little bad for her

  2. Lovely episode 💕💕

  3. Really a beautiful epi. Loved every part of it 🥰

  4. Although Mukhiji will propose to Bawari, I think at the last minute she will know who Sakshi’s husband is. If the wedding continues, then she is no more a Molkki and there will be no story to tell about Molkki. It is a sad ending though.

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