Molkki 1st January 2021 Written Episode Update: Virender apologises to Purvi

Molkki 1st January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjali stops everyone and points to a bag asking if anyone checked that bag, it’s possible that the necklace is in that bag. She personally checks it, but finds nothing. Priyu is relieved. Maa asks Anjali shall they leave now? Everyone leaves. Priyu says it’s good that she hide money near window.

Kids have dressed as detectives and are trying to find the necklace. They discuss Purvi got punishment because of them. Virender hears it. He asks them what they were discussing? How did Purvi get punished because of them? Kids are quiet. He raises his voice. Everyone comes there. Manas tells that Purvi didn’t burn the painting. Juhi did it by mistake. Juhi says and on her birthday, they were the ones who gave clothes and jewelries to Purvi. Purvi tries to save the kids, but Virender asks her to stay back. He asks kids from where they got clothes and jewelries? Anjali gestures them not to take her name. He asks kids whether they took the key from his room. Juhi says Anjali gave them to give to Purvi. Everyone is shocked. Manas further says that she told them not to tell truth to him (Virender). Juhi says she blackmailed saying she will tell him about the painting and then he will beat them a lot. Virender asks Anjali to come in front of him and tell the truth. Anjali murmurs with low voice. He tells her to speak loudly like she was accusing Purvi other day. Anjali says whatever she did was because of Purvi’s sister. Since her sister has come to the house, she’s disrespecting her (Anjali). Purvi is shocked. Anjali says Purvi’s sister behavior is not good with Anjali and her sister, so she thought to take revenge by doing the same with Purvi. She says it’s all her fault, she shouldn’t have done this. She apologises and asks for forgiveness. She even falls into his feet and begs for forgiveness. She says she was scared that Purvi’s sister would throw out her sister. She says she made mistake. Virender says enough! He says he used to think Anjali is innocent, but she turned out to be extra smart. She turned out to be a master in how to accuse someone wrongly and insult them. Purvi had to suffer so much because of her. He asks her to stand up and apologise to Purvi in front of everyone by folding hands. She goes to Purvi and apologises. Virender tells Anjali that he would have thrown her out of house if she was not Yogi’s wife. He gives her last warning. If she ever does anything like this, he won’t give her another chance. He asks her to go away from his sight. She leaves.

Maa tells Purvi that she knew that the truth would come out one day. Purvi says Anjali planned everything smartly, but it was someone else who shouted and insulted her in front of everyone. It was someone else who labeled her as a thief. Virender is quiet. She says and it came from most understanding and matured person of this house. She can never forget this insult. She cries and walks away. Virender’s dad tells him that a mistake is mistake whether you do it purposely or not. He suggests Virender to apologise for his mistake.

Purvi is in her room. Virender comes there. She thinks she doesn’t want to see his face. What he came for after doing all this? She starts working. He thinks she’s thrashing pillows as if it’s him. How to say sorry to her, she seems very angry. He tries to go to her. She’s making the bed and hits Virender’s face with the bed sheet. He thinks that he shouted at her for clothes and now she’s beating him with the clothes only. If he goes near to apologise, then she will take all her anger out at him. But he must apologise.

Vaibhav calls his friend and asks to pick him and Jyoti in 15 minutes. Vaibhav tells Jyoti to get ready nicely. She tells him not to worry. She will get ready such a way that she will challenge Hollywood actresses. Priyu hears it and decides to get ready as well and show that Jyoti is nothing in front of her. She will make Vaibhav go flat.

Virender gathers the courage and goes to Purvi. She closes a drawer forcefully and his fingers come in between. She holds his hand and says she warned him and now he got hurt. He looks at her. She’s blowing at his fingers. He says sorry. She looks at him in a shock. He says she knows how much he loves Sakshi. When it comes to her, he gets emotional. But in any case, he hurt Purvi a lot. He will accept whatever punishment she gives. He hasn’t hurt anyone until today and never apologised to anyone either. He doesn’t know how to apologise, so just accept his apology. If one sorry is not enough, then he will say sorry hundred times, but she should not cry. She says she is not crying. Those are happy tears. He says what? She says she is crying out of happiness. It’s good that he realised his mistake. Stone-hearted person’s heart melt. At least sorry came out of his mouth. She couldn’t stop her tears after seeing such miracle. He says she was no less. She shouted at him so much too. She says he was against her, so she had no choice. And if her Tauji was… He asks isn’t he dead yet? She says die her Tauji’s enemies.. sparing him. She smiles. Both look at each other. She leaves. He also smiles.

Precap: Purvi sees Vaibhav and Priyu kissing. Purvi asks her what she did. How did she make such a big mistake? Priyu says that she wanted to take revenge from Virender for insulting Purvi. She wanted to snatch the necklace for which he did all that. Purvi asks her to give that necklace to her. Priyu says she doesn’t have that necklace, she sold it. Purvi slaps her and asks wasn’t she ashamed doing such thing? She goes to tell everything to Virender. Virender is outside, playing cricket with kids. Ball hits window where Priyu hid the money. All money fall down. Purvi and others come there. Everyone is shocked.

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