Molkki 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Virender insults Chaudhary

Molkki 19th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sudha and Priyu give turmeric milk to Virender. He asks about Purvi. Priyu says she is making payment to the laundry guy. Veer comes with wheelchair just then. Virender is touched by the gesture. You brought it for me? Veer says you said you have a lot to do but you are advised to take bed rest for 2-3 weeks. You can go out now. Virender says it is a good thought. Thank you. Veer begins to go when Virender asks him to help him sit on it as well. Veer looks at Priyu and nods. Sudha helps Veer and they help Virender sit on the wheelchair. Veer takes Virender outside. Sudha says Veer is a good son. He brought wheelchair the moment he found out that his father cannot walk. Priyu disagrees. It was a great thing to do. His sister is responsible for Mukhi ji’s condition. He is trying to hide his penitence. She walks out of the room. Sudha thinks I know you don’t like Veer so you are saying this. I think otherwise though.

Purvi smiles as she looks at the wheelchair. Sudha and Priyu told me about it. Virender nods. It shows that Veer is atleast still a little concerned for me. Purvi says it seems like he is still concerned about you and loves you. Winning over him wont be that hard. Virender nods. I wish it was that easy with Nandini too. I don’t know how to win her heart. Purvi says I have a solution. I went to Chaudhary’s house today. She tells him everything (in mute). They will come to our house to ask for Nandini’s hand. Please say yes. Virender asks her if she is mad. My daughter wont become the DIL of that house! How dare he bring his son’s alliance for my daughter? I would have hit him if I was well. She tries to talk to him calmly but in vain. Virender Pratap Singh and Chaudhary Charan Singh can never be friends! She asks him if he cannot do it mend his relation with Nandini. Virender tells her not to trap him in her sweet words. I have told you clearly. Purvi reminds him how Nandini had held onto his hand during the movie premiere. I saw love in her eyes that day. I even found your photo in her diary when I went to her room. I can say that she may be bitter to you or might hate you but she still loves her Baba. You too should forget about your enmity with Chaudhary if he can leave the past behind. She folds her hands in front of Virender. Say yes for the alliance tomorrow if you want Nandini to love and accept her Baba again. This will be your biggest chance.

Next morning, kids run around excitedly. Purvi tells them to be careful. She tells Virender that Nandini is excited after knowing that you have agreed to meet Chaudhary ji. Let’s pray that things become better between you and Nandini soon. Anjali tells Purvi Nandini is ready. Let me know when they are here. I will bring her. Maid informs them that Chaudhary is here with his family. Anjali goes to bring Nandini while Veer and Prakashi go to welcome the guests. Purvi tells Virender to remember that he is doing this for Nandini.

Chaudhary greets everyone. The haveli is sparkling even today. Virender says Mukhi’s haveli is his pride. It was and will always sparkle, irrespective of who comes or goes.

Anjali brings Nandini downstairs. Nandini and Aarav look at each other. Veer takes his sister to the living room. Chaudhary says let’s start afresh today. Their happiness is more important than our enmity. Prakashi agrees. Anjali serves sweets to Chaudhary who takes the plate to Virender. Virender moves his hand aside. Chaudhary taunts him for sitting on the wheelchair. How will you manage the village when you cannot walk yourself? Virender asks him if he has ever seen a horse race. The rider is always sitting on the horse and guiding him. It is about how you guide / handle a horse. The tighter the grip, the faster the horse runs! Virender is still holding the reins of Rewari village. No one can lead them astray till the time I am here. A servant gives a paper to Chaudhary. Chaudhary says let’s focus on this for now. He gives an engagement invitation to Virender. Virender tells him to keep it with himself. We haven’t said yet. Chaudhary says parents have to give in reluctantly when their young daughter says yes for the marriage. It is just a formality now. It is about respect after all. Accept it and say yes for the alliance. We have come to seek the bride, not your happiness. This is about relationship, not a deal! If a young girl elopes from her house, villagers / neighbours make the life of other family members hell. I don’t want you to go through something similar. Say yes. I can fold my hands and request you if needed. Anjali tells him it isn’t needed. We are lucky that our daughter will go to your house. It is final! Virender signals Chaudhary to lean forward. Nandini and Aarav hold hands.

Virender tells Chaudhary he knows that just how a dog’s tail can never be straight, he too will never change. Tell me clearly what you want. Chaudhary asks him if he still cannot understand. I want this village. You are smart so you would understand what I mean by that. I will be holding you and your daughter’s reins after marriage anyways. He smiles. Virender tries to stand up but Purvi tells him to stop. He holds out his hand so as to stop her from interfering. He gets up with difficulty and tears the invitation shocking everyone. Prakashi and Anjali smirk. Virender tells Chaudhary he understood his intentions and mentality well. Get out of the house right away or I will throw you out of here! Get going. Don’t stare at me. Just leave. I was right about your intentions but I was helpless because of my daughter. I was giving you a chance but you will never change. You are a snake who wants to bite us only! Understand it well that our families can never become one. We were and will always remain enemies. My daughter wont become the DIL of your house ever! Do whatever you want! Purvi asks him what he is doing. Chaudhary tells Virender this will cost him badly. He asks his son they should go now. We have been insulted enough. We begged him and requested him but he wont budge. How will he be ours when he couldn’t be his own daughter’s? Aarav begins to leave when Nandini requests him to stop. Please don’t leave me. I really love you. Aarav frees his hands. Virender tells Chaudhary that he will kill him and his family if he sees them near his family ever again. Don’t try to mess with Virender Pratap Singh again! Remember it well. Prakashi smirks. Nandini breaks down. She looks pointedly at Virender.

Purvi and Virender come to Nandini’s room. Nandini throws a vase angrily shocking Purvi. She asks Virender to leave. Why have you come here? You have snatched everything from me already! My Ma, my life, my happiness! Aren’t you satisfied yet? Aarav was my only source of happiness but you ruined that too. You cannot see me happy. You only think about yourself. you are a selfish person! Virender tells her it isn’t so. Try to listen to me once. Purvi seconds him. He is your Baba. Please try to listen to him once. Nandini shouts in disagreement. Neither is he my Baba nor are you my Ma! I don’t want to listen to anyone. Just leave me alone! She storms out of the room. Purvi tells Virender they should give her some time. She will neither listen nor understand you right now. We should speak to her once she calms down.

Purvi brings Virender to their room. Virender wonders how to tell Nandini he is her father. I am doing it for her sake. I am doing it for our family. Why can’t she understand what Chaudhary is actually after?

Nandini is crying in her room. Veer brings food for Nandini but she asks him to leave. He tells her to wake up. I came here for the hungry mice in your tummy. We are twins after all who share a special bond. One can understand what the other is feeling. She calls him annoying but he does not mind. I got the license when I was born. He feeds her. She knows that he hasn’t eaten anything either and feeds him too. She tells Veer she wont forgive Mukhi ji for what he did today. He does not want to see his kids happy. I will make him pay for what he did though! He asks her what she will do. She says I have made up my mind already and calls Aarav.

Precap: Purvi finds a letter and says what did you do Nandini? Chaudhary calls Virender and informs him that Nandini has run away to marry Aarav, hence he called to invite him. Virender gets furious.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Thank you Pooja for the update.
    Was waiting for it since it was out on voot.
    Thank you for updating so early. 🙂

    1. Pooja

      Welcome Liza 🙂

  2. Okk… The only thing that I learnt about the plot in this episode is that Veer and Nandini are twins.

  3. sudh and priyu scenes and veer scenes are the one I am loving the most these days. Nandini scenes are totally useless. I like how the director is giving equal screen time to the leads while still focusing on the kids. Virender’s anger and roar was also amazing. Good episode.

  4. Hai pooja
    Still awaiting for your today’s update
    Well I have seen the episode but still love ur updates
    Hai molkki fans….
    Anjali instigating priyashi
    Priyashi… I feel is a materialistic and selfish from the beginning
    She didn’t tell purvi that vipin wanted to marry her and she is becoming a molkki .
    She kept quiet bcos she wanted to marry na vin with purvis mol money
    Secondly she stole sakshis necklace n spent the money to impress vaibhav.
    She wanted to be the DIL of the family
    She encouraged vaibhav .
    Refused to leave the haveli in spite of purvis advice
    Decided to marry him after getting raped by him but started taking revenge.
    She knows about Anjali and again the look on her face wanting to be a Mukhiyaji is there.
    🤦🏽‍♀️ . Veer needs to prove that he can become the Mukhi ( he is a Chota batcha)
    And if she does encourage veer….. where does this network of relationship takes us
    She is supposed to be veers aunt by relationship
    This doesn’t happen in our culture… marrying your aunt
    For once priyu should think about purvi
    Unless the big twist/ raaz like I mentioned in my early review is veer is virenders half brother…, then this relationship with priyu makes sense
    Maybe this is the reason why Prakashi hates Virender
    I don’t want to see all the other clowns
    The only scenes I want to see is how Mukhi going to deal with his daughter
    Plus bonus rounds of romantic moments tween Virender n purvi
    Veer as a brother should take a step.
    Manas n Juhi should tell their siblings how they were treated by Anjali when purvi was not around

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