Molkki 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Sakshi wins the elections!

Molkki 17th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The promotion is on in full swing for both the candidates.

Sakshi asks Juhi and Manas if they wont meet their mother. Manas shouts no. Juhi adds that they do not like her. we support haathi. Manas says you should wait and watch. Our haathi will win. Virender asks Bawri to come. We have a lot to do. Kids cheer for haathi and more people follow. Sakshi watches them leave. This is politics. I will go to any extent to defeat you this time.

Purvi and Sakshi visit the villagers. Both are welcomed nicely at every house. Purvi takes a pot of water from a pregnant woman. It isn’t good for the baby to carry such a heavy pot. Virender says this is what your Sarpanch should be capable. Sarpanch should be able to support you and shoulder your responsibilities. Sarpanch shouldn’t just show fake love and click photos (hinting at Sakshi). How will someone help people of Rewari if they don’t realize it? The other lady takes the water pot and seconds Virender. Choti Mukhiyayin will become our Sarpanch now.

Sakshi gives speech on stage. Sakshi calls Purvi Molkki. She wont be able to do what I can do for you. Many such Molkki’s have come and go but a DIL leaves only when she dies. I came here as DIL, as Mukhi ji’s wife. I will leave only after serving all of you for my entire life. You should choose your DIL. A man seconds her. Not Molkki but Mukhiyayin should be the Sarpanch. Her supporters cheer for Sakshi. Purvi’s support cheer for Purvi as she comes on stage. Sakshi ji was right. She came here as a DIL and I came as Molkki. She might have missed telling you that the same family and same Mukhi ji has ousted her from the family. It is because she cheated and ruined her own family. She risked her kids’ life and had even sent her husband to jail. She has done her duties beautifully! She has forgotten that she had made me Choti Mukhiyayin and the right of a DIL herself. I have never cheated anyone since I came here. I have fought for justice for the women of Rewari and for others as well. I have stood by Mukhi ji’s side in Panchayat too. Decision is yours now. You have to decide who the real DIL is and who deserves to be the Mukhiyayin.

Sakshi walks up. I am the deserving candidate. Molkki is talking about honest and duties. Ask her what the biggest duty of a wife is? Is it to accept her husband as everything or to flirt with every other guy? Ask her what her relation with Vipul, Daksh and Arjun is! Why did she marry Arjun when Mukhi ji was there? What will people think of the women of Rewari if such women are made Sarpanch? Think through before coming to a decision.

Purvi stands up. It was Sakshi ji who had brought Arjun here. She laid a trap for me and got me married to Arjun forcibly. She is the one who shot Daksh and she trapped Mukhi ji for it instead. She has done so much to take revenge from me. She dint even spare her own kids. She got them kidnapped and put their lives in risk. She dint even let her own baby survive. The DIL who couldn’t be her family’s and the mother who couldn’t look after her own kids cannot take care of you. How can you trust her then? The mother who can kill her own baby and is a murderer, who cannot see beyond her selfishness and revenge and who isn’t afraid of God and laws, cannot take care of anyone else. Everyone stands in support of Purvi and cheers for her.

Virender does aarti of Purvi. You do my aarti and pray for my success every time. I have done it this time. I am sure you will become the Sarpanch this time. Come and check for yourself if you don’t trust me.

Voting has begun and people come to cast their votes. Sakshi, Purvi and Virender are outside the voting centre. Officer tells the guard to close the door as they start counting.

Purvi tells Virender she is anxious. He tells her not to worry. You are going to win. Sakshi must be worried. Officer comes outside. Virender asks him if Purvi has been made the new Sarpanch. Purvi’s supporters start playing dhol. Officer stops them. Celebrate later. We haven’t announced the decision yet. Sakshi is declared the winner. Virender and Purvi are stunned while Sakshi smirks.

Officer announces Sakshi as the new Sarpanch of Rewari. Panch are equally disappointed. Virender asks officer how this can be. Entire village supports Purvi. how can Sakshi win? Officer reasons that they have counted the votes thoroughly. Sakshi says this is an insult to me. do you think I cannot win? Virender nods. Sakshi agrees for a re-count. Officer begins to go inside when Virender stops him. It will be counted in front of us this time. Officer allows them to come inside.

Votes are counted in front of Virender, Purvi and Sakshi. There is a very big gap between the number of votes for each candidate. Officer tells Virender that Sakshi has won. Sakshi asks Virender if he is satisfied now.

Sakshi smile. Did you really think I will come back unprepared this time? I have come with full preparation this time. Flashback shows Sakshi paying bribe to the peon. She tells him to open the window of the room where ballots are kept. My men will replace the ballot. He is hesitant but she assures him that it will be done smoothly. She pays him. Peon sends the guy sitting in the ballot room inside. Sakshi’s men replace the ballot and set fire to the votes that Sakshi had actually received. They send the video to Sakshi and inform her over call. Flashback ends.

Sakshi asks Virender if he wants to investigate more. Virender and Purvi walk out of the office in shock. Anjali and Prakashi come there with dhol and garlands. Purvi and Virender are puzzled to see them there. Prakashi congratulates Sakshi. you have shown the entire Rewari how much they love you. You ended up becoming the Mukhiyayin. She puts the garland around Sakshi’s neck. Anjali follows suit. I am so happy. You have defeated Molkki badly. Purvi asks them if they aren’t ashamed. Don’t you remember how she had insulted you before throwing you out of the house? Anjali says it doesn’t matter. Everyone salutes the rising son. Why should we think of it when Bhabhi has forgotten everything? Prakashi adds that they cannot mess with the winner.

Precap: Virender tells Sakshi that no lady has danced in this Haveli. Sakshi says, whatever I want will happen. Later, a lady in veil is dancing in Haveli in front of the guests. Virender comes and says, stop all this. He throws the girl out. Her veil comes off. Virender gets shocked seeing her. Guests say this is Mukhi ji’s sister, Renu.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. How does Sakshi get money to give so many bribes?

  2. Through property of mukhiji

  3. Purvi should bribe a pyscho killler and should simply kill Sakshi now.


  4. Now his sister is here? Who’s next? Will mukhi jis mum come back from the dead

  5. Nonsence drama…after a year they have run out ideas….guess so after this his mom and dad will reappear fromm the dead..stupid and ridiculous story….cant bear to watch it anymore….how in the hell sakshi can be in the house….why she can sit in the same table as mukhi….how come she can do whatever she want in the house….very funny…once you are being ghrown out then you are back in again as if nothing happens. When she will be out….

    1. Exactly.

      That is why this show should have been the one to be pulled off air, not the one that had to suffer from such a fate.

      But some people never understand…


  6. No wonder the TRP keeps dropping keep up the good work 😭😭🙏😭😂🙏🤣😅😆 but no matter what we say the show keeps on going on and on with the drama so we lost all words now we just watch what happens but truth is Molkki needs help we want it to be on top because we love it it’s a unique story but stop spoiling it 😂😂 first big kids,now sister,then it will be mother , father ,cousins from the dead.

    1. the problem is not that old character that were never being shown came up, the problem is everything is dependant on money. everyone is being bribed and everything is going according to the villains. the villains have money coming out of nowhere and purvi when needs money she has nothing.

      well it kind of makes sense to bring relatives of mukhi in the show cuz u can’t show the entire family at a time or mention them on regular basis especially when you have so many problems in your own lives. This track clearly shows that vir does have relatives but the loophole is that everyone is bribed.

    2. Yes, bribery is another main concern from PD to Sakshi. They can get away with almost anything with money. It shows that people in Rewari can easily be bought and non-ethical. The rich there can easily get what they want whether it is illegal or non humanitarian. So sad with this kind of drama shown to the world…I thought they wanted to change the culture and society there….Purvi whom shows good human ethics, being honest and loving…is always at loss and misjudge..The world is not like this anymore…people value good ethics and behaviour. Hope makers can show this in the drama…very disappointed.

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