Molkki 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi gets stuck in a fire!

Molkki 16th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kids are playing in their room when Sakshi joins them. They ask her to play with them. She agrees but first asks them why they dint tell her Rakesh’s truth beforehand. Juhi says you wouldn’t have believed us. Manas says that’s why we brought proof (evidence) with us. Juhi nods. Haathi has taught us to bring out the truth with proof. Manas says this is why we brought Champa Didi to expose the bad uncle. Juhi says our haathi wont get married now. Sakshi realises what she was going to do with Purvi. Kids saved her in time and saved me from committing a crime. Kids ask Sakshi if she thinks they made a mistake by bringing Champa there. Sakshi says no. You did a very brave thing. You two are brave like your Baba. They correct her. We are brave like Baba, you and haathi. You don’t do injustice to anyone like haathi. Sakshi smiles. It is time to sleep now.

Next morning, Anjali is digging the backyard as her punishment. Purvi, Sakshi and kids look on. Manas says Babbar Sher has given the right punishment to Chuha (mouse). He corrects himself when he notices Sakshi looking at him and says Chachi. Juhi says she used to trouble us but now its her time. Look how miserable she is already! Purvi tells them not to mock anyone. She is your Chachi and she is elder to you. You shouldn’t laugh at anyone’s helplessness. She looks so tired already. I will request Mukhi ji to pardon her. Sakshi tells her it isn’t needed. She was going to ruin your life. This punishment is too less. Servant tells Anjali to work faster. Virender and Prakashi come there. Virender tells Anjali to manage the garden on her own today. He tells the servant to inform him directly if she is careless. Servant nods. Anjali tells Virender she dint do anything intentionally. I am too tired. You are merciful. He tells her that she has done a lot many things in the past for which he has forgiven her. You crossed your limit this time. You wanted to spoil Bawri’s life. You wont get any discount this time. Prakashi seconds Virender. Virender tells Anjali to cook lunch for everyone once she is done here. You cannot take help from anyone. He heads inside followed by Prakashi. Servant tells Anjali to hurry up. Anjali says I am doing it.

Prakashi tells Virender that guard told me about sparks in the electric wires spread in godown. I will call electrician. He nods. The sparks are shown.

Kids are enjoying ice cream and are excited that haathi wont go anywhere now. Purvi thanks them for saving her. They jump excitedly. Sakshi looks on sadly. Virender is also headed towards them. Purvi stops the kids as they might get hurt. Sakshi rues that she did her best but maybe fate has something else planned. How to find another guy for Purvi? Virender thinks I am happier than the kids. I cannot dance and express my happiness like them though.

Anjali is crying while cutting onion. Prakashi says this isn’t too much of a task. Just cut and veggies and then you can rest. This punishment is easy. Anjali requests her to help her if she finds this easy. Prakashi looks at her pointedly. Anjali says you pretended to not even care when Jeth ji announced my punishment. Prakashi says you did something wrong. How could I support you in front of Virender? Anyways, cut the veggies. Don’t give up so easily. We have to rule over the house and entire Rewari. This is easy. We can relax later on.

Virender asks his lawyer about divorce. 2 weeks will pass just like that. Keep me informed. Sakshi says I heard what you said. The procedure will be complete in 2 weeks and I haven’t been able to find any good guy for Purvi. I cannot leave her like that. Virender says I know your concern for Purvi. Sakshi says I promised her. I wont be able to forgive myself if I wont be able to fulfil it. I will worry for her future every second otherwise. Virender says we cannot marry her off to anyone just to fulfil her promise. We saw what happened in the past 2 weeks. God brings people together. The wedding will happen if it is God’s will. Don’t be stubborn that you want her to get married in 2 weeks itself! Drop this matter for now. Virender tells the servant to call an electrician to fixed the wires in godown. He agrees to drop him first and then bring electrician.

Purvi collides with Virender in the corridor. He smiles at her. How are you? She says I am fine like always. Why are you so happy though? Virender says even you are glowing today. Tell me the reason. I will go first. We are happy for the same reason. God did a miracle. Now you aren’t getting married and you wont even leave the house. Purvi says you are right that we are happy over the same reasons. We are forgetting it that our love will be incomplete. I might not have married someone else but our relation is going to break in a few days. I will have to leave you then. Why think of this fleeting happiness then? I beg you to think of me as a dream and forget me. Think of Sakshi ji and the kids. Spend time with them. They are your world. Please forget me. It will be a very big favour on me. She walks away leaving Virender in shock.

Purvi is emotional. She smiles as soon as she receives Priyu’s call. Priyu tells her that she is in Goa. Purvi gets excited. Are Ma, Baba and brother with you too? Priyu says they aren’t but someone else has come with me. Purvi asks her who it is but Priyu says it is a surprise. I am on my way to your haveli. Purvi tells her to come asap. I am waiting. They end the call. Purvi turns and finds Sakshi standing next to her. Purvi tells her that Priyu is here. Sakshi says it is good that your family will be with you. She apologizes to Purvi for choosing a guy like Rakesh for you. I realise it was a big mistake on my end too. Purvi tells her not to apologize. You wanted the best for me. Sakshi says I am doing my best to find a good guy for you. I wont be at peace till the time I find someone. Did you like someone before marriage? Was there someone who you liked? Purvi thinks of Vipul. No, there was no one. Don’t worry about me. I am happy. Priyu will reach soon. Let me cook something for her. She leaves. Sakshi is in a fix and prays to God to find a nice guy for Purvi asap. Bring him in front of me please.

Purvi is in the kitchen. Prakashi asks her what she is cooking. Purvi points out that she was making halwa. Ghee is over though. Prakashi tells her to bring it from godown. Purvi heads to the godown. Priyu comes home and meets Prakashi, Sakshi and Anjali. Priyu shares that her friend has come with her. He wanted to meet Purvi. They ask her about the friend. Priyu says he is paying the driver. She goes to check.

A fire sparks in the godown. Purvi screams for help. Kids hear her and see the fumes. They run downstairs to inform the elders about the fire. Prakashi points out that Purvi is in the godown. They run to the godown. Purvi is screaming for help. Sakshi calls out for help but no servant is at home. Prakashi tells Sakshi not to go inside. You can get hurt. Purvi is feeling dizzy. Sakshi tries to open a tap to use the pipe but the tap is jammed. Kids start crying for haathi. Priyu is shocked to see the fire. The guy looks at the burning godown. He breaks open the door. Prakashi asks Priyu about the guy. Priyu tells Vipul to be careful. He shouts Purvi’s name as soon as he enters inside. Purvi is shocked to see Vipul.

Precap: Priyu tells Sakshi nothing can happen to my Jiji till the time Vipul is there. He loves Jiji a lot. Sakshi tells Virender Purvi cannot find a better guy than Vipul. We should get them married. Virender is taken aback. Anjali says Vipul will create a rift between Jeth ji, Sakshi and that Molkki. Prakashi smiles.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Ooo so Vipul’s entry is in today. Seems interesting

  2. awesome episode. everyone was happy today vir, kids and especially purvi after she learned of priyu’s return. finally someone is here to take her side and guide her. i am pretty sure vipul will be a friendly figure to purvi.

  3. awesome episode. everyone was happy today vir, kids and especially purvi after she learned of priyu’s return. finally someone is here to take her side and guide her. i am pretty sure vipul will be a friendly figure to purvi.

  4. now they are gonna marry vipul to purvi? lets face it we want purevi with mukhi and kids the only way that will happen is if sakshi is dead for real. They might kill her off in the end for real i cant imagine how else things will progress.

  5. Sakshi is so bent on getting Bawari married.
    So that she doesn’t feel guilty
    So very wrong
    Even though it’s just a drama serial for entertainment but when your husband says he is in love with another woman ( in this situation)…..
    dear ladies…. what will be your decision??

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