Molkki 16th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Daksh proposes Purvi

Molkki 16th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi sits behind Virender. Virender tilts his head a little and his head bumps into Purvi’s head. He feels strange and turns. Purv is about to turn as well when Purvi receives Chandni’s call. Chandni asks her o come to the parking lot. Virender looks at Purvi. She has her back to him. Manager tells Virender his room is ready. They head in opposite directions.

Guests ask Chandni about Daksh who tells them that he will be here soon. Ishant and Chandni notice Daksh standing nervousy upstairs. Ishant asks him what happened. Daksh tells him that he is stressed. I have to propose Dhwani. Chandni asks him to have a few drinks. He denies. He notices Purvi and is mesmerised. Chandni and Ishant encourage him to confess his feelings to her. Daksh’s eyes are fixed on Purvi as he comes downstairs. Dhwani wishes him as well. He keeps his hands on her shoulders and asks for his birthday gift. She asks him what he wants. He looks at Chandni and Ishant who gesture him to speak up. Daksh fumbles.

Virender tells Veer that meeting was good. Daksh seemed good too. I will be home soon. Veer says that’s great. Where all have you been? Virender says I know every nook and corner of Delhi already. There’s no point going there. Daksh invited him on his birthday party but he does not feel like going. Veer suggests him to go there. You should get to know what kind of a person he is as he is going to be our business partner now. Virender agrees to try. They end the call.

Sudha asks Veer what Mukhi ji was saying. He tells her about Daksh’s birthday. He will miss Purvi ji if he will stay alone. He has to meet new people to forget the old ones. She nods. He wishes her good night, picks few cushions and lies down on the sofa. Sudha looks on.

Purvi asks Daksh what he wants. Chandni says cake is here. Daksh and I have same fate when it comes to love. He is a business tycoon but he cannot do this! She calls Daksh to cut the cake. Everyone sings birthday song as Daksh cuts the cake. He feeds the first bite to Chandni and then to Purvi and Ishant. Chandni and Ishant push them for a dance. Purvi tells Daksh she knows he doesn’t know how to dance. Don’t worry though. Just copy my steps. People will otherwise think that a business tycoon can make people dance to his tunes on work but not here. Hawayein plays in the background.

Virender leaves for Daksh’s place.

Daksh and Purvi are having a good time together. Virender is still on his way. Ishant asks Daksh to confess his feelings too. Purvi asks Daksh what Ishant was murmuring. Daksh says he was speaking about my birthday gift. She nods. Tell me what you want. He keeps fumbling. She asks him to speak up.

Virender reaches Daksh’s house.

Chandni keeps hitting Daksh. He ends up blurting about some random papers. Chandni takes Daksh aside. Purvi calls him mad.

Chandni tells Daksh he has to ask for love, not papers. Ishant brings drinks for him. Chandni pours 2 drinks in a glass and encourages him to drink it. Daksh obliges. I will go and propose now. I will discuss all the details. He walks up to Purvi. As my birthday gift, I want! He is still finding it difficult to confess his feelings. Virender rings the bell. Purvi wonders who closed the door. She goes to see who is outside. Daksh makes up his mind to propose to her today. Purvi reaches for the door but Daksh takes her inside to talk to her.

Chandni opens the door and is surprised to see Virender. She begins to imagine her wedding with Virender again. He is confused to see her there. She drops a vase while dancing (in reality). So you are here finally. It was love at first sight, right? He asks her who she is calling Chand ji. She says you are my Chand. He says I think I have come at the wrong house. Is it Daksh Shekawat’s house? She nods. I am his elder sister. He asks for Daksh. She says he will be here. Just come inside. He complies. She is dancing. He turns and catches her thus but she stops herself. She takes him inside.

Purvi tells Daksh there might be some important guest. Daksh says it is my birthday. I have to ask for my gift today or I wont be able to ask for it ever. She promises him that she will give it to him. He asks her if she can be his girlfriend. She gets confused. He tells her not to misunderstand him. I am speaking about fiancé. She asks him if he is fine. He realises that she got upset. Flashback shows Daksh’s Nani calling him and telling him that he is coming over. You will see me dead if you don’t marry this time. Daksh decides to do something. Nani seems very serious this time. From where can I find a girl? Chandni gives him coffee. He tells her about Nani’s phone call. She wants me to get married this year. She said she will be dead to us if I don’t marry this year. Chandni tells him to tell a story to Dhwani. Tell her that Nani is getting him engaged to someone. Ask her if she can pretend to be his fiancé. I am sure she wont say no. You will kill two birds with one stone. Daksh smiles. Flashback ends.

Daksh tells Purvi it isn’t what she thinks it is. Nani is coming back to India. She is after my life to get married. I don’t want to get married. Chandni Di is still unmarried. How can I think about myself? Nani has threatened me this time. She will stay here for 2 weeks. I swear this drama will be over once she leaves. I swear this is not a prank. I am very serious. Please? Virender comes to the party hall. Chandni asks him to dance but he tells her he does not enjoy it. She goes to bring dinner for him before he can say no.

Daksh asks Purvi if she will pretend to be his fiancé. It is very important to him. Purvi asks for some time. I cannot say anything right away. I am sorry but I wont be able to pretend. I wont be able to do it.

Precap: Daksh tells Purvi they will announce their relation in front of everyone. He introduces his wife to everyone. Purvi wonders if Daksh is made for her. I would have felt something if that was the case. Who is made for me if not Daksh? Virender is looking in her direction but people are blocking his view.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Well, I really do have something to say. Whatever I am saying it is going to my very own opinion. I am a fan of PurVir. Literally forever. Since the day this drama was released. But for now, like previously someone said, Purvi rather be loved by someone else. Because Virender and the others literally were so mean towards her. Why was he even feeling pain after hearing her death news? I mean, at this point, she rather be dead for you guys. Or else if she is alive, you guys wouldn’t stop humiliating and using harsh words towards her. I am liking Daksh. No idea about his character yet but if he is good, I think he is, so if he is good I am looking forward for Daksh and Purvi’s relationship. Like I said, this is my opinion. I don’t know if makers will make it that way but I am saying I would love to seem them together. I am looking forward to see her with someone within her age too. Of cause, love is not defined by age, but in this case I don’t mind about Daksh and Purvi actually. I also like how she looks like now. Different. She pretty much improved the way she pronounced English words after memory loss too haha.. well it happens I guess?

    Well yeah, let’s see where this drama is bringing. I know people are finding it bored already. Well, no idea what makers are having in there mind. Thank for you the updates Pooja!

    1. Sonia..agreed with to see Purvi with the new look and she is happy with people surrounding her with positively and loving her..Daksh is nice guy and love her so much..we can see his love so pure..We will se their relationship will go further as Daksh’s nani want him to get married.. the fan of#Purvir of coz I want Purvi & Virendra are back Mollki is only about Virendra & Purvi.. no one else..but i think after the leap this storyline become more interesting with many more twist and the end no matter they have separated, #Purvir will be united..that’s my opinion..

    2. True Shikin !!

      Also, as you said under Sally’s comment, I am also waiting for their meeting after 6 months. I would love to see Virender’s reaction. Shocked for sure. But yeah like you said, Purvi might not even remember, but she had a headache suddenly when she looked at Virender from his back. Hmm that is nice!!

      Let us all keep on watching to see where Molkki is bringing us to! Cheers!

  2. I am with you on this Sonia. I love Purvi and Virender and I know they will eventually get back together (of course with lots of drama in between)
    But its nice to see Purvi dressing and acting her age. She looks so much relaxed and happy. She has friends around her who are around her age.
    She doesn’t have to constantly trying to put off fire created by Anjali and Ma (who are till date have not been punished). Somehow everything that Purvi does is wrong and is blamed and punished.
    I would like to enjoy Purvi and Daksh till then.
    I really hope they dont make Virender a joke piece with Daksh’s sister who always seem to be in her own dream world. Ha ha ha

    1. You are right,Sally!

      I am happy seeing her happy and relaxed too, as you said. I am also happy that she doesn’t need to handle that Prakashi and Anjali,that always have something to attack her. You are right. Let’s enjoy Daksh and Purvi for now. 😄

      Hahaha you are right, Chandni, she is so funny always going into her Dreamland by imagining her with Virender. That’s funny actually 😂

    2. yeah sally agreed with to see scene between Virendra and Chandni..I was laughing when she was dancing and drop the vase..i hope there will be more scenes between Virendra & Chandni as he will try to get close to Purvi..

    3. Yeah Sonia..this new Purvi are more relax and happy..her dressing make her more glowing..i cant wait to see 1st meeting between Virendra & Purvi..of coz she doesn’t remember anything..but she will sense the different feeling towards Virendra..

  3. i love this series of molki.

  4. Why the comment section is empty! Not even a single comment?! It seems that people didn’t like the episode. Is it??

    1. Liza..there’s a lot of comment here..actually I’ve been waiting for your comments too..

  5. I love the purvi n virender pair
    Their moments together is pretty romantic
    But like I said…..
    Maybe virender should be given a little run round for his bawari to notice him
    Otherwise this guy always taking her for granted
    He needs to feel that he lost her to another young handsome eligible man. He will be very jealous bcos he loves her but unable to change himself ( he is the older generation man)
    Virender is not going accept defeat….
    He needs to prove to purvi that he is worthy of her
    He needs to be her support and not throw her at the dogs just bcos u need evidence at every judgement day
    If finally purvi accepts her…. Mukhi ji has to make sure that he gives a good ear to her n treat well and not be angry with her all the time
    Knowing purvi …. she loves her Mukhi ji very much hence she will never marry daksh
    Like one of u said… looking at his turban… she can get giddy n feeling faint
    I think manas n juhi will be the ones who will win purvis heart bcos she loves them

    1. Yeah Selva agree with you..let see how’s their 1st meeting would gonna I think tonite also they still hit & miss seen each other..

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