Molkki 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Daksh is boggled over Purvi’s and Virender’s proximity

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Purvi says the anger on her face showed as if she had enmity with her. It feels as if she is related to my past life. Virender tells her she is becoming sentimental. Don’t overtime. She is a crazy girl who roams around aimlessly like that. He speaks of his Tau. He used to put hot water bag whenever he got hurt under his ears. I can send Bhuri if that’s needed. She smiles.

Priyu asks Veer if this is how he loves her. You threw me out of the house! Go to hell if this is how you love me. Don’t come back here ever again! Veer reasons that they would have been caught red handed if he hadn’t done that. I am sorry. She thinks that they are going to get caught one day for sure. I am not going to hide our relation from anyone for forever. I will disclose it soon after what happened today. Veer asks her why she did that drama at home. Priyu says isn’t me but Purvi who is doing drama. She made me a Molkki and kept a fast for Mukhi ji. You said that she does not remember anything. Why did she keep a fast then? Veer tells her that Purvi kept fast for Daksh. Purvi is going to marry him. She will be out of our life for forever. He hugs her and apologizes to her. Priyu thinks that Purvi will enjoy a lavish life after marrying Daksh while she will ruin her life here like this. I wont let it happen. Purvi had enough fun. I will ruin her life now!

Daksh asks Purvi where she is lost. Purvi asks him to take her to village to meet the girl who had slapped her yesterday. I don’t know what I have done to her. Why did she behave like that? What relation do we share? I have found out her address somehow. Please take me to her. I feel that we might be connected in some way. I might recall something about my past life. Daksh agrees. Anjali overhears their convo from upstairs.

Sudha asks Veer where he was last night the moment he enters. He lies that he was in the mill. She tells him to stop lying. I know you were somewhere else. He pretends to feign innocent but she confronts him. You meet Priyu stealthily. He calls it nonsense. She speaks about the bangles. Lies get caught sooner or later. I saw those bangles in Priyu’s hands. You still meet her, right? You are cheating me! Veer tells her that it is her friend Purvi who has cheated her. It is true that I meet Priyu. I had told you earlier also. I loved Priyu, I still love her and will always love her. Don’t expect me to be your husband. He heads to the washroom. Sudha breaks down.

Daksh takes Purvi to Priyu’s place. They ring the bell but no one opens the door. Daksh says no one might be at home but Purvi tells him that the door is locked form inside. They ring the bell again. Purvi knocks at the door. Daksh tells her to relax. Someone is coming. They are shocked to see Anjali and Prakashi there. Purvi asks them what they are doing here. Prakashi says we came to help that man girl. She is nowhere to be seen though. It feels as if she has disappeared. Purvi is intrigued. Anjali says she disappeared just how some people lose their memory. Come inside and look for yourself. She is not at home. Purvi comes inside but does not find Priyu anywhere. She came to haveli last night and slapped me. How can she disappear like this? Is someone behind it? Who could it be if it’s true?

Virender is headed home when Priyu asks him to decide for her too. Virender tells her that she made a decision for herself the day she chose to become Aarav’s Molkki. I don’t have time to hear your nonsense. Priyu says I have come to speak to the Mukhi of the village but he doesn’t have time to sort the problem of a woman. It is said that you never lie. Why did you lie to Purvi though? Virender asks his men to take her away. Priyu challenges him that she wont back out at any cost. I will do everything to bring back her memories. Just wait and watch. He tells her that this does not sound good from her mouth. Bawri did the right thing by making Veer marry Sudha. I have come to realize how mean you are. Stay away from Bawri or I will make your life hell. I will throw you out of Rewari for forever if I see you near my haveli or family. He walks away. Priyu thinks time will tell what will happen now. You wont get Purvi because of me just how I dint get Veer because of her. I will go to all the lengths that I must to make that happen!

Everyone is celebrating Haldi ritual in the haveli. Nani suggests starting the ritual now. Ladies apply haldi to Purvi one by one. Virender comes there as well. I will also apply haldi if everyone else is applying it. Nani tells Virender he cannot. Everyone is taken aback. Nani says it is a ritual that no man apart from the groom can apply haldi to the bride. Virender shares that haldi is celebrated as Holi in Rewari. Anjali seconds him. We enjoy it on a big scale. Purvi smiles. Virender says let’s celebrate it in Rewari style. Everyone smiles except Nani.

Priyu tries to get inside the haveli stealthily and joins the line of dancers.

Purvi enjoys playing with colours with Juhi and Manas.

Guard tells Priyu to stand in the line. A guard lifts her veil but the other guard mistakes her to be the same woman and tells him to let her go inside.

Virender and Purvi come close during the haldi ritual. Prakashi, Anjali, Nani and Daksh notice them thus. Virender applies haldi on her face and arms. Daksh does not look comfortable. Purvi applies colors on Virender’s face as well. Past memories flash in the background. Virender applies more color on her face. Purvi takes it as a challenge and applies more color on him. Sudha notices Veer looking at them. She ends up applying color on his face. He follows her example.

Virender challenges Purvi through his eyes and pours the entire plate of color on her. Purvi glares at him but does not back off. He makes her drop the plate that she picks up. She runs to pick up another plate.

Priyu enters in the haveli. Daksh and Nani watch Virender and Purvi play with each other. Virender ends up holding Purvi’s hands so as to stop her. They share an eye lock. Purvi still applies color on Virender’s face and he does that as well. Daksh is watching them intently. Priyu also notices them together and looks at Daksh. She smirks. Daksh looks away and heads to his room. Is that true or am I imagining things? What if what I can see between Mukhi ji and Dhwani is true? Priyu walks in and tells him that it is true. He asks her who she is. Priyu removes her veil. He is taken aback to see her. Priyu tells him that what he saw between Mukhi ji and Purvi is right. Something is surely going on between them. He asks her what it is. She tells him that there is a special relation between Mukhi ji and his Dhwani. Daksh asks her what relation is she referring to.

Precap: Daksh asks Priyu why are you telling me all this? She says because Dhwani and Purvi are same. Prakashi also tells him the truth. He says Dhwani is mine and will remain mine. During a function, Virender brings Purvi’s mother there. Purvi sees her and says, maa. Virender gets happy.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. the bond between lovers and spouses is breakable. But the bond of a mother and a child is unbreakable and the precap clearly reflects this. She has been with her mom for 19 years and could she not recognize her. She forgot all her past 6 month relations, her 6 month marriage too but the unbreakable bond was not forgotten. It cleared, clicked her memory instantly

  3. Daksh will become jealous

  4. Thank you pooja
    In dramas…. they keep showing humans being stubborn n unreasonable
    They keep showing that these characters force others into marrying them
    Like daksh … he is a nice goodlooking guy.
    Once he comes to know that his Dhwani is someone’s wife…. he should back out but no….
    Nani ji talks about khandan but insist married woman to be her bahu.
    Kitna Barr purvi ke Ilya shadhi….
    Hare yaar…. change your story line please
    All they do is masti
    Kitna villains ayega

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