Molkki 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Virender gets released; Purvi marries Arjun

Molkki 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun tells Purvi because of her smartness, now Virender will be killed and she will live rest of her life being a widow. She requests him not to leave. She will do whatever he says, but please save Virender. He says that Virender would have been saved if she accepted his offer, but she wanted to show her smartness. He says time ends, so does the offer. Now pay for her smartness. Sakshi tells him to punish her. It’s not Purvi’s fault. She requests him to save Virender for the kids, they saved his life. He says no time for all this. He leaves for the court.

The opposition laywer says it’s been 2 days and Virender’s lawyer hasn’t presented any proofs. He requests the judge to proceed now and close the case. The judge asks Arjun if he wants to say anything. This is the last chance. Arjun apologizes for wasting time, but requests for extra time. The opposition lawyer says that the court can’t waste time like this and he requests the judge to give final verdict.

Prakashi shares with Anjali how she was scared when in the house lock up. Anjali asks how did Sakshi and Purvi let her out so easily? Prakashi says that Sakshi thought she bribed the bodyguard to give false testimony. She then found it was someone else, so freed her. Anjali wonders who could be that person. Prakashi says she tried asking to Sakshi, but she didn’t say anything. She was in tension. It seems her and Purvi are up to something. May be they found a way to get Virender out of jail. If Virender comes out and those 3 come together, then they won’t spare Anjali and Prakashi.

The judge is about to give his verdict, but Purvi interrupts saying she needs to talk to her lawyer. It’s very important. She requests Arjun to come outside. The opposition lawyer argues. Arjun says that they found some solid proof and requests 30 minutes time. The judge agrees. Virender is confused.

After 30 minutes, the judge and others wait for Arjun and Purvi. The judge is about to give final verdict. Arjun comes in and says he has a proof which will prove his client innocent. He shows the bullet saying that’s the bullet that Virender fired which just touched Daksh. He calls the supplier for testimony. The supplier identifies the gun and says Virender’s bodyguards use those guns. Arjun then calls Virender’s bodyguard from whose gun the bullet was fired. The bodyguard says he was threatened and bribed to lie. Arjun asks him to tell what exactly happened that night. The bodyguard says that Daksh was molesting Purvi. Virender warned him, but he didn’t stop. Virender took the gun from him and shot Daksh on his arm. He identifies the gun and the bullet. Arjun tells the judge that this proves Virender is innocent. He presents the forensic report as well. He says the bullet that Virender shot was found from the room, not from Daksh’s body. The judge announces 10 minutes break.

Sakshi asks Arjun about Purvi. Virender thanks Arjun. Arjun says it’s his duty. Virender wonders where is Purvi. The hearing resumes. The judge declares Virender innocent and frees him. The judge also tells police to continue their investigation and find the real culprit. Virender and Sakshi are very happy. Virender tells Arjun that he does not know how to thank him. Arjun says it’s not required. He leaves saying he has work. Virender wonders where Purvi went. She should have been there on happy occasion. Sakshi says maybe she went home to welcome him. They reach home. Virender feels that Purvi must have made special arrangements. They enter the house and see Arjun with garland. Virender asks what garland is doing on him. He calls out Purvi. He gets shocked seeing her in garland and with sindhoor, mangalsutra. Virender asks her what’s going on? She stands besides Arjun. Arjun side-hugs her. Virender is shocked. Arjun says that she is Mrs. Purvi Arjun Bajwa. Everyone gets shocked. Prakashi asks Purvi, what did you do? You took Virender out of jail to show all this? Purvi is quiet. Virender asks her to speak up. Why is she standing with Arjun like that? Arjun says she married him and husband wife stand together. Prakashi gets happy to hear that. She thinks that Purvi wanted to kick her out, now she will kick Purvi out by humiliating her. She tells Virender that I told you Molkkis are like this only. They keep changing husbands like weather. Now I understood why Purvi brought Arjun to home. It’s so that she could romance with him and no one would doubt on her. I told you in the jail that something is going on between them. I showed you pictures too, but you didn’t listen to me. Now see yourself what’s happening. I warned you that Purvi is not trustable. Virender shouts at Prakashi asking her to shut up. He then grabs Purvi’s hand and asks her to look into his eyes and tell him what’s happening. He doesn’t care about the world. He will believe whatever she says. He fully trusts her. He has full faith that his Bawri who can give up her life for him, can’t be someone else’s. He asks her to speak up. She doesn’t say anything and looks away. Arjun takes Virender’s hand off Purvi and asks him to stay away from his wife. Virender looks on.

Precap: Virender grabs Arjun’s collar and tells him to shut up else he will punch him. Purvi interrupts and asks Virender to stop. She says, leave my husband. I love him and that is why I married him. I am his wife. Virender says, you are my wife. She says, I was your Molkki. I didn’t want to stay with you before and I still don’t want to stay with you. I am Arjun’ wife and I will go with him. Virender looks at Purvi in a shock. Arjun tells Purvi to take all her belongings including kids. Virender again gets mad and tells Arjun if he takes his children’s name, then he will pull his tongue out. Arjun reminds him that he himself gave kids’ custody to Purvi and he can’t stop kids from going with them because legally kids are Purvi’s and he is their guardian.

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  1. Molkki fans must be disappointed
    Every guy wants to marry purvi
    V must be shocked n upset
    Poor virender
    I think like I said before this is a makebelieve marriage to being out the truth in Dhask ‘s murder

  2. We should acept this new couple i beg of you

  3. We should stand for ekta this time
    Now sakshi will live happily with her husband and childrens
    I happy i never liked her to be imlie 2.0



  4. sunder jagadishan

    Oh god they are dragging and purvi always suffering by being good to everyone..hope director should more positively …

  5. actually Im starting love purvi n Arjun pair. it’s suited tó see them together even though Arjun was join hand with Sakshi. personally..virender doesn’t deserve purvi because he never trust her, always insult n accuse for small issue without investigation. Purvi deserve someone better than múkhiji. So..ís it true the new love stóry chapter between purvi n Arjun will get blooming?😆😁


    2. Exactly vir forgot his wife of 10 oops 20 years. Sakshi suffered a lot still they threw her out and she didn’t get to meet her kids. Please don’t make her a vamp.This time and give her a happy ending. Also Mukhi who chanted Purvi Purvi when sakshi was there conveniently threw her out of the house.

  6. i think molkki i gonna end becuse the show is called a MOLKKI. so she cant marry anyone else. Remeber when sashki tried to get purvi to marry her friend. well tat never worked out and when vininder said marry her and she said ye. but the well that never happen. So i think molkki i gonna end soon. \
    srry for the spelling worng and my grammer.

  7. i think arjun did this to get the kids he really likes them lol

    1. Kalindi kunjh

      Wat lol?

    2. hahahaha you know he likes those kids they saved his life thats why he said he will take the case maybe he just wants to be their dad lolll

  8. Kritikaa Manpreet Singh

    I don’t think purvi have that kinda good looks As almost every new male character want to marry her… n after a this episode I don’t know why sakshi standing quite if we relate this with real life mukhi like person kill arjun n molki too n Sakshi like women gonna kill purvi when she was returned

  9. Before this..I really love this show. purvir pair until Sakshi entrance. ín my opinion, Sakshi is not bad person. she forced to do this. all this happened due to prakashi n Anjali. they are the roót cause of all this n the real culprit. I felt sorry for Sakshi. she also deserve to be happy with her husband n kids. then, after purvi met daksh,.I think daksh is suitable pair for her. únfortunately, they killed his character. now, they bring Arjun. so hopefully purvi n àrjun will fall in love each other. I want new love story. don’t want to many toxic people around purvi who doesn’t want her to be happy.

    1. yes very well said….since mukhi doesnt want to take her as his real wife….might as well she move on otherwise she will have to hear Prakashi and anjali badmouth her being a molkki which will never end.

  10. I wish this drama offair.and save bb

    1. if you are a bb fan then why are you here ? go save your bb

  11. Well
    Purvi is a molkk but she has every right as a wife according to v
    Sakshi was thrown out bcos she did wrong by purvi by insisting that she marry so that she can be happy with her kids n v
    She wanted it all back whereby she sold herself to the devils putting the children in danger of losing their legitimate wealth
    Even now she is back but there is no real connection with the children
    She didn’t bother talking to veer or Nandini
    She needs to tell the truth about her 5 years in captivity
    Virender did say that let purvi leave .. let her take her own time to marry whom she wants
    Virender is double purvis age… he will always feel insecure but he never took advantage of purvi.
    Sakshi keeping quiet the whole episode shows there is an element of doubt in her comeback
    Kids going with purvi ….
    This is the reason .., I think there is a motive

    1. Selva,

      Yes there’s a motive behind this..just to find the real culprit..
      Arjun has a bigger plan, that’s why she ask Purvit to marry her..

  12. Really loved this show at the start. Was lovely to see the love grow between purvi and virender. Series should have ended with him giving purve status of wife and culprits being thrown out. Now its utter rubbish. Dont watch it anymore

    1. Bhavani Thillai

      Totally 💯 Agree Manmeet

  13. I will feel bad if molkki go off air
    I don’t no why this show get low trp
    Molkki narrate such great story
    Molkki deserve a chance to tell it’s story
    I wish molkki reach 2.0 trp this time
    Arjun did a right thing by marring purvi
    Now purvi is free in her mol…

  14. Thanks Pooja😍

    What toxic comments are these.
    I see comments from fans of Sakshi and those who want Molki to end because they are fans of bb.
    Come on, now, kindly walk out the door. So you don’t have to be thrown out the window.

    Sakshi has a hand in Daksh’s murder. There is a theory that she shot at Purvi, but hit Daksh by mistake.
    Arjun understood, and now he just wanted to expose her.
    The other version is that she and Arjun are together – the plan is to split PurVir.

    1. Nadin,

      Was thinking the same too…arjun has a big plan to find the real Dashk’s the marriage is fake..

  15. It’s been so long naagin should with sequel
    To tell us shivanya childhood
    How her parents died
    I’m sure everyone will like
    No serie can against Anupama when come to trp
    Only the bhagyas can
    That why molkki trp it stil low
    So guys please if you are bb fan get lost witch

  16. Sorry i meant to say naagin should return with sequel

  17. Poor purvi, she has to Marry anyone without her wish to save others

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