Molkki 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Karan and Naina lay a trap for Virender

Molkki 15th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi gives him a gift for the social day. Please wear this. You look smart, handsome and s*xy in it. Virender looks at her in surprise. She says the girls of my college were complementing you when you wore the black kurta the other day. They were going crazy. I thought to give it to you. He says men give gifts to women. She says even women give gifts to men. You are my husband. You should look good. He refuses. She winks at the kids who request Virender to wear the suit. We have never seen you in a suit. Purvi tells them to let it be. Your Baba is very stubborn. My Tau ji would have! Virender asks her what he would have said. Purvi says Tau ji would have said, agree, Mukhi or you will lose your wife. Virender looks at her pointedly.

Virender and Purvi come to the wedding holding hands. Karan looks unhappily at them. Sudha complements Purvi and Virender. Couple dance is announced. Everyone has to pick a chit from the bowl and dance with the person. The guy takes it to Karan but he suggests giving elders a chance first. Virender gets to choose first. All the men pick chits. Karan gets Purvi’s chit. He asks Purvi for the dance. She goes with him hesitantly. Virender is dancing with Sudha. Purvi feels uncomfortable as Karan touches / holds her hands. Virender is watching them. Purvi stops Karan when he tries to push a lock of hair behind her ear. He tries to hold her waist but Virender holds his hand in time and slaps him. You were asked to dance and not touch her. Why are you touching her when she looks uncomfortable? Your dance and time are up! Leave. Karan says I was just dancing with her. Virender says don’t argue with me or I will bury you here. Mukhi and Mukhiyayini are a couple so we will dance together. You should leave. Your time is up! He takes Purvi with him. Host manages the situation.

Virender and Purvi dance together. She looks very comfortable now. A girl (Naina) comes to the party. Karan is taken aback to see her. He speaks to her (in mute). Purvi and Virender are dancing all this time. Purvi receives Naina’s call. She goes outside to attend it. A teacher speaks to Virender in the meantime. Naina requests Purvi to help them. Virender notices Karan leaving stealthily and is sure he is up to something. He tries to go after Karan when few girls stop him for a selfie. He hurries off as soon as he is done.

Naina tells Purvi she is in her boyfriend’s room (Room No. 33 in boy’s hostel behind the hall). Purvi agrees to come asap. Stop crying. Naina tells her to hurry up.

Virender is following Karan at a distance. Karan meets Purvi in the corridor. What are you doing here? Why do you look so tensed? Purvi shares that Naina called her just now. She seemed worried. Karan asks her where she is. Purvi tells him. Karan offers to take her there instead. It is too dark there. I cannot let you go alone. I will come along. She agrees. Virender notices Purvi and Karan going together. Where are they off to at this hour?

Karan brings Purvi to the hostel. He holds her hand so as to stop her. She shrugs her hand away but he points at the sleeping guard. We should be careful. Virender wonders why she left the party and is going inside boy’s hostel with Karan. She dint even inform me.

Purvi finds Naina crying in a room. Naina tells her that she is in a problem. Only you can save me now. Purvi asks her to tell what has happened. She brings water for Naina. Naina and Karan exchange a glance. Karan tells Naina she did good by calling Purvi. She will surely help you. Naina asks them to promise her that they wont tell anyone anything at any cost. She makes Purvi swear on Virender’s name. I will be killed if my family finds out anything! Purvi agrees to keep quiet. Naina shares that she got intimate with her boyfriend Suraj and he clicked her photos. He is blackmailing me now. My family wont spare me if this comes out. I know that he can even put them online. I will commit suicide if that happens. Karan pretends to be angry. I will bring those photos back at any cost.

Virender notices reflection of Karan and Purvi on a wall. What is she doing with Karan in that room?

Purvi agrees to teach a lesson to Suraj. Let us take you home now. Naina says I cannot go home in these clothes. My family is old school. I cannot wear anything except ghagra choli. I got an extra pair of clothes but Suraj took them with him. Can you please switch clothes with me? Please help me. Purvi agrees. She sends Karan outside. Purvi and Naina exchange clothes. Karan notices Virender downstairs and smirks. He has fallen in my trap very easily. He holds Naina’s hands. Don’t worry now. I will take care of everything. I will make sure everything is deleted and he has no backup. Purvi ji and I are with you. He hugs her. Virender glares at them. Karan asks Purvi to go back to the party. I will drop Naina home. Purvi nods. She tells Naina to call her if anything is needed.

Karan tells Purvi to wait her for some while. We must not wake up the guard. Naina and I will go first. Purvi agrees. She tells Naina to take care. Karan nods. We will sort everything out asap. Karan and Naina leave first.

Virender thinks I cannot believe that Bawari can go to this extent. Why is she doing this? Is something brewing between her and Karan? I feel what I saw is something else. I don’t think she can cheat me. I should confront her instead of doubting her. He notices Karan coming out with Naina (her face is covered) and mistakes her to be Purvi. They are holding hands. Where are they off to? Let me catch them red handed. He follows them but Karan and Naina leave on the bike. Virender is unable to make sense of anything. She thought it wasn’t necessary to tell me any of this? She left from the party with that Karan? What all am I thinking? What is this bawari up to?

Purvi leaves from the boy’s hostel. Sudha is trying to speak to Purvi but Purvi reaches there just then. Sudha asks her about her dress. Purvi says I will tell you that later. Where is Mukhi ji? Sudha says he left the party long ago. Purvi calls Virender but he isn’t answering the call. Sudha suggests heading home. Keep trying his number. It is too late anyways.

Virender enters home. He cannot stop thinking about all that he saw today. I cannot believe that Bawari can do this to me! Epi ends on his shocked face.

Precap: Purvi celebrates her birthday. Her friends rub cake on her face. Karan too joins in. Virender fumes seeing that. Later, Karan tells Virender that he can do anything to get a wife like Purvi. In party, a video plays on a big screen in which Karan and Purvi are very close. Virender slaps and pushes Purvi telling her not to touch him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Waiting for this misunderstanding to be cleared is just killing me!! And what’s with girls in these dramas? First Vaibhav’s friends who were also girls made the bet with him about Priyu. Then one girl retaliated against what he did to fulfill the bet but they were also happy when Vaibhav said he handled Priyu (the time everyone thought she was dead) they were drinking happily with them. Honestly I won’t even have any contact with him if one of my friends do such a thing. Now this Karan’s friends who are girls!! Shikha person helped in the drowning at the valentine’s party and now some Naina helps to ruin a married woman’s reputation. It’s not just something that happens in molkki but in many dramas. They show it pretty well that the woman is the enemy of another woman 😡😡

    1. I’m not gonna watch tomorrow’s episode or the episode where he slapped purvi. Thats just sad. I saw someone post a promo where he slapped purvi after showing some dirty videos with her n Karan. It was disappointing. I was so upset! He slapped purvi with lots of reasons but like, don’t slow her! I was broken to pieces after watching that promo

    2. I know right…. I’m not gonna watch it either. Just read from here and watch again when everything calms down….

  2. Agreed ! The biggest enemy of women are not men but other women !! This is ridiculous!

    Also Purvi should have not gone without speaking to mukhi face to face. Should have taken him / kept him updated. She is always n a hurry to help and Karan took advantage of that.

    I wonder how she will clear her name.

    This week will be tough to watch. I feel terrible for mukhi.

  3. The first half of the episode was lovely, they looked bomb in black and yellow and then second half all fell down, Purvi should really have told mukhi jii that she was going outside and about Naina but she was being silly. This week episodes are going to be emotional and hard to watch but let’s see it by the end of the week the truth will be out or it could drag til Friday/Monday. I am waiting for Karan to get more of a beating instead of just a slap

    1. The precap will probably include the slap scene again. I think the issue might be resolved in Panchat as per some of the bts I saw on insta. I just hope it comes out soon by this week. And isn’t the promo of Prakadhi raaz but let’s see

    2. I hope so too. This week will be tough and I feel panchayat will happen Friday / Monday.

      Purvi should have called mukhi before going with Karan. Even if it’s to help naina. No question. ESP when she has come with him and left him alone in the party.

      I just hope no slaps – it would be heartbreaking not just for the audience but also for the characters and their potential relationship.

    3. Let’s hope so, the precap can be misleading too let’s see what happens this week

  4. Purvi is annoying sometimes. u r with a mukhi… if there is a problem.. talk and consult ur husband. but yez in this case its about a woman.. so mayb has to be private. but at least she shud call mukhi to wait. u come together to a party with ur husband… wud u leave the party home alone… i mean… sometime.. this writer do this kind of writing … makes us feel like stupid. well the ultimate of this trapped is coming… no wonder she gets a slapped for being infidel… bcoz of the trap put on by karan….

    1. I guess ekta shows are incomplete without misunderstandings 🤦🏽‍♀️ Let’s just hope everything turns around and see how she will prove herself innocent.

  5. ila Srivastava

    Stop dragging married woman and their characters thru mud, it’s annoying I have stopped watching,prakashi,her daughter in law,all college girls what’s happening get some good ideas ask me I can give you better then what shitty ideas this writer is coming up with you are losing audience.

    1. Totally Agreed. Come up with new ideas 💡 Don’t recycle ♻️

  6. Samaila

    Ekta, at least give us something that has some sense

  7. Mukhiji, please throw away your ego and admit your love to Purvi. No more treat her as your best friend. It’s a man suppose to make a start.

  8. I dont like the story ike this….please be clever u never asked ur hubby when uou come wih him.

  9. Tanisha Tripathi

    The thing is that despite the gripping storyline and concept of the show, these never ending stream of troubles which come in the lives of the protagonists is sometime irritating.

    1. Purvi character is so irritating & stupid that if this continues like this I will not watch this serial anymore. Ekta Kapoor please smarten her up & get real !!

    2. It should get better by this week I am hoping

    3. She was a little smarter before. Now she’s getting dumber and dumber…

    4. Yes, totally agree with you. It seems that the script writer just jumbled anything and everything to create storylines. That is why one moment this person is dead, the next moment he is still alive. One moment Purvi is a lot more smarter than her adversaries, the next moment she becomes the most stupid person in the whole wide world! & last but not least they like to insert party scenes to create conflict and tensions as if the characters’ life in this series are all about having parties. 🙁

  10. Another unbelievable stupid thing is that Mukhijis step brother, the rapist, might come back again from the dead as I recall when the ambulance men took his body away they did not cover his face with the sheet. Guys, any thoughts on this ?

    1. In ekta’s serial everything is unpredictable. None of the characters actually dies 😂😂 there is now news that Sakshi is coming back and she might be negative. Let’s see how this works/compromises against Purvi and Virendra’s relationship

  11. Another bored fan

    I believe, the only sane characters are Juhi and Manas. Purvi is definitely one hot and shallow-brained. I thought this drama is goona be about how a bright girl will change this whole molkki thingy. Not so bright after all, huh? Always trying to be a hero.
    And I am not surprised if Sakshi is still alive and that Prakashi is actually behind her “death”.

    blo*dy nonsense.

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