Molkki 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi kidnaps the kids


Molkki 14th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi keeps pallu over head and walks past her family. Mama stops her as her mobile falls down but she picks it herself and walks away hurriedly. He finds it weird.

Purvi comes to a corner. Thank you for saving me God or I would have been in trouble. It is good that he saw the phone. She peeks inside Manas’s room. Manas is having a good time with Juhi. Purvi thinks you called me a step mother so easily but I know that they are as dear to me as Priyu and my brother. Manas looks at the door and smiles. Haathi! Purvi hides. Virender looks outside but the corridor is empty. There is no haathi outside. how did you see the haathi? Manas says haathi was there. Virender says this Babbar Sher will go outside to check this himself. He goes to check outside. a nurse approaches Virender. I am on night duty here. I have left a prescription for Manas at the reception. Please bring it. Virender goes.

Purvi goes inside. She picks up an injection. I have to give you an injection. He turns around worriedly and holds Juhi’s hand. Purvi assures him (in her normal tone) she wont hurt him. She removes her mask and glass shield. Both the kids smile and hug her tight. Manas asks her where she was. I was missing you so much. Purvi apologizes to him. Babbar Sher dint let me meet you. Manas says he has become very nice though. He took care of me when you weren’t around. Purvi smiles. I am very happy to hear it. Now you must act as per my plan. No one will be able to come between haathi (elephant), gainda (hippo) and khargosh (rabbit) this way! She tells them a plan (in mute).

Virender is shocked to hear that no one left a prescription for Manas at the reception. Nurse says there is no lady doc on duty here. Virender wonders who that lady was then.

Purvi notices Virender returning just when she is leaving with the kids. She hides. Virender walks past her but does not see her. Manas says Baba but Purvi tells him that they must keep this from Mukhiya ji as well. She leaves with the kids.

Manas and Juhi are not in the room. Virender says the doc who escaped with my kids wont be able to escape from me.

Purvi apologizes to Virender mentally. I was compelled. Flashback shows Purvi looking inside the envelope and finding a phone. It is the same phone in which the rape incident had been recorded. Who made this video? She receives a text on that phone just then. The sender has written that he / she can put it online in seconds. Your sister will not be able to show her face anywhere then. Don’t tell anyone about this or I will make sure this comes true. Kidnap the kids from the hospital and leave from hospital before I do this. Flashback ends.

Purvi thinks I know you wont be able to forgive me ever but I wont let Priyu’s life be ruined like this.

Virender’s family and police reach hospital. Inspector asks Virender if he doubts anyone. Virender’s mother says no one can do this to Virender. Anjali says how the kids can disappear from a hospital in day time. They wont leave with a stranger. A staff member apologizes to Virender. We will try our best to find them. Inspector asks him to take them to CCTV room first. We will be able to find some clue this way.

Purvi brings the kids and Purvi to an old building. Auto driver tells them that no one comes here. Priyu tells him to mind his business. Purvi is sure no one will be able to find them here. Manas asks Purvi again. Purvi assures him that she will tell him everything soon.

Virender and his family watch the CCTV footage. He notices the same doc leaving in a auto with his kids.

Purvi tells the kids to make sure Babbar Sher is not able to find out anything about this game. Manas asks her if this is a new place to play hide and seek. Juhi sneezes. Purvi nods. We would have been found easily if we had stayed at home. No one will be able to find us here. Manas and Juhi say no one will be able to find them here anyways. Juhi says it is so dusty. We wont be able to even sit here. Purvi cleans 2 chairs for them. She is sad to have brought them here like this. I am helpless here.

Inspector says kids know that lady doc well. They aren’t fighting or anything. Virender asks them to zoom in on her face. He recognizes Purvi through her eyes. I dint expect this from you Banwari! Everyone is shocked to realise this. Virender says these earrings belong to Purvi. Virender’s mother recognizes them as well. Inspector asks them if they had any difference recently. Virender recalls how he dint let her meet Manas earlier. You shouldn’t have done this Banwari! I will find you from any corner and I will not spare you. This is about my kids after all!

Kids find the place weird and boring. They panic when they see a lizard. We don’t want to play here. Let’s go home instead. Purvi asks them how they will face Babbar Sher if they will get afraid so easily. There is no lizard here now.

Virender tells Inspector to nab the rickshaw driver. He might give us some clue. Inspector assures him about it.

Purvi wants to find out who recorded the video. I think it was someone from the picnic. Priyu says it was only your family and Vaibhav’s friends. Purvi is sure it would be one of them only. She calls on that number. The phone is ringing but the girl disconnects it. She switches it off eventually. Purvi wonders who it could be and why they did this. She goes outside with Priyu.

Juhi and Manas wonder how Baba will find them. Manas says we must give him a clue somehow. They notice the phone nearby. Let’s send a text to Babbar Sher from Haathi’s phone.

Virender is in his kid’s room. He gets emotional as he thinks about them. Juhi calls him. Purvi disconnects the call before Juhi can say anything. Virender gets curious. What number is that? He calls back on that number. Purvi panics and disconnects the call. Servant tells Virender that Inspector has come to see him.

Purvi asks the kids why they cheated in the game. Manas says we called Baba to give him a clue so this game gets over soon. Purvi says you cannot do this. Juhi is hungry and thirsty. We don’t want to play anymore. Purvi says we cannot leave this game in between. I will bring food for you soon. Purvi tells Priyu she must bring food for the kids. They hear a knock on the door. Purvi takes the kids inside a room.

Inspector has brought the rickshaw driver. He agrees to tell them everything.

Sudha walks in and calls out to Purvi. I brought food for the kids. I knew that they will be hungry. No one comes here. This is the old NGO building. Purvi thanks her.

Rickshaw driver tells Virender where he dropped off Purvi and the kids.

Vaibhav asks his friends if they want to bet with him again. I know you will never do it again as I never lose! They give him the money. We would have never placed a bet if we knew that you will stoop this low! Vaibhav asks him what he did. His friend says we said you will sleep with her but you ended up raping her. They are two different things. One of the girls excuses herself. Vaibhav says I had to show her her true place as she had slapped me twice. That’s why I raped her. She will remember this lesson for life.

Purvi thanks Sudha. I don’t know what we would have done without you. Sudha says you have done so much for me. I have learnt it from you only. Did you find out who did that? Purvi says I called back on that number but there was no reply. Purvi receives another text – Mukhiya ji is coming to your location to find you. I will make this video viral if you tell him anything or if the kids are found. Don’t act smart or your sister wont be able to face anyone ever again! Epi ends on Purvi’s shocked face.

Precap: Virender and Mama reach the old NGO building with police. Virender says I know you have arrested the kids Banwari. Purvi aims the gun at Virender. Please leave or I will shoot you. Virender tells her to go ahead. I should be punished for trusting you. Shoot me now. Purvi tells Priyu to run. Inspector signals the constable to shoot at Purvi’s hand. Priyu runs towards her sister. A gunshot is heard.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Omg this is so silly don’t make any sense she is putting the kids life in danger someone please explain

  2. Here I thought everything was going well and the story was nice and then…. everything is ruined because of this stupid Priyashi and Vaibhav. What nonsense is this? And why drag the children in it? Just who is this mysterious person who won’t let Mukhiya ji and his Bawri to live in peace??

    1. It’s Anjali’s sister… she and Vhaibav can be in jail together…. Priyu will get shot and die and the blackmailer will lose their leverage. Purvi is dumb she should have gone to the police, if it goes on the internet people can see the girl was raped and anyone who shares the video can be traced and face the law as well… really tired of all these retarded plots, most of these serial writers must consider alternative careers they are washed up useless stagnant minded hacks who are no longer fit to be in the creative Industry

    2. She was protecting her sister’s reputation,if she goes to police priyu will be shamed and ostracized for life.

    3. Das

      @kalika , my comment is for you. You said if it goes on the internet then people can see she was raped and then face the law, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that . The internet is more brutal because they blame the victim always , always trying to find faults with her. Perfect example would be people on here saying she was greedy , she wanted Money , luxuries, she told her sister to mind her business, giving excuses for something horrible.
      Most people commit suicide because of the comments people make not even because of what happened. Until the day we all realize that no one has the right to judge anyone , this world would still be same.

    4. I agree. The movie director did a stupid move to put Vaibhav and Priya in that scene. Movie was going so beautiful but….

    5. Its Anjali as she didnt want purvi and her sis to stay in this house as they bolcking her way to fulfill her siste wish to marry that rapist

    6. I too think it’s Anjali. Her sister might have changed her mind about getting married to Vaibhav but Anjali wants it to happen. Her sister might have showed the video to her and Anjali might have decided to save Vaibhav and kick out Purvi and her sister. If it’s not Anjali then it might be one of Vaibhav’s friends.

  3. swetha kannan

    I think it is sudha

    1. I think it’s sudha . Ur right . She might be jealous

  4. @Kanika, you really nailed it on the head. When people start enjoying a play they come and spoil it.
    Yes, it must be Sudha bcs she was smiling and looks happy when the chief discovered it is Purvi in the CCTV. Nemesis will soon catch up with her. But this Purvi, this idiot girl. Kidnapping a child that has just recovered from unconsciousness is way too bad. Just to save this foolish sister of her’s she endangered the life of this little kid. Look at the dirty place she took an injured child. What if the wound is infected with tetanus. Oh God, the chief should never forgive her for this. Her husband is the most powerful person in the village, why not alert him. No, she’s just seeing her sister alone. What about the sick child. How do people show love? Bcs if she really love these children the way she claims she will not put them through this suffering. She will find a way in the middle to save both her children and her sister.
    That animal, Vaibhav should never be allowed to go Scot free. Pls writers make sure he faces humiliation

  5. Why Sudha. Purvi helped her alot. Could be Sudha’s mother in law. She wants another revenge for the humiliation Purvi caused

    1. Is anjali,and her sister they want purvi out that f the house by all means, and chief is also listing to anjali malicious comments about purvi

  6. Samaila

    ViVi was bonding! Stupid Priyashi and Vaibhav ruined the whole story.

  7. Samaila

    It must be the girl who left from Vaibhav’s group.

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