Molkki 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Anjali cuts the car’s brakes

Molkki 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virender and Purvi enjoy the stalls at the fair. He watches her eat cotton candy happily. He clears some off her nose and even pushes her hair strands away while eating. She smiles. She makes him try different turbans. He does not complain at all. She is trying bangles when she winces in pain. Virender helps her instead. He puts a dupatta over her head and they look at each in the mirror. She notices Sakshi in the mirror and looks back in confusion. Virender asks her what happened. She lies about Priyu and Sudha and excuses herself. He tells her to go to them. I will check on the kids. She nods.

Anjali is watching the kids intently.

Purvi loses sight of Sakshi as she collides with a random lady.

Anjali tells Jyoti distract the Ferris wheel driver. They start dancing with him. Anjali meddles with the lever. I will stop it suddenly so the kids will fall down. Manas is seen hanging from the cart. Juhi and Manas shout for help.

Purvi asks a random lady about Sakshi. She shares that that woman was roaming near the villages by herself. Villagers brought her here and she stays at a nearby house. She points Purvi in that direction.

People at the fair notice Manas hanging from the cart and rush to his side. Juhi requests Manas to hold onto the cart. Haathi! Baba!

Anjali tells Jyoti it is their time to enjoy some golgappa’s. We will see this kid falling now!

All eyes are fixated on Manas.

Purvi knocks at the door of that house. She heads inside when no one answers but the house is empty. I found her after so many days and she has disappeared again. Please help me find her again, Kanha ji. She meets Sudha on her way out and tells her about Sakshi. Sudha says she is with me. They see Priyu bringing Sakshi. Purvi asks Sudha how they found her. Sudha says we found her just now. Purvi thanks Kanha ji.

Juhi keeps shouting for help.

Purvi tells Sudha they must take her from here. Her life is in danger. She cannot be seen by anyone. Sudha asks her where she could be safe. Purvi says our haveli is safe. I would have locked her in the cell but Bhabhi is there. We can let her stay in the store room for now. No one comes there. Sudha agrees to bring her to haveli somehow.

Purvi notices the villagers running and wonders where they are going. She notices Manas hanging by the cart and is stunned. Manas is shouting for help. Purvi tells him to hold onto it. Juhi and Manas request haathi to do something. Virender reaches there just then. He is equally shocked to see Manas. Manas’s hand becomes sweaty and he starts falling. Virender holds him just in time. Everyone claps. Anjali throws the golgappas angrily and leaves.

Panch tells Virender to start the wrestling championship like every other year. Who can be a great wrestler than you? Purvi requests him not to do it. He says it is about age and strength. Weak people like your Tau cannot play it. She tells him to speak about her Tau ji later. Wrestling suits people up to a certain age only. My Tau ji did the same thing one day and he broke his bones. They haven’t joined yet. He tells her to bring her Tau in front of him. I can handle 15 people easily. He announces that he will start the wrestling championship like every year.

Virender stands bare-chested in the ground. Purvi smiles shyly. Kids tell Virender they are sure he will win. Their smiles disappear when they see the opponent. Virender looks back upon noticing the change in their expressions. He notices Purvi’s expressions. Purvi wonders how Virender will fight this man. He is huge. Kids wish good luck to Virender. The championship starts. Manas tells haathi their Babbar Sher might lose. Purvi tells him not to say so but Juhi is also doubtful. Manas tells haathi to do something. Purvi says God listens to kids. Pray to Kanha ji for your Baba’s well-being. Your Baba should win.

Jyoti tells Anjali she wont play in her team from now on. They have defeated you yet again. You should give up! You wont be able to do it. She ducks when Anjali tries to hit her. Anjali gets another idea. One should not give up till the time you have even one arrow. I will teach a great lesson to Jeth ji and Molkki. They will not be left for good. Jyoti asks her what she is thinking.

Kids cheer for Virender during the fight.

Anjali cuts a wire of Virender’s car.

Virender wins the match. Purvi looks relieved and the kids cheer for Babbar Sher. Virender looks proudly at his family.

Jyoti tells her sister to hurry up. We will be in trouble if someone sees us. Anjali says we must reach home before others. Jyoti says there is no need to worry now. They will go up as you have cut their brakes. Anjali smirks.

Virender gives the trophy to Purvi. You can give it to your Tau. He is old so this will make up for his broken bones. Purvi accepts it with a smile. Virender goes to change. Purvi thinks you have defeated my Tau ji. You could defeat a big wrestler even at this age!

Precap: Precap: Driver is unable to control the car and tells Virender about the brake failure. Virender switches seat with him. Purvi holds the kids tightly. Sudha and Priyu are taking Sakshi inside the haveli. Anjali and Jyoti are coming from the other side. The car rams into a tree.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Lovely episode again, loved the bonding between PurVir and the kids but I think this Sakshi will bring problems 😶 anyone saw the new bts? I am thinking she is punishing herself for the accident and I hope they are all ok. Let’s see what happens but interesting episode 🤔

  2. Nice episode❤️

  3. Lovely epi other than the fact that I want to kill Anjali 😡 where on earth is her husband yogi? He wasn’t even seen when his wife was put in to kaal kotri. I really thinks he should get some dialogues

    1. Totally Agreed. What happened to Yogi??? Poor guy has no real role!!! He’s so non existence. How typical of Ekta’s serial!!! Why such importance to Jyothi??? And why she does not return to her own house!!! When my sister visit, after a few days MIL is asking when she will return
      I wish the writer’s will be more practical when writing these serials. Avoid contradictions!!!

  4. It is becoming so boreing these culprits never get punished, I suppose this is Ektas Serial world. What you say guys?

  5. i am looking forward for the epi

  6. Beverley martin

    I am wondering if its Anjali done the car brakes for virendra and Sakshi accident.
    You’re so right where is yogi in this, I hardly see him. Wondering if he’s behind the wrong by his wife or they’re taking orders from him. We might soon see if he’s involve.
    I never see yogi and Anjali together as wife and husband doing things and sharing things. I’m wondering if this is true love for them. He never scold his wife for her wrong doing.
    Joyti her sister, why is she still there. Is she living at that house.
    Is purvi sister still living at that house. She married vaibhav but I dont see her at the house after vaibhav death. Where is she, where is she living.
    Thanks for the written updates.

  7. You know what? I can’t stand Anjali and her evil with the kids. Where’s her hubby for God’s sake, at this stage am thinking of the romantic moment for both couple. Getting to know each other.

  8. Candiva007

    I thought Anjali’s parents are dead and her sister is living with her. But then again I could be wrong.

    I think Purvi’s sister lives with the other girl at the NGO place. Then I could be wrong as well. LOL

  9. Patricia Gari

    agreed with you. The sakshi come back will ruin Purvi’s happiness. Anywhere, let see what will happen in the next episode. Can’t wait for it…

  10. When will you update new episode?? Please do it as soon as possible. I am eagerly waiting for it. 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    1. Me too I am also waiting..🥺 maybe the new episode is not on voot yet so they might update after it is telecast on tv

    2. Pooja

      Sorry for the delay Vedna and Khushboo. The episode was posted late and my work kept me from posting it. Very sorry guys..

  11. No precap, no update. Is Poojaji on vacation!!

    1. Pooja

      My bad, I have not been able to see the Precap live. It will be on time from today onwards.

  12. Poojaji you are a gem! Keep up the good work & many thanks for the updates etc.

    1. Pooja

      Thanks a ton Dev 🙂

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