Molkki 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Virender’s bodyguard lies in court too

Molkki 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Virender telling Purvi he cannot see her doing the same things with someone else that they have done together. I don’t want to lose you. I will be given death penalty in few days. I don’t know why I lost my mind. She tells him to calm down. I have hired Arjun so you can get out of jail. I have convinced him with difficulty for you only. He nods. I trust you a lot but I lose control over myself. I am losing my mind as the date is quite close now. She tells him to control himself. They sit down to eat. She tells him that she will surely leave him one day if he wont start trusting her as she feeds him a bite. He replies that he is the one who is going to leave her. She becomes emotional and shakes her head. He feeds her a bite. They share a side hug and continue feeding each other with a heavy heart.

Purvi hears a sound in the kitchen and wonders who could be there at night. She is confused to see Arjun there. He shares that he couldn’t sleep so he thought to make coffee for himself. She offers to make it but he tells her he likes doing his work himself. She tells him to let her do her duty. I am not helping you but I must look after my guests. He asks her if she does this for everyone or if he is special. Purvi says I do this for every guest. You are little special as you are helping my Mukhi ji come out of jail. Arjun says I must repay you quickly by getting your Mukhi ji out of jail asap. She tries to take the jar of sugar but it is out of her reach. He holds it from the other end. Their hands touch and they share an eye lock. Prakashi clicks their photo just then. I will use Arjun to get this Molkki out of our lives!

Next morning, Purvi comes to Sakshi’s room. Sakshi dismisses Preeti. Purvi returns money to Sakshi. Arjun has returned it. He said that he does not fight case for money. He needs something else. Sakshi wonders what it might be.

Prakashi comes to jail to meet Virender. Do you know that your new lawyer wont get you out of jail? He shows faith in Purvi. She can do anything for me. Prakashi agrees. She is with him all the time and they keep pondering how to get you out of jail. She even brought Arjun home so they don’t waste any time. They don’t even sleep. I was out of water last night so I went to kitchen. I was watching something so the phone was in my hands and the photo got clicked automatically. She shows it to him. Virender looks on.

Purvi tells Sakshi even she is clueless about it. He said that we must give him his fees at any cost. Sakshi finds it fishy. What if he asks for something that we cannot give to him? Purvi says he said that he will ask for something that we will be able to give to him. It will be quite precious. Sakshi wonders if he was speaking about the haveli and their kids. He is crazy and can do anything. We must find out what he wants before it is too late. Purvi agrees to find out today. Hearing is today. Hope nothing goes out.

Virender says no one is better in instigating someone than you. You did it last time too and you are doing it today too. Bawri must have her reasons if she had kept Arjun there. She must be thinking something different to get me out of jail. You must go back to your luxurious haveli. I trust my Bawri completely. She cannot do anything wrong. Arjun claps. It was a filmy dialogue! She was like a vamp just now. I had no idea. Virender stops Arjun and asks Prakashi to leave. She tells him that she will come to meet him again and leave. Virender asks Arjun that he wants to give custody of Juhi and Manas to Bawri legally. I want her to raise the kids if anything happens to me. I only trust her after me. arjun tells him to think again but Virender insists that he has thought it through. I don’t trust anyone else if anything happens to me. Arjun agrees to take care of it. I will not let anything happen to you anyways. Let’s focus on the case now. Virender thanks him for all his efforts. Which lawyer leaves his home otherwise and looks after his client’s wife and kids? Arjun says maybe they have no other option to fight your case. That’s how I am. I make everyone my own. Let’s focus on the case now. We have very less time. Virender nods.

Prosecution lawyer again insists that all evidence and eyewitnesses are against Virender. Arjun reminds him of the last hearing when he had proved that Virender’s bullet had grazed Daksh’s arm only. Prosecution lawyer says it might be possible that if two bullets were shot then it is possible that the other bullet had grazed Daksh’s arm and Virender’s bullet did kill Daksh. Arjun says your words make it clear that 2 bullets were shot that night. Prosecution lawyer requests to call the forensic expert. Judge allows him. Prosecution lawyer shows the gun and bullet to forensic expert. Was this bullet shot from this gun? He says yes in reply. Virender calls it a lie but judge tells him to take permission before talking. Virender reasons that he had a different gun. This bullet is small. You can ask my bodyguard. I had used his gun. Purvi asks Arjun to say something. Arjun asks for some time to call the guard to court. Judge gives him 30 minutes as break to call the bodyguard.

Outside, Purvi is boggled over the guns and bullets. Someone might be tampering with evidence. Arjun seconds her. we have to see what Virender’s bodyguard will say now. Virender is positive that his bodyguard is quite loyal. He wont lie. He thanks Arjun for trusting him. Arjun thanks him. They head back inside as the time is up.

Virender is positive that his bodyguard wont lie. Truth will come out in open now. His bodyguard ends up lying in the court too which shocks Virender. He glares at his bodyguard. Prosecution lawyer again calls Virender guilty. Arjun says for a second let’s admit that my client used this gun but another bullet was shot as well. Who is that for? Daksh, Purvi or Virender? Please grant me 2 days to gather evidence. I don’t want an innocent person to be punished. Court grants him 2 days to find out the truth. Purvi wonders how they will find out the other person in 2 days. She apologizes to Virender. It happened because of me. You are here because of me. He points out that they got 2 days because of her. I am sure your lawyer will find out the real culprit in 2 days. Things change in seconds. We have 2 whole days! Arjun will dig the real culprit for sure. I am positive about it. He wipes her tears. Sakshi wonders where Arjun must be. Arjun comes back just then. They ask him where he was. Why are you breathing heavily? Arjun says I went after Virender’s bodyguard but he ran away. Virender is furious with his bodyguard. I will punish him. Arjun tells him to focus on proving his innocence first. Virender asks him if the other work is done. Let’s talk about it in private. He goes with Arjun. Purvi is curious as to what they are up to.

Virender asks Arjun about the papers again. Arjun tells him to think again but Virender stays put. Arjun agrees to tell him once the papers are ready.

Purvi asks Arjun what they were discussing. He calls it confidential. Sakshi reminds him that they have hired him but he retorts that he takes up cases by choice. I don’t have to tell you what we discussed. He tells Purvi he must find that bodyguard. Purvi says I know where he lives. Arjun says he might not be at home right now but we can still check. Sakshi wants to come along but Arjun bluntly tells her he doesn’t like her. Purvi tells him to mind his tongue but Sakshi tells her it isn’t going to help. Let’s bear him for the sake of this case. I will leave. Purvi gives in as well. Sakshi leaves.

Precap: Purvi tells Prakashi that she gave money to the bodyguard, right. Sakshi says Prakashi will stay in Haveli’s lock up until Virender returns. Purvi finds the bullet and asks Arjun what game he is playing. He could have saved Virender. He says he will save and further tells her that today he’ll ask her for that precious thing. She looks on.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. this lawyer cannót be trusted. I am very sure he is working for Sakshi. they want separaté purviR.

    1. Agree with u.

  2. Lewis Kariuki

    I am sure Arjun wants Purvi to be his

    1. I agree with you she going To sacrifice herself to made free Virender maybe she will have to marry Arjun WE don’t know

    2. Lewis,

      I hope all this fake or dreams only.. 🙁

  3. Hai molkki fans
    I don’t think arjun wants to marry purvi
    They want everyone to believe that purvi is leaving virender
    I think they are faking it to find out who is behind the shooting
    Children are under purvis custody n hence automatically she will be their property guardian.
    The children will be taken care off
    Nobody can chase them out of the haveli not even sakshi.
    All will end well
    I want to see some happy episodes With the children
    Prakashi n Anjali to be punished
    Priyashi n veers monthly stipend should be stopped by virendra
    Priyashi will come running back
    Veer will realise the goodness of sudha
    Body guard / previous lawyer should be punished

    1. Hi Selva,

      Everybody is praying for jungle family to be united again.
      Hope our wishes will come true soon.

      But from BTS we can see Purvir & Arjun was wearing gharabndhan for wedding ..i hope this is not true..just dreams or fake 🙁

    2. if you are right, then the drama is coming to its end. Could it be Chandni or Sakshi who might want to kill Purvi?

    3. Masita,

      Would it be Shaksi or Chandi to separate PurVir?.. I dont think Chandni..but if Shaksi maybe as she will take kids with her..maybe she has planned this with Arjun..who knows..

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