Molkki 12th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Karan is on Prakashi’s side

Molkki 12th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virender walks away. Karan heads to the table to take his maths book from his bag. Prakashi asks Preeti to bring puja thaal. Prakashi and Karan glance at each other. A flashback is shown where Karan’s father joins Prakashi during a puja. He pays his condolences for Vaibhav’s death. We both know who is responsible for your son’s death. Our enemy is same! An enemy’s enemy is a friend. We can join hands and punish that enemy together! She takes the bowl of ghee from him. What’s the need to wait then? Let’s start. Make sure he ends up in hell. He agrees. We will destroy their Lanka. Prakashi speaks of the Hanuman who can burn it down. Karan’s father says my son will play that part. Karan steps forward. He will follow your every word. Use him to win over your enemies. Karan touches Prakashi’s feet upon his father’s signal. Flashback ends. Prakashi tells Karan to burn Mukhi’s Lanka. Purvi has started trusting you. You have to make Mukhi jealous now. They will burn in that hell on their own then. He nods.

The weather is stormy. Purvi wakes up in the middle of the night after seeing a bad dream. Who was that woman and why was she chained? What is Anjali Bhabhi going to do to her? I must save her but how. She has disappeared. I will go there tomorrow to find out the truth.

Next morning, Purvi reaches the old building. She notices the guard sleeping and walks around carefully. She is unable to find the woman anywhere. Help me find her Kanha ji. I think she is in a lot of trouble. She notices the medicines and a taxi bill on the ground. She dials the number on the bill. I might find some info about her then. She asks the driver if he picked someone from the old building yesterday. He shares that his taxi was booked by 2 women. There was another old, weak woman with them. Purvi asks him where he had dropped them off. He asks her why she wants to know. She says she is ill and my relative too. I wanted to meet her. He agrees to text the address to her. Virender calls Purvi. Don’t you have to go to college? She says I do. I will be there soon.

Karan and his friends are playing Frisbee before the class. His Frisbee flies past Virender just as he enters. Virender gives it to him. He notices Purvi in the other room and keeps looking at her sweetly. Karan notices him thus. He tells Virender it is his seat. Please get up. Virender says it was but it is mine from today. Sit somewhere else now. Their teacher walks in just then.

Karan and his friends are arm wrestling. Karan is winning all the matches. Virender enters. He asks Purvi to come. She goes to him. Karan looks on. He wins again but challenges Virender for a match. Purvi stops Virender. He is instigating you intentionally. You might get hurt in the process. Let him talk. Virender takes a seat opposite Karan. They start the match. A girl ogles at Virender’s muscles over the kurta during the match. Virender is giving a tough competition to Karan. Karan loses eventually. Everyone cheers for Virender. Virender tells Karan not to be angry. Eat chocolate. He walks away in a huff. The same girl praises Virender. You are very strong. Social (party) is scheduled tomorrow. Virender asks Purvi about social. She tells him about the party. He asks her if people study here or party. She says they do both. Sudha takes Virender’s permission to take Purvi with her to NGO. Priyu will go back to her village in a few days. They wont be able to meet easily then. He agrees. Purvi thanks Sudha for making an excuse. How else will be able to find the truth about the old building then? Sudha says it is ok. They both go to the address together.

Purvi and Sudha are outside a house. Sudha says this looks secluded. Purvi tells her to wait for some more time. we will find some clue sooner or later. Sudha has to return o NGO so she leaves. let me know if you need any help. The curtains move. Purvi is able to catch a glimpse of the woman from behind. It appears to be the same woman. I must go inside to find out the truth anyhow. She knocks the door. Bhuri opens it. What are you doing here? Were you following me? I work at your place but it does not mean that I am your servant. Stop following me all the time. I have a personal life as well. Don’t try to interfere. Please leave. Purvi asks her about the mystery woman. Bhuri acts innocent. You are mistaken. There is no woman here. Please leave. Purvi knows Bhuri wont give in so easily. I will go. Can you give me water? I am feeling thirsty. Bhuri leaves the door open as she goes to bring water. Purvi comes inside and notices an old woman. Who is she? Bhuri says she is my mother. She has paralysis hence she sits like this. Purvi asks her who she has brought here from old building in a taxi then. Bhuri says no such thing has happened. You are mistaken. Purvi tells her to stop lying. Driver has told me the truth. Come out with it. Bhuri says I haven’t brought anyone from anywhere. Secondly, you would have seen someone if there was a third person here. can you see some other person? I think you have been fooled. You can leave if you are done. She takes the glass from Purvi and starts combing her mother’s hair. Purvi is positive that Bhuri is lying. Where did that woman disappear though? The glass falls. The mystery lady’s feet can be seen under a bed. Bhuri stops Purvi from picking the glass. I will do it. You can leave. She heaves a sigh of relief as Purvi leaves. She checks under the bed.

Manas asks haathi to tell them again how Babbar Sher defeated Karan. Purvi tells them again. All the girls are crazy after him. Juhi asks her if she has not fallen for him. Purvi gets shy. She turns around. Virender asks her why she is lying. Answer them. She asks him if he hasn’t received enough complements from the college girls already. You want to hear more complements? He smiles. She gives him a gift for the social day. Please wear this. You look smart, handsome and s*xy in it. Virender looks at her in surprise.

Bhuri tells everything to Prakashi and Anjali. We must stop her before she finds out everything. Should I take her (the mystery lady) somewhere else? Prakashi denies. We need to clear Purvi’s doubts. She should not doubt you or Anjali anymore. She will otherwise follow you everywhere. We have to plant the seed of doubt in Virender’s mind instead.

Karan calls Anjali. I am ready for what you had asked. Anjali smirks. She tells Prakashi that her prayer has been heard. We have laid the trap. Now there will be a blast!

Precap: Virender follows Karan and Purvi. He notices a shadow where it looks as if they are hugging. The girl (with her face well covered) leaves with Karan on bike later. The video of Karan and Purvi in an embrace is shown on the big screen. Everyone watches it and is stunned. Virender slaps Purvi as she tries to explain. Don’t you dare touch me!

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. What the hell is going on in this serial, why are they encouraging such disrespecting acts towards women. How can you slap a women regardless of the situation makes no sense. So disappointed in Muki’s behaviour

  2. Also I don’t understand why does everything happen when there is a party or guests over I would never understand this part of indian television.

    1. Diana.James.Potter

      A funny and odd concept, it’s mainly for bigger embarrassment.. because if this was shown just within family and on a normal day it would cause less humiliation and embarrassment, but now that’s shown out in front of people, this is a topic no one can keep quite and the slap ( which is a horrible disrespect) causes more embarrassment to Purvi! So that’s why Indian shows to big insults during gatherings and parties as they feel it make the situation ten times worse than it already it.
      – I don’t know if this was an actual question but I found it fun to explain anyways!

  3. This series was going so freaking good and you had to mess it up. Why yeah why could you not let it go smoothly? You had to mess with the lead pair smh I am taking a break from this shit.

  4. It was wrong of mukhi to slap purvi even tho she was innocent and accused. No rights to raise your hand on a woman..but on the other hand, I think something will happen for sure, probably by end of next week the truth will be out. I am so mad at Karan, the girl with him looked like Sudha

  5. Slapping a woman infront of people or even in person is not at all okay and frankly speaking no one has this right. Regardless of it being a man or a woman, slapping any human is not at all just. Every relationship faces its share of ups and downs but that does not give either of the partners the right to get physical with the other even if the situation may seem worse. I can very well understand VPS and Purvis situation at this point of time but that does not justify the behaviour potrayed in this promo. Things can be cleared between two people with the help of a conversation or even a confrontation but both the characters according to me are in a tough scenario at this point of time. Obviously this show is scripted and I know that this seriel doesn’t promote any unjust behaviour or violence but this scene is sad. The first step of every relationship begins with friendship but even before that the most important foundation of any relationship is respect and trust. And I am sure that the situation will surely change and both the characters will realise their respective mistakes over the course of time. So it’s a request to all the molkki fans and viewers to continue watching the show regardless of its upcoming track because everything will surely be fine and our PURVIR will be together though that might not happen very soon. But each and every cast and crew is putting in a lot of effort and hardwork and I feel that this show surely deserves a higher TRP. So just remember that there will be ups and downs but do continue watching this show on TV at 10 pm. And also i am quite sure that this show doesn’t promote wrong doings so the truth will be out very soon.

    1. Well said Asher. The more I think – the more I hope my theory of Purvi and VPS being together in a plan makes sense. Atleast that each of them have their own plan in the backdrop. Otherwise everything they have shown about Purvi in the last few episodes is so contrary to her behavior in the first 75 episodes. She is fiercely loyal to Mukhi. She is in love. For her to leave her husband at the social and disappear with Karan is unimaginable. If anything she would have asked mukhi to come with her. So I feel this is all pre planned.
      The slap – could be a promo stunt or even if shown in the episode – I feel is pre planned between mukhi and mukhian. VPS character is so so so so clearly written. His morals; his intelligence; his fairness and justness. It cannot be so simple that he got fooled. Especially by a sapola like Karan. I think the whole – joining college and making Karan feel like he is succeeding is a plan – as is to find out what is really happening. Otherwise when mukhi and mukhian separate post birthday party – panchayat main what will she prove and how – how will she justify her pure character ?

      Kuch toh back end main chal raha hai – and mukhis respect for women is too much to justify him slapping Purvi. How much ever he is jealous he still loves her – respects her. I don’t think he can do this.

    2. Hope whatever you said comes true. Besides I am pretty sure the promos can be misleading

  6. I totally agree with Asher. Somehow it is really surprising that Mukhi ji whom always fight for women can react to such violence without investigating and who recorded them. The person he should slap is Karan. It also makes me lose the thrill to watch it as it is going to the samedirection as other dramas.

  7. I just don’t know what to say…. it’s unbelievable that Mukhi will slap his Bawri as he not just respect the whole women kind but also Purvi. Then again if we look at the things people do when they love someone and suddenly get a shock like this it’s understandable that he was so angry and it went out in the form of a slap. I don’t agree with him slapping her though. He should’ve slapped Karan instead. Now if he’s really going to slap her in the next episode, I just hope he would realise his mistake that no matter what is the reason his behaviour was unacceptable and punish himself. Like burning his hand or something… I know it’s crazy 😅 but still you know… just hope everything will be solved soon and my favourite Purvir will be happy soon 😇

  8. he slapped her because he is in love and hurt that’s his initial reaction. He will realise he has done wrong and will have to make amends. remember it’s a period drama where the man is the head of the family and as per her place she is a molki and he the village head.
    He is the village head and unfortunately things always happen at a party in their house because the whole village is there and one can get the maximum disgrace.

  9. So can someone explain it seems that prakashi has always been negative, as the plot assumes, I feel that the mysterious women is sakshi, but why all pretending if she is behind it all,

    1. It could be Sakshi most likely but I hope it’s Viren’s real mother. Bringing Sakshi is too brutal to both of them because he loved his first so much that he stayed single for 5 years and his family had to force him to remarry. Either way Prakashi must have been evil from the start. She always save Anjali from trouble with her sweet words befor her evil side was shown to us. Vaibhav’s death made it trigger and it is shown to us now. And another reason I think she has been evil because she knew Anjali’s secret in old ruins. It’s probably not Anjali’s secret but Prakashi’s herself. She may want to keep Viren’s loved ones away from him and control him or something. Either way she has her own plans and hopefully we’ll get to know soon.

    2. I think it’s Virendra’s mom. I hope it’s not Sakshi because then it would mean the relationship of Purvi and Virendra would be compromised and I don’t know if I will be able to watch that track so I am keeping my hopes on her being his mom. As for prakashi I think maybe she wants the family to herself or even property and since vaibrav is dead she is more vengeful. Let’s see what happens next but I am watching for Karan’s truth to be out first

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