Molkki 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Kids bring Arjun to haveli!

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Purvi says you wont be allowed to stay here for another day after 1 month. Remember it well. Prakashi nods. Purvi and Sakshi leave. Anjali stares at Prakashi who tells her not to shift even an inch. Your wound wont heal otherwise. Anjali asks her why she pushed her. I love you so much. Prakashi points out that they would have been thrown out if she hadn’t done this. Do you want to beg on the streets? Anjali imagines them beginning and shakes her head. Prakashi says this was a plan to stay at home. I will teach them a good lesson.

Purvi comes to pick Manas and Juhi from school. Peon tells her that everyone has left already. She gets worried. She asks their Teacher. She shares that they had left early from school today. I saw them myself. Purvi wonders how it could be. They knew that I will come to pick them up. She calls Manas and Juhi but their phone is off. She goes to look for them.

Purvi keeps trying their phone on her way home but in vain. She thinks to search herself before informing Sakshi.

Arjun gives ice cream to Juhi and Manas. They thank him. Purvi notices them and wonders what they are doing here with Arjun. Arjun is having a good time with the kids. Purvi asks the kids why they are here. I have told you not to go anywhere without informing me. They are taken aback. Purvi cries. You know how much I get worried. Why did you come here then? They tell her that they met Arjun outside school. He brought us here. Purvi tells them to sit under the tree. I will be back soon. They do as told. Purvi takes Arjun aside. How did you bring my kids here without informing me? He replies that he hasn’t kidnapped them. She reasons that he could have told her. I was so worried when I couldn’t find them in school. You are a lawyer so you must know it very well that you dint inform either of the parents. It is illegal. He says it is good that you have started to understand laws by staying with him. You know that I am the only one who can save your Mukhi. Why are you afraid when the kids are with me? They had saved my life. I can give them small happiness atleast. Look at their faces. They seem so happy. Purvi looks at Manas and Juhi. They ask the vendor to give them more ice cream. Arjun gives them more ice cream. Purvi looks on.

Inspector tells Virender they have to go to court to sign some papers as the case has reopened. Virender agrees. They leave in police jeep.

Kids jump with joy as Arjun orders golgappa’s for them. They ask Purvi to join them. Arjun offers to Purvi as well but she shakes her head. Kids request her. Manas points out that this is her favourite. She denies again but Arjun feeds her this time. They head to candy floss stall next. Purvi takes it after much thought. Arjun watches her. Purvi tries to drink water from hand pump. Arjun notices her struggling and goes to pump water for her. Police jeep stops there. Virender notices them thus and is shocked. Purvi washes her face in the end. Juhi gives her her cotton candy. Virender watches all 4 of them enjoying cotton candy together. He thinks of the past time when they were at the same place together. What’s going on here? Bawri brought Arjun to save me but she seems to be enjoying with him here! The jeep drives away.

Arjun comes to haveli to drop Purvi and kids. They hug him and head inside. Purvi thanks Arjun. They were so happy after days today. He tells her that this is nothing in front of what they had done for him today.

Kids give their bags to Sakshi and run outside. Sakshi asks Purvi what happened to them. Purvi shrugs. Kids come back holding Arjun’s bag. Sakshi and Purvi are taken aback to see Arjun. Purvi asks him what he is doing here. Juhi shares that he will stay with them now. Purvi says how it can be. Manas says we have called him here. Juhi nods. He plays with us and we enjoy his company so we have called him over. Manas says he lives alone. Juhi calls it a surprise. Purvi is hesitant but does not say anything in front of the kids. She sends Arjun’s luggage to the guest room with Preeti. Arjun takes his small bag and leaves. Purvi sends the kids to their room.

Sakshi asks Purvi if Arjun will stay with them. Purvi says even I cannot understand why they have brought him here. They don’t know how rude and crazy he is. He is actually very sweet to the kids though so they might not know his other side. Sakshi rues that they will have to tolerate Arjun at home too. Purvi says we will have to bear him till the case is open. He will leave then. Sakshi hopes nothing goes wrong till then. Prakashi overhears their convo. They don’t want him to stay here but he is still here. Has he fallen for our beautiful Molkki? I must find out what he is up to!

Purvi gives dinner and fees to Arjun. He refuses to accept the fees. She asks him if he does not take fees. He says I take fees but it isn’t money. I will take something else. She is curious but he asks her to wait. She asks him to say it before the case. He asks her how important it is for her to save her husband. She says I can do anything for him. It is more important than myself. Arjun says I will ask for my fees once I save Mukhi ji. It is as precious for me as Mukhi ji is for you. What’s the rush? I will leave the case right away if you will push me. She gets tensed. He tells her not to worry. I wont ask for anything that you wont be able to give to me. Don’t worry. She excuses herself. I have to take dinner for Mukhi ji.

Purvi sets dinner for Virender. I have tasted it today. It is perfectly fine. He tells her he wont eat. Take it back. She asks him why he is so angry. He tells her not to pretend that she does not know anything. She is still confused. He tells her that he saw everything that she did with Arjun in the market today. You have done that with me in the past. Have you hired the lawyer to fight my case or for yourself? She points out that he hasn’t changed. I was blamed in the past and I am getting blamed today as well! It will continue in future too. You saw Arjun and me but you dint see kids there? They haven’t smiled since you are in jail. They were happy after so many days today. You dint see it as you don’t want to see the truth. What you think is right is what is right in your eyes! They enjoy Arjun’s company which is why we were there yet you are blaming me for this too! You haven’t changed. It has been proved that you can never trust me. the best thing for me would be to leave! I cannot tell you the same thing again and again. Sakshi ji is here now. She will handle everything. He stops her. I love you so much that I become afraid of losing you time and again. I seethe with anger when I see you with someone else! I don’t know why I was so jealous when I saw you with Arjun today. I cannot see you doing the same things with someone else that we have done together. I don’t want to lose you. I will be given death penalty in few days. I don’t know why I lost my mind. She tells him to calm down. I have hired Arjun so you can get out of jail. I have convinced him with difficulty for you only. He nods.

Precap: Purvi returns money to Sakshi saying Arjun said he doesn’t want money, he wants something else. Prakashi takes a photo when Arjun and Purvi are close and then shows it to Virender saying she caught them like that in kitchen when she went to get water. During hearing, a man says that the gun is his and Virender fired a bullet using his gun.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Episode was good
    But sub ki intentions abhi tuk clear nahi(Sakshi and Arjun)
    Veer,priyu,anjali aur Prakashi ko itni ghalatiyan kernay Kay bawajood bhi saza nahi mili
    we all are Purvir fans but agar aisay hi chalta raha tou no one can save molkki serial. Makers ko story track Change kerna paray ga for good trp

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