Molkki 10th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Is Purvi imagining things?

Molkki 10th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi asks Karan to have a seat and brings water for him. He drops it over himself while accepting the glass. You could have been a little careful. She apologizes to him. It was a mistake. I will bring towel for you. She starts wiping it off him. Someone is recording their video. Karan tells her to let it be. It will dry. She offers to give him another shirt but he tells her he is off to home. I will be fine. Don’t worry about me. She nods.

Anjali and Bhuri are packing things. Bhuri is worried that they might be caught but Anjali convinces her. We must do these things to hide our truth. Purvi might catch us red handed otherwise. Just do as I say. Bhuri gives in. They turn and notice Purvi there. Purvi wonders why they look so shocked. Seems as if they are hiding something from me. Anjali asks Bhuri to come. Bhuri drops the bag by mistake. Knives fall on the floor. Purvi asks them where they are taking these. Anjali says they aren’t as sharp as they used to be. We are just going to the shop for the same. Purvi tells them to go then.

Virender is teaching his kids how to use drone. Purvi brings juice for them. She asks them about the drone. Virender says it is my gift to the kids. It flies in the air and also clicks pictures. It is called drone. Purvi repeats it. He goes aside to attend a call. Manas tells Purvi how to use it. She tries flying it and does it right in the first attempt. Juhi calls her champion. Kids step aside to have juice. Purvi is watching the camera. Drone is right above the old building now. She tries to take a closer look. There is an open space on the roof. She notices two feet there. The legs are tied. Her eyes widen in shock. It appears to be a woman. Why is she tied? Has someone locked her there? I must go and find the truth. She returns the drone to kids. Play with it. I will be back soon.

Anjali and Bhuri are coming out of the old building just when Purvi reaches there. She confronts Anjali. Who is the woman whom you have locked inside? you tried to prove me wrong in front of everyone till date. You proved that I have been hallucinating but what will you do now? I will find out the truth myself. Bhuri is still guarding the gate. Anjali advises Purvi to mind her business. Purvi says that’s what I am doing. As the Mukhiyayin, it is my duty to protect that woman from people like you. Woman? You think a woman is inside? You have started to imagine things again. Please go back again or you will appear to be a liar yet again! Remember that crow incident? Purvi says I agree that you proved me wrong that day but I will prove you a liar in front of everyone today. I will tell them that it might be the blood marks, dead crows or anything but they were plotted by you. You don’t want your secret to come out. I wont let you do it anymore. I will find out what games you are playing. Anjali stands in her way and challenges her. Do you have a proof with which you can prove things? Purvi nods. You wont be able to ignore it. Let me go inside now or I will have to show the recording of that drone camera to Mukhiya ji and Ma. It can be clearly seen that you have tied a woman inside. will you let me go inside now or should I show the recording to everyone first and then bring everyone here? Bhuri panics. Anjali does not budge so Purvi heads to haveli. I will show the video to Mukhiya ji.

Anjali tells Bhuri they will rot right here if Virender finds out the truth. We are dead.

Virender says how it can be. Purvi says I am not lying. Anjali Bhabhi has kept someone in that old building and Bhuri is her accomplice. Virender says you have been imagining things already. You will be proved mad if this does not come out to be true. Prakashi suggests Virender to go there and check once. Virender agrees. Prakashi looks pointedly at Purvi who is busy praying.

Prakashi, Purvi and Virender reach that old building. Anjali and Bhuri are coming outside only. Prakasi asks Anjali about what Purvi is saying. Anjali feigns innocent. Purvi asks Virender to come inside with her. That’s where I saw that woman! Prakashi glares at Anjali. Everyone follows Purvi. The place is empty though. Virender says there are no chains or woman here. Purvi shakes her head in disbelief. She starts looking around. Prakashi smirks. Purvi insists that she saw that woman right here. Bhabhi has hidden her somewhere. Anjali says she is blaming me for no reason. Purvi notices paint on the wall. No one comes here at all. Who would have done this? Prakashi says this is an empty building. Any thief, etc might have come here. Where is that woman? Purvi says she was right here. Anjali says she has been imagining things. Let’s show her to a doctor. Prakashi seconds her. She suggests going back home. We will speak to Purvi in length. He agrees. Purvi agrees as well. I will show you Manas’s recording. You will see everything in it. They agree and head home.

Virender plugs in the recording in the laptop. His eyes widen in shock as he looks at the screen. Purvi asks him if he saw the video. Did you see that woman? I told you that truth will come out in the open one day. He asks everyone to leave except Purvi. Prakashi asks him what it is but he asks everyone to leave again. Purvi stays while everyone else goes out. Virender tells Purvi she is right. This is your truth. He shows her the video (of her and Karan). She explains what had happened. This shows nothing. It shows things from the wrong angle. Please trust me. This isn’t true. The one who recorded this video wants to prove me a liar. I wont do any such thing. I was only cleaning his shirt. Virender wonders why she called him inside the house even when he told her against it. Either she is a fool or she is trying to ignore them intentionally. Purvi wonders who wants to insult her. how did this video come in Manas’s drone? Was the original video deleted? She checks all the folders but that video isn’t there. It must be Anjali Bhabhi’s doing. I will make her spill the beans. She asks for 2 minutes from Virender. I will be back soon.

Prakashi tells Anjali that they have hit bull’s eyes. She wont be able to fix the damage now. Purvi holds Anjali’s hand and drags her back in the room. Prakashi and Bhuri follow as well. Anjali asks Purvi why she is hurting her. Purvi says you have misbehaved. You planted that video of me and Karan and deleted the original video. Anjali says I dint do anything. I don’t know anyone by that name. I haven’t seen this toy. Why are you blaming me falsely? Stop imagining things. Purvi says I saw it with my own eyes. Anjali says you saw blood marks on the wall and dead crows on the floor. Nothing turned out to be true though. Virender and Ma would have seen it as well if what you are saying is true. There was no woman there! She tells Bhuri to bring cold water for Purvi. Purvi shouts that she did see all those things. They are not a lie. Virender says they turned out to be false though. Epi ends on Purvi’s worried face.

Precap: Purvi is not able to solve a problem. Karan offers help. Sudha says there will be a problem at NGO and asks Purvi whether they can study at her home. At home, Purvi tells kids that she can’t teach them today. Virender asks why. She says that she kept Karan as a tutor. Later, when studying, Karan says let’s take a selfie. He asks Purvi to come a bit closer and keeps his hand on her back. Virender sees it and gets angry. Karan smirks.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Well at least mukhi jii got to know about the video before anyone else got the hand of it but I think next few episodes will be amazing.

  2. This episode really frustrates me. It shows how weak, desperate and stupid Purvi is. At the same time Virender is so easy to convince by Anjali whom had bad record before and still cannot trust his own wife. Poor girl.

    1. Skeeter Dupratt

      Its turning out to be like other series common the views knows that ma anjali and bhuri are up to something move on with the truth and hope it dies not drag. I hate to see Ma prisuhie in a negative role it does not suit her. Her new avatar sucks. But if its bcoz of her son’s death she changed then its agreeable.but looks like she behind all this from the start either it sakshi or virender mother .I wish privishi had this talent in kundali bhagya she could have proved the lutras wrong . hope the truth comes out and there a miracle for purvi.

    2. You are so right, Masita, Purvi is so annoying, naive & daft. As I said before somewhere, Ekta Kapoor should smarten her up.

  3. yes same like other drama series…drag… until it is ridiculous…should be different like the earlier episodes.

  4. If Prakashi knows the secret of the old house then she was just acting to be good for all this years, they should have ended the series after Vaibhav’s death.

  5. Common Purvi..we know u are the smartest amongst all. Don’t get urself foolish. In next episode onwards, pls keep ur smartphone always with you and capture many photos as evidence. And, be reminded to have ur own passwords including your laptop too 😁😁😁😁…Purvi, u can do it 😊. Last but not least, send my regards to your Mukhji..pssstt..Purvi, i’m a fan of you 😉

  6. Another bored fan

    Purvi with her stupid brain and big mouth. Can she keep her mouth shut before gathering all evidences? Waah…kya molkki hai. Stupid stupid stupid stupid.

    1. You are so right @Another Bored Fan. Purvi is so annoying.

    2. Purvi is a character of village girl without even proper schooling. How she will get to level of city girl quickly under so many pressure? Let her play the role, she has the instinct of a winner rest assured!

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