Mohi 6th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohi 6th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi being thankful to Ayush for not publishing his story on Satyakam. Satyakam tells Deepak about Mohi. He says he loves Mohi as her father, as her own father has left her and did not see her again, since then she is my daughter. Deepak gets his friend’s call and is glad. He tells Satyakam to come, as they have found Ayush. Satyakam and Deepak talk about Rajan working in English newspaper, he said Ayush works in his office, now Ayush has to meet you.

Vinay comes to Ayush’s home. He tells about Sunday being an auspicious day for engagement and finalizes it by discussing Manohar and Kaki. Mohi brings tea. Manohar asks Mohi to give tea to guests first. Mohi says I know, you take tea first. Kaki asks her to give tea to Vinay too. Mohi says Nana says elders first, Manohar is eldest here, so first tea to Manohar. Vinay smiles and says she is absolutely correct. Mohi says Vinay understands her Bhuvana talk so well. Vinay thinks Mohi is from Bhuvana, maybe she knows about Mahua.

Rekha asks Anusha to go for lunch with Rahul. Anusha says Ayush will become successful, I m going for lunch as I promised you. Rekha makes her recall the actual promise. Anusha says I love Ayush a call, my love won’t be affected to go on lunch with Rahul. Rekha says love looks good to hear, but ruined many lives. Rekha asks her to become practical. Anusha says she loves just Ayush and does not want anything else instead love. She leaves.

Manohar silently goes in his room and takes something. Kaki comes there and asks him to show what is it. She asks did he take this again. She asks him not to eat tobacco, as its harmful for health. Manohar says he will do what he wants, its his house and leaves.

Mohi calls Manohar the head of the family. Sharad asks whats the matter. Manohar laughs and says I got my friend back. They all get shocked seeing tobacco box and asks Manohar not to start this habit again. Sharad says tobacco will can get him cancer. Manohar says he will get more tension if he does not eat tobacco.Manohar says this is his best friend and sings a song. Mohi looks on.

Deepak introduces Rajan to Satyakam and Rajan asks Satyakam to sit, he will call Ayush. Jatin tells Ayush that SK has come here to meet him, he did not expect this. Rajan says Ayush is coming. Ayush thinks it means Satyakam and gets shocked.

Ayush goes to see SK. Rajan tells Satyakam about Ayush.

Update Credit to: Amena

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