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Mohi 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rekha taunting Ayush. Ayush angrily leaves. Mohi looks on and thinks this is happening because of her, it will be good that she leaves. Rekha asks Anusha to come and sit. Anusha gets sad. Anusha holds Rekha’s hand and takes her to the room. She shuts the door. Anusha argues with Rekha for taunting Ayush. Rekha says you got the maid Mohi as guest at your home, I m your mother and telling you all this, if my daughter is hurt, I will be hurt too.

Vinay talks to Mohi and says Rekha should not interfere in Anusha’s personal life after her marriage. Archana asks Mohi why is she crying. Anusha says I m crying as you are wrong again, its 2 days of my marriage and you are doing same thing. Rekha says I won’t bear anyone behaving this way with my daughter. Anusha reminds she is Gokhale family’s bahu too and asks her to accept this.

Mohi says I understood, I m the root of all this. She cries and feels guilty. Rekha says I will do this again and again for you. Anusha asks why did you make issue of small things. Rekha cries and says I m your mother, I love you a lot, you are my weakness. Anusha says trust me mom, I m very happy there. Vinay and Archana pacify Mohi and he asks her to rest.

Sharad gets a bank notice for Manohar. Shanta asks what is it, why is he worried. He says its bank notice for Manohar, he has to pay big installment of 3 lakhs. Shanta asks why did he take loan. She asks him to ask Manohar and know things, as three brothers equally put money in home expenses. He agrees and she goes along him.

Mohi likes the room and says that photo is very nice, it reminded me of my village. Vinay smiles. He talks about Bhuvana. Mohi asks him did he go there before. He says no, I read on internet and wish to go there, I will accompany you when you go there. Anusha says yes, we should plan in few days. Mohi thinks it will be like breaking promise given to Ayush.

Madhur and Manohar write the expenses of Ayush’s marriage. Sharad comes and gives the bank notice. Manohar says fine, keep it. Shanta looks on. Manohar talks to Madhur. Shanta signs Sharad to talk. Manohar asks what happened, do you want to talk. Sharad says yes, I was asking why did you take big loan, you did not tell us anything about it.

Shanta says Sharad was wondering why did you take loan, I asked him to ask Manohar, whats there to hide. Manohar says yes, I kept our loan mortgaged for this loan. Sharad says but the land is on names, you should have asked us, or told us. Madhur asks whats big thing in it Sharad. Sharad says its big thing, did you know about this loan. Madhur says no, it does not matter. Sharad says it matters, I took my two wheeler loan by Manohar’s permission. Manohar says you have to take permission from me as you are younger than me. Sharad says if you are elder, will you do what you want.

Sharad asks are we not important. Madhur says Sharad, what are you saying, will we have to teach you manners. Shanta smiles and says we know Manohar will take loan for need, Sharad is saying that it would be good if Manohar told his brothers. Manohar says yes right Mausi, its matter of brothers, we three will talk about it.

Shanta apologizes and cries. Sharad asks Manohar what did he do. Madhur says Sharad, its okay. Sharad goes to console Shanta. Rekha calls Ayush at some hotel and asks him to come there, she called Anusha too. Anusha hears her. Rekha says I had to say sorry, I respect your self respect, so I booked a suite there, you and Anusha go there today, don’t say no, I will be glad. He agrees. Rekha thanks him and ends call. Rekha tells Anusha that she was going to tell her. Anusha asks when did you plan this. Rekha says just sometime ago, I thought to do something to clear misunderstandings. I want to tell you sorry, I realized my mistake, so I want you to spend quality time there, you and Ayush will be there. Anusha thanks and hugs her. They say I love you and smile.

Manohar tells Vinay that they missed Mohi a lot. Sharad says yes, Mohi is important for Manohar, not us.

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