Mohe Piya Milenge 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mohe Piya Milenge 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Madhvi says where did she go? Suresh says she ran away, she did what she wanted to, this is why i get mad. Go and attend the guests till then i will find her. ,adhvi says will she be okay didi? Suresh goes out.
Vijiyab asks maa who is the guy who went out. Archna says he must be girl’s daughter. Vijiya says but they are weird people why are they not coming out. archna says where is aadi? maa says there must be some call he will come soon. Archna says i am hungry, vjiya says me too. Maa says you should have eaten before.

Madhvi says what will happen now? Meena says go and sit with them till then suresh will bring her. Madhvi says i hope so. Aadi comes in, archan and vidiya makes him sid. Vijiya says you are the chief guest here. Aadi says i already feel awkward.

Meena comes and introduces madhvi. she says i am sorry meghna is late today, she had to go to college for her submission, she is getting ready. she will come in a while. aadi says to meena you don’t have to worry take your time, i will make few calls till then. He goes out.

Suresh is looking for meghna, aadi is standing and making some calls. Meghan collides with him, he saves her from falling.

Meena serves them food and says let me look if she is ready or not. Vijiya says why is she taking so much time. megha comes from out and goes upstairs, archan and maa see he. They say why she went upstairs, she was getting ready. Maa says maybe she was busy in college and she took time there.

Madhvi asks archan to wear the purple saari, she says i wont wear it. I will wear the one i like. Vijiya says this is all so weird, maa says maybe there is some problem, stay calm. she will come. Archan asks Aadi to come in. Madhvi and meena bring megna. maa introduces him to aadi. aadi says hello. maa says these days kids choose their life partner.

Aadi says i like sweets, do you? Meghna says yes. he says spicy? she says yes. he says you like everything? you don’t say you want this or that. She says i want but i don’t wanna break someone’s heart for my wish. Maa says there youa re such a nice girl, there are times in life when you have to break hearts if you are right. Madhvi gets a call from suresh, she tell him that meghna is home.
Aadi says i dont think there is much too ask now. we should go now. Maa says okay we should go now. They sees them off.

baba asks how was it? how was the girl? Sumit says where is chief guest. Archna says that girl made us wait for so long, first mausi came, then maa came, then a man comes and he goes out without meeting us. He was the girl’s dad. sumit says there must be urgency. or his baba must have asked him to not meet the guests. They tell them how she came from outside the house. vijiya says she was not looking happy in fact she was upset. baba says her mom must have scold at her for coming late, did you like the girl or not? Maa says aadi shall decide it.

Suresh says to meghna i did this all for you. where did you go? and you betrayed us. She was talking to that shorts guy. Meena says please calm down. suresh says dont say anything. she made you fool in 4 rooms house. madhavi says where did you go meghna? tell him and end this. Suresh says until she doesn’t marry the guy i want. Meghna says i will marry my bf aadi.

Precap-archna says we should say them yes? Aadi says no i need to be satisfied. Suresh says to meghna you will have to marry the guy we choose for you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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