Mohe Piya Milenge 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mohe Piya Milenge 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The woman says to her son we were about to attack you. The man says you independence is going to be over. his sister shows him photo, he says please. Maa says i wont stop now. you asked me to wait till degree, i did. you asked me to wait till i wont wait anymore. we are going to her place. He says please papa do something. she says you papa wont say anything. he says let him be fresh, maa says see the photo first, he says pardon me, you all have seen the photo. He runs. maa says this means he has said yes.

Meena’s phone rings, she asks meghna to check it. its the guy’s sister. she says i am archina dusany, aadi’s sister. you gave ad in matrimonial for you niece. Meena says you got her photo? she says we got it. archna asks when can we come? Meena says i will call her parents and tell you. meghna goes inside in anger. Meena calls madhvi and tells her about the proposal. She tells him that they are rich and the guy has good job. The name of guy is aditya. Meghna and madhvi both are shocked. Madhvi says her pal’s name is aadi as well. Meena says they both have same name?

Archna says to her husband amit, we have to tell him about things. baba says teach him some romance. Amit says you are here to teach him i am not needed. baba says start training him amit. amit says we should wait for his nod.

Meghna is in tears. she recalls her times with aadi. Doorbell rings, suresh opens the door. its amit. He says i am from desai house, we wanted to see meghan. Suresh says please come in. Amit says you were scared of me? i am not from department. Suresh says no its not like that, there is a lot of robbery in our area. amit says due to curroption some people pretend to be tax officers and take money from others. Madhvi comes with refreshments. Suresh says we are both govt workers. amit says if you are fair and clean success is always yours. Suresh asks who is aditya to you? Amit says he is my wife’s brother. Suresh says we want meghna to stay happy forever, she is our only daughter. Amit says everyone should have good partner. he says we shall discuss rest on phone.

Meena calls desai house, she tells aadi’s mom i am meena. meghna’s aunt. when can we meet? Maa asks archna and vijiya, she says when can we meet them? vijiya says ask them to meeth whenever they want. meena says we can meet even tomorrow. maa says should we ask aadi? Vijiya says no he will say no. ma says to meena we are planning to come tomorrow, is i okay to come tomorrow? Meena says just the way it is easy for you. aadi’s mom notices the address.
vidjiya says to aadi the plan is fixed, we are going to see the girl. Aadi says tomorrow? baba says don’t be shocked. now you are going to land in world on women. aadi says its hard to understand the woman, the thing that matters most to them is how much you respect them.

Vijiya and archna ask satish about the house of meghan. Vijiya asks them how was the house? Maa says what are you all talking about. satish says they are pretty serious, and formal. maa says everyone is not extrovert. Satish says the house was religious, they are too much into pooja. baba says everyone is not like us. she can do pooja as much as she want.

aadi says to amit i feel so odd. amit says its simple you feel awkward because you are going with everyone. but you will get ti know her. if you like her next meeting one on one. Aadi says you had love, its not to go through all this.
Meena says he is a nice guy meghna. meghna says i don’t wanna talk about this. Meena says i think he is the guy made for you.
Aadi says one sided love is weired. Amit says yes it is. maybe the other person like someone else. meena says to meghan some dreams can’t come true we shall not see them. we need a person who understands us and we can share our sorrows with him. you are lucky if you find such partner.
Amit says you have right to choice and so has she. you can make best choice, i know breath stops and where it stops, she is the one. meena says don’t say no to this guy and don’t think a lot.

Precap-madhvi comes to meghna’s room but she is not there. meghana is in market looking for aadi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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